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Facebook Marketplace Bans Puppy Mill Ads

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In a new partnership with the ASPCA, the world’s largest social media network is becoming the world’s largest socially-responsible media network.

The Animal Welfare Act, signed in 1966, is a Federal law that regulates the sale of puppies by dealers (among many other things). However, a giant loophole in this law leaves online sales of puppies by puppy mills completely unregulated, as they are sold direct to the public and therefor not required to carry licenses and not subject to inspections.

One of the largest online classifieds, Facebook Marketplace, has implemented new software that filters out puppy mill ads from being published on their site, but still allows for rescue groups and responsible breeders to advertise. Tens of thousands of puppies are sold through online listings every year, but since the launch of their new software, Facebook Marketplace has already pulled over 10,000 ads from suspected puppy mills.

In their press release, the ASPCA said, “Consumers who purchase a puppy from a website run the risk of acquiring an unhealthy animal and often end up with expensive vet bills and broken hearts,” said Cori Menkin, senior director of the ASPCA Puppy Mills Campaign. “We hope additional online retailers and classifieds will follow this example and stop providing a platform for puppy mill sales.”

This successful partnership is more than just important for shutting down another avenue for puppy mills to profit, but also provides a huge platform for the ASPCA to educate the public. While many people have heard of puppy mills, many still believe that the puppy they’re buying from their local pet store is healthy and from a good environment.

That’s not usually the case.

The ASPCA says, and most breeders agree, a responsible breeder, that cares for his puppies, wants to meet the family that is purchasing one. They want to know that their puppy is going to a good home and will be well taken care of, not sitting in a cold cage in a pet store.

Have you ever purchased a puppy from a pet store? What was your experience? Are you happy with the Facebook ban on puppy mills?

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  1. Avatar Of Daniel Daniel says:

    It all starts with tnniairg your dog from the start,so focus on pups.A well trained puppy is a well behaved adult dog.Include advice for adult dogs as well.Many people instead of buying pups,get older dogs from the humane society or from rescue groups.The old saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks,is not true,it’s just a saying.Providing some good advice for people with older dogs,it could save many of them from a return trip to the shelter.

  2. no excuse to kill the dogsnext will be humans

  3. No excuse to kill the dogd, next it will be humans

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