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Facebook Pages for Dogs?

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Have you noticed any Facebook Pages for Dogs?

Ever since the hype started for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more so far, almost all people of all ages have an account on at least one of them (especially Facebook). So what’s the big deal? The point is it’s not just for humans.

If you saw the movie “The Social Network”, you know that the Facebook founder was portrayed in a very unflattering manner. Mark Zuckerberg has struck back in a great way, as reported in the following article on The Guardian’s UK website:

Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in the Oscar-winning film The Social Network was memorable – and deeply unflattering. Now the Facebook founder is rebranding in a subtle but effective fashion. He has got himself the best possible tool to engender goodwill: Beast, a fluffy little dog. Even better, he’s set up a Facebook page for his new addition. Sample update: “I just took a dump and made Mark Zuckerberg pick it up. It was glorious.”

Read the entire article here. It shows what a great sense of humor Zuckerberg has, and how he is subtly and masterfully turning the bad PR into a positive.

Facebook Pages for Dogs

That’s right – pets (usually dogs) are having Facebook and Twitter accounts (and in some cases even their own websites) created by their masters. Disturbing? No! Why should it be? Only a few of the users do that, but you can bet there will be lots, lots more in the future. What do you think is the reason? Dog paws seriously can’t type on the keyboard like humans, so their owners are in full charge of the account.

Many of these online users explain the fact that they just want to show to the world their precious moments with the dog (or even cat). Since animal lovers treat their little ones like children, then we shouldn’t be surprised anymore. In fact, even new-born human babies are getting their own Facebook and/or Twitter accounts!

You could say that the term “man’s best friend” signifies something much deeper than words. As the world advances and the standard of living increases, so do pets’ statuses. There have been dog movie stars, animal actors and actresses, and many more that made debuts in various TV commercials and advertisements, and even on circuses and shows. Dogs are also used in the fields of criminology and crime fighting, especially on terrorism. Hospital, childrens’, veterans’ and senior therapy now incorporates dogs as side-by-side companions of the young and old alike. Many canines have super expensive houses and lifestyles that almost match their masters, and sometimes even greater than them, like the Great Danes of UK. Countless pets doing cool and unbelievable feats are watched, liked, and commented on YouTube and many other video sites.

Humans are creative by nature. We are not just content with the natural world around us; we decorate and enhance it in the most curious, extraordinary, and interesting way to spice up our lives. I am saying that it doesn’t really bother me whether an owner decides to make his dog buddy an account on almost every website on the World Wide Web, and the dog becomes an instant celebrity due to that. Or have a dog walk on two legs, do mathematics and post its videos on YouTube, which can even get featured on shows like America’s Funniest Videos. Everyone has their own life to live and create, and their dogs are a part of that life. Aren’t we also proud when our children can do extraordinary talents and become national geniuses? The same goes for dog and pet lovers around the world.

Anyone (and almost anything) in this world can have a Facebook page, as long as someone is there to maintain it and post responsibly. If we really want our pets to get good reputation and not become thought of as ‘over-actors’, we should only post reasonable status updates and don’t exaggerate everything.

If you post for your pet, remember: be as cautious as you should be with your own. That of course includes not posting personal identifying information about your dog, because like humans, dogs also can be a target of dog-napping or worse.

What do you think about Facebook Pages for Dogs?

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  1. Avatar Of Old Yeller

    Old Yeller


    My facebook account has just been closed because facebook says my name isn’t real.

  2. Avatar Of Old Yeller

    Old Yeller


    I just lost my facebook page because facebook says my name isn’t real. It’s ruff I tell you.

  3. Avatar Of Ivelisse Garcia

    Ivelisse Garcia


    My dog melo garcia-rolon has his own facebook page and boy is he popular..we upload. Silly but awsome photos daily..he’s all over purinas wall..milk-bone..beggin and they love my melo..his facebook freinds follow him and root for him vote for him in all contest he’s in we answer comments and email all day..but before you judge go on his fb page and you’ll see his photos and why..we are definitely pursing his modeling because the feedback he gets it amazing..here is his page check it out and lol…melo garcia-rolon

  4. Avatar Of Julie



    I jumped on the ban wagon. My dog has a page, mostly posting dogs that are lost, are in need of a home and other stories about animals. Thank god for it or I would of never known about the poisonous dog treats from China that have killed dogs and yet still being sold in place like Walgreens. Just mostly networking to help and some education. Some of them are actually have pretty funny personalities on their pages.

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