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Family Dog Finds 3 Tiny Puppies Abandoned in a Trash Bag

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Image Via Contra Costa Animal Services.
Image via Contra Costa Animal Services.

A couple were walking their Australian Shepherd in Pleasant Hill, California’s Paso Nogal Park when the dog became a little too interested in a plastic trash bag, inside a box, next to a garbage can. The couple took a closer look and, when they untied the bag, were shocked to find 3 tiny puppies inside.

They took the puppies, who appear to be about 5 weeks old, to their home where they cleaned and fed them before bringing them to Contra Costa Animal Services.

Rick Golphin, director of Contra Costa Animal Services told ABC7 the puppies are in good hands and should be available for adoption in the next few days. However, due to their very young age, they may need to be put into foster care first.

Anyone with information about the puppies’ former owners, or how the dogs ended up in the park, is urged to contact Contra Costa Animal Services at (925) 335-8300.

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  1. Avatar Of Heidi



    Whoever did this needs to be tortured and killed, these monsters do not deserve to live to dump these poor puppies like that and leaving them to die, its unforgiveable.

  2. Avatar Of Jesse



    I’m sickened at hearing what people do. Pure evil and heartless. But so glad someone took the time to take a closer look through garbage. It is a good point to make note of because most of would not look into garbage bags or even pause to allow dogs to sniff through it. thanks for posting.

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