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FDA Issues Warning for Tear Stain Removers Used in Dogs and Cats

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is issuing warning letters today to companies manufacturing unapproved animal drugs to remove tear stains in dogs and cats. These products, including Angels’ Eyes, Angels’ Glow, Pets’ Spark, and exported products Glow Groom and Health Glow, have not been reviewed by FDA for safety and effectiveness. These tear stain removers also contain the medically important antibiotic tylosin tartrate, which is not approved for use in dogs or cats, nor for the treatment of conditions associated with tear stains. Tear stain remover products are used to treat tear staining conditions around the eyes of animals, which, in particular, is associated with a condition called epiphora, mostly in cats and dogs.

FDA has serious concerns about unapproved animal drugs. Unapproved animal drugs are not reviewed by FDA and may not meet FDA’s strict standards for safety and effectiveness.

These tear stain drug products may be subject to additional enforcement action should the products continue to be marketed, such as seizure of violative products and/or injunction against the manufacturers and distributors of the violative products.

Actual warning letters to manufacturers can be found below:

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  1. Avatar Of Tara



    research, thoroughly, for yourselves….and why buy chemical wash anyway??!!
    keep the eyes wiped, gently, each day with warm water and you shouldn’t get staining….
    why is every one so quick to take the word of someone they do not know, or know what their credentials are???!! if you care about your pets, you should be knowledgeable about anything that goes in, on, or around them….not some random statement from someone “out there”….
    what is wrong with people that they’re that lazy not to do their own research???!!
    God help us…and these beautiful little creations that depend on us….to protect them…

  2. Avatar Of Steffan



    Do pet smart use any of these products?

    • Avatar Of Karen



      PetSmart does NOT sell these products. PetCo DOES sell these products

      • Avatar Of Audrey Harris

        Audrey Harris


        Also, Pet Supplies Plus sells these products.

      • Avatar Of Matt



        A quick search on PetSmart.com brought up 5 Angels’ Eyes products.

      • Avatar Of Donna R Donna R says:

        They sell ORGANIC ONLY, as TX doesn’t allow them to sell the other. Ive
        tried the organic and it does not work for my dog. There should be a product available that works on your Dog. This is the first WHITE dog Ive had constant problems with tear staining, and the Vet cannot help. Ive tried the Angels Eyes, and it is the only thing that helps. I will try washing each day with Warm water, and see if that helps any.
        It is a difficult problem. I don’t like the FDA, they are not a help but a hinder. Waste of taxpayers money.

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