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Fidos for Freedom Therapy Dogs

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Fidos for Freedom Therapy Dogs is a program administered jointly by the American Red Cross and Fidos for Freedom, a therapy dog organization based out of Baltimore, MD. They regularly visit patients at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD and help relieve stress for the military patients there, wounded, young, or old. The following article was written by Meaghan Gilmore, a Red Cross intern, for the Red Cross website:

Fidos for Freedom Therapy Dogs

Green canvas vests with the words Therapy dogs- Please pet me adorn their furry backs. A team of eight dogs sits patiently with their American Red Cross trainers at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, anxiously awaiting the prospect of meeting new friends. These “Fidos for Freedom” help uplift spirits just by going about their usual business – panting, sitting, and nuzzling new friends.

“Fidos for Freedom” is a therapy dog organization based out of Baltimore, MD. They provide comfort and reassurance to everyone they meet – the old, the young, the wounded. On a day perfect for a summer picnic, the dogs and their Red Cross trainers recently participated in the annual Family Fun Day at the Navy’s medical facility in Bethesda. Tents filled with food and bouncy castles for the children were scattered across the field. The most powerful part of the picnic was the therapy dogs’ station.

The dogs touch the hearts of those with whom they come in contact without uttering a single word. The team is small. Their mission is simple: to improve the quality of life and provide companionship to others. They fulfilled that mission, uplifting the spirits of Bethesda employees and their families.

Smiles lit up the faces of all who visited the “Fidos for Freedom” station. Worries and stress evaporated for everyone who extended a hand to pet the dogs. The dogs brightened the day for everyone at the picnic, and no one was immune to their charm.

Many different opportunities are available if you are interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer. Help your community during disasters. Support the needs of hospital patients in your area by helping at blood drives. Honor the men and women serving our country in the military by volunteering through the Service to Armed Forces programs.

For more information, contact your nearest Red Cross chapter, or visit

The Fidos for Freedom group visits many more places than just the medical center as you will discover if you visit their website, Have you ever experienced the phenomenal emotional healing effect of therapy dogs? Or for that matter, the healing effect of your own dog or dogs if you have been ill? If so, please share your story with others below.

In the meantime, be sure to read the Red Cross website’s story about the Fidos for Freedom Therapy Dogs.

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