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Filming with Dogs Can Be RUFF! A Peek Behind the Scenes at Subaru’s Latest ‘The Barkleys’ Commercial

Making commercials with dogs can be ruff. But also pretty adorable. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage from the new Subaru #DogTestedDogApproved Barkleys campaign!


The Barkley’s, Subaru’s quirky family of spokesdogs, are back in a new series of adorable commercials that are guaranteed to capture your eye and your heart. But, as any dog owner knows, filming with canine actors can be… well, challenging!

Take a peek behind-the-scenes to see just how RUFF it can be!

It’s no accident that dogs figure prominently in Subaru commercials. In fact, Subaru owners are actually twice as likely to have a pet as other car owners and 7 out of 10 Subaru drivers share their heart, home, and – of course, their backseat – with a four-legged family member! Subaru knows that dogs are family, as evidenced in their adorable ‘Dog Tested. Dog Approved’ commercials.

And, don’t miss the final take! Here are Subaru’s newest Dog Tested, Dog Approved commercials:

Car Wash

In this ad, the Barkleys head to the car wash to clean off a very dirty Ascent. Unfortunately, the crew doing the job isn’t up for the task…

Drop Off

It’s the first day of school for the littlest Barkley – and it’s not easy for the family!

Driving Lesson

We all know how hard parallel parking can be – especially when you’re distracted!

Drive Away

We’re all guilty of playing this (only hilarious to the driver) prank on our friends. It’s even more adorable when a dog does it!

Can’t get enough of The Barkleys? Check out some of our old favorite Subaru commercials featuring the furry family right here.

So, the next time you see one of the cuddly canines featured in the Subaru commercials, you’ll have a little inside knowledge of how RUFF – and hilarious – it was to create them.

Brandy Arnold is a writer, editor, and founding administrator at The Dogington Post. She has studied Dog Emotion and Cognition through Duke University and participates in K9 Nose Work with her two dogs, Olive & Noah. She is also a Subaru Ambassador, sharing her love of the brand, lifestyle, and promoting their shared love of pets.




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