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Find Your True Love for Valentine’s Day: Meet Buddy

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It’s the season of LOVE!

Despite what one may think they know about love, one never knows the real feeling until adopting a pet. The love, affection, loyalty and appreciation rescued dogs show are unparalleled.

So, this Valentine’s Day season, The Dogington Post along with PetGiftBox.com are helping to spread the word about 7 adoptable pups that have been looking for love for more than a year in the hope that they all get adopted in time for Valentine’s Day.

For some, this won’t be their first, second, or even their third Valentine’s Day behind bars.


Every dog deserves to be loved, so we’ve selected 7 special dogs from around the country that have been overlooked time and time again. Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some are passed over for reasons we simply can’t understand – but, they all deserve to spend their lives with a family of their own.

Meet Buddy!


Buddy’s story began back in May 2012 when Great Babies Rescue in Orleans, Indiana received a desperate call for help from a fellow rescuer. A woman in Tennessee had found a stray dog running loose in a rural area and took her home. She quickly discovered the poor dog was very pregnant, very malnourished, and very scared. Soon, the dog, named Ashley, gave birth to a litter of 13 puppies – Buddy included. The rescuer reached out to her local shelter for help but was instead given a fine for having too many dogs!


Unable to get help locally, the woman reached out to a friend of Great Babies Rescue fearing she wouldn’t be able to adopt out the puppies locally. You see, there was a growing trend in her area where hunters would take dogs, spray paint numbers on them, and set them loose in the woods. They would then draw numbers and the dog that was unlucky enough to have that number would be used as hunting bait. Of course, Great Babies Rescue took in Ashley and her 13 pups, who all found happy forever homes…except Buddy.


We aren’t sure why Buddy has been overlooked for so long! He’s a shy guy, but also a lover and eager to please!

BREED: Buddy is a medium-sized, neutered male Coon Hound mix.

AGE: 4 years

PERSONALITY: Buddy has always been shy to a degree, but he is a sweet boy who is eager to please. He gets along with most everyone – and does very well with other animals when introduced properly.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Buddy is crate trained. He loves his outside time, but gets a bit anxious when left at home alone.

BUDDY’S IDEAL FAMILY: This sweet boy would do best in a home where he has a lot of outdoor time with a family who enjoys outside activities. He loves to go for rides and long walks.

Buddy is fully vetted and ready to roll! Please don’t overlook this boy – he is super sweet and deserves his happily ever after.

Does Buddy seem like the perfect fit for your family? Here’s how to begin the adoption process:

For more information on Buddy and the others residing at Great Babies Rescue, contact them by email at [email protected], visit their website at www.greatbabiesrescue.org, or by phone at 812-653-1985.

Visit their website, Great Babies Rescue | Rescuing one Great Baby at a time to view the adoption contract and submit your pre-adoptive paperwork. If approved, Great Babies Rescue will do reference checks, vet checks, and home checks to ensure that their adoptable dogs are going to their perfect forever home.

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