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Find Your True Love for Valentine’s Day: Meet Haley!

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It’s the season of LOVE!

Despite what one may think they know about love, one never knows the real feeling until adopting a pet. The love, affection, loyalty and appreciation rescued dogs show are unparalleled.

So, this Valentine’s Day season, The Dogington Post along with PetGiftBox.com are helping to spread the word about 7 adoptable pups that have been looking for love for more than a year in the hope that they all get adopted in time for Valentine’s Day.

For some, this won’t be their first, second, or even their third Valentine’s Day behind bars.


Every dog deserves to be loved, so we’ve selected 7 special dogs from around the country that have been overlooked time and time again. Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some are passed over for reasons we simply can’t understand – but, they all deserve to spend their lives with a family of their own.

Meet Haley!


Dear future Mom or Dad,

My name is Haley. Believe me when I tell you I have been looking for you for a very long time…4 1/2 years to be exact. I’ve been looking for you in every face that I’ve known. I dream about the way you love me and how it would finally feel to be home.

I’m currently 6 years old and out of all that crazy puppy stuff but I still love to be active and a girly-girl. I’m a Labrador Retriever/Pitt Bull mix. I know that gives you pause but sometimes the Best Presents comes in the “wrong” packages! On the outside, I’m probably everything you are not looking for (let’s get serious – it’s half my breed), but on the inside, I’m just your style especially if you like a focused and medium to high energy dog that’s up for any new adventures. I LOVE SWIMMING, car rides and carrying around sticks!

I bet you’re asking why it has taken so long to find my forever home, and I want to answer that for you. During my formative years I faced some difficult situations followed by periods of time when I didn’t have any structure. I don’t know whose fault it all was, but I got scared and I bit someone. Naturally, I felt awful but I knew I wasn’t a bad dog but I was in a bad place. My dreams for a forever home were slipping away but then I decided to put one paw in front of the other and I got myself into a training/rehab program. Now I have made a 180 degree turnaround and I can make much better choices.


Even with all my rehab and training I realize that I am not the dog for everyone. And not everyone who applies for me might be in my best interest. However, because I believe you are looking for me, as much as I’m looking for you, I know we can work this out. First, I need a very strong leader who will keep up my training. Second, a home free of kids or other pets. As a bonus, my trainer is going to provide a lot of help and guidance to my new parent and me to make my transition successful.

The sooner we meet the sooner we can live happily ever after so please apply.

With love,

A little more about me…

Dog’s Name:  Haley

Age: 6 years

How long at shelter/rescue: 4.5 years!

Haley has been patiently waiting for a foster or fur-ever home since 2011.

My athletic abilities would probably earn me a GOLD Medal in the doggie Olympics should they ever have one (especially swimming!) My house manners are impeccable, I walk exceptionally well on a leash, my fetching skills are a bit rusty, but only because I have not had a steady family to help sharpen my skills, and have a beautiful fawn colored coat that is as soft as a baby deer. What I am most proud of is I have a radiant smile that has never lost its luster, despite some hardships I have had these past few years.

I am crate trained, obedient, know my commands and would make an excellent personal trainer. I weigh in at 50 solid pounds and really work at keeping my figure. I adore car rides, hanging out watching TV , waiting patiently for you to return after a long day…..what ever it takes to be close to you! I am loyal and devoted companion and prefer being your only pet.


Haley needs a calm, assertive, experienced leader who can help her be the best dog possible. She has a trainer who will help transition her to a new home.

Haley is spayed, fully vetted, microchipped and on heartworm and flea and tick preventative.

Does Haley seem like the perfect fit for your family? Here’s how to begin the adoption process:

If you are interested in Haley or one of our other great dogs, please fill out an adoption application.  We will be in touch shortly after receiving your application to review it with you.  If the application is approved the adoption team will send the foster coordinator your application, and they will work with the foster or boarding facility to get a time scheduled for an introduction or home visit.  The dog will then come for a play date if all parties agree the process should continue.  The adoption contract will be signed prior to leaving the dog.  During the play date, you can determine if it’s a fit and if it is a fit the dog will stay for good.  If it’s not, you will work with the adoption coordinator to return the dog.

Foster app: http://tinyurl.com/olfsxwa
[email protected]

Adoption app:http://tinyurl.com/ka7lbja
[email protected]

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Since there are 7 pups in the spotlight, PetGiftBox.com will be donating 10% of its revenues from each new subscription to the participating rescues through Valentine’s Day and each of the 7 dogs will go to their new homes with a PetGiftBox subscription.

About PetGiftBox:


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Not only do we want the best for your pets, we give back to the community pets as well. So, with every box you get, we help support a rescue pet! This allows us to spread our love to as many animals as possible. When you purchase a box for your pets, you can feel great knowing you are helping another animal in need. For more info, sniff us out at petgiftbox.com or reach out to us at [email protected].

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