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Finding The Right Dog Breeder

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You’ve done your research, picked which breed you want, and are ready to start your life with your new dog – now you just need to find the right dog breeder! Choosing the wrong breeder can mean a lifetime of hassles for you or health issues for your pet. This article from Krista Mifflin of About.com Dogs, gives some insight into how to find a responsible, ethical breeder.

Finding the Right Dog Breeder

Using References and Recommendations
Get references!
There are literally hundreds of breed groups and e-mail lists. Utilize these to get information, both on your breed of dog, and often you also get a very good idea of who NOT to work with. YahooGroups is a good place to start.

Once you have names of breeders, call them and ask for references. Ask who you could call that has one of their puppies. Who on the e-mail list has one? Ask questions, and you will find that breed fanciers are only too happy to help you out.

Nosiness Rules!
Good breeders ask a million and often personal questions.
Be prepared to answer questions about the people who live with you, what hours you work, what kind of visitors you get, what your yard layout is like, what you are willing to spend, etc. A good breeder who cares (and YES, you do want one like this!) will want to ensure that his or her puppy is going to the best home. Be prepared for nosiness and welcome it!

Just to give you an idea, when I first started calling Beauceron breeders, one of them sent me a five-page questionnaire on my home life, my work habits, the children in the home, any other adults in the home, and one page was dedicated completely to what I thought I wanted in a dog.

If you call a breeder, and he/she does not ask you questions, find another.

Other things to watch for and ask about:

Warranty and Guarantees
If the puppy is guaranteed for life, or just a year or even a few months. Good breeders offer guarantees for life.

If You Can Not Keep Your Dog
A good breeder will take back any dog or puppy from their breeding lines even if they didn’t actually breed the dog.

Do they work with Rescue?
Often breeders that care are closely involved in their breed rescue. This isn’t a failing point however, merely a plus mark if they do.

For big dogs : Have their hips been guaranteed? Are there OFA records available?
Have the dog’s eyes been CERFed?

By ensuring you have located a good breeder who cares more about her dogs than making a dollar, you also ensure that your dog is a fine specimen of his breed, has excellent bloodlines and is as free of genetic complaints and hereditary diseases as the modern world can make him. It is worth the extra time and money, as you’ll see in the future too. A well-bred dog will be healthier and happier than a poorly bred dog. And in the long run, so will you.

Read the entire article here. Do you have any information for our readers on finding the right dog breeder? Or, have you purchased a puppy from a bad breeder in the past and have a horror story to tell? Share your thoughts with us below!

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