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Finnish Lapphund

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The Finnish Lapphund, also known as Lapinkoira, is a breed of strongly built, medium-sized spitz-type dog that originated in Finland. It belongs to the herding breed family which is remarkable for their exceptional ability at controlling the movement of other animals. Finnish Lapphunds have been initially bred to herd reindeers. Their profuse double coat is long and coarse outside, and short and fluffy underneath. The breed comes in almost any color with a predominant single shade. Some of the most common coat colors include black, white, brown, red, sable, and wolf-sable. Finnish Lapphunds also have distinct facial markings called as spectacles which refer to the ring of a lighter color hair surrounding their eyes.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Finnish Lapphund breed commonly have a standard height of about 16 to 20 in at the withers, and weigh between 33 to 52 lbs.


Finnish Lapphund2

Finnish Lapphunds, in general, are very active and highly intelligent dogs. They respond well to training and are known to excel in numerous dog activities. These include agility, herding trials, obedience training, and pet therapy. The breed is also friendly and makes excellent outdoor escorts. Lappies are alert and make fine watchdogs as they tend to bark at unfamiliar subjects. They are cold proof and are very willing to accompany their owners for both walking and running trips. The breed can live outdoors and is great for families with small children. They adapt well to family life and can display their gentle nature toward children, elderly, and even with disabled people. Lappies have the propensity to avoid and flee from threatening circumstances. Because they are somewhat curious, looking after them may sometimes be necessary.


Finnish Lapphunds rarely require a lot of grooming care. Their heavy coat is harsh and does not mat, so brushing may only be done once a week to keep them looking good. Nonetheless, coat care efforts may be stepped up when they shed their coat at a particular season.

Health Concerns

Finnish Lapphunds are generally a healthy breed of dog. In fact, they have an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. However, like any other canine, they are also prone to a few health problems. These include eye defects such as progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts. A few cases of hip dysplasia were also reported.

Best Environment

Members of the Finnish Lapphund breed prefer living in cool climates. Access to a securely fenced yard is ideal. They are best suited for active owners living in either cold suburban or rural setting.

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