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Firefighters Rescue Dog Stranded on Roof for Several Days

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Youngstown, Ohio firefighters came to the rescue on Saturday morning when a dog found herself trapped on the roof of a two-story house where she had been crouching, afraid and hungry, for several days.

Isis, a female Rottweiler, was friendly, approaching the fireman when he reached her on the roof. Scared, she clutched onto the ladder as he carried her down to the ground where she was immediately fed.

Isis was described as incredibly thin, about 30 pounds underweight, and with a voracious appetite.

So how did she end up on the roof of a two story house?

According to WKBN, Isis’ owner says that about 4 days prior, his home had been broken into and the dog had gone missing. He assumed she had either escaped during the break-in, or had been taken by the intruders. In actuality, Isis had escaped the home through a hole in the roof and found herself stranded on the roof. The homeowner had not been home since the break-in and was staying at a friend’s house.

Though Deputy Dog Warden, Dave Nelson, had received several calls days prior to the rescue, each time an agent went to the home to find the dog, they didn’t see her there. They left several notices for the owner, but since he had not been back to the home, he never saw them.

In addition to being neglected, Isis was not licensed. Her owner was cited and the dog taken into custody of Mahoning County Animal Services where she will be brought back to health and placed for adoption.

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  1. Avatar Of Janice



    Although not currently living there now, this is my hometown. My friend’s husband is a local firefighter and I just learned that the man who rescued this dog is now adopting him. No more abuse or neglect for this pup 🙂

  2. Avatar Of Debbie S

    Debbie S


    Well that break-in was a blessing in disguise for this sweet dog. Thank goodness they took her from that owner who was clearly not caring for her at all being 30lbs under weight takes time to achieve and a long history of abuse that is obvious. Thank you for getting her down guys and seeing that she will have a chance at a loving forever home.

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