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Florida May Offer Tax Break on ‘Diet Dog Food’

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A new bill in the Florida legislature will give pet parents an incentive to help their dogs drop those extra pounds.

If passed, the bill will exempt diet dog foods from being charged sales tax to those dog owners whose veterinarian has prescribed a low-calorie, reduced fat diet for the health of the pet.

While some pet owners think the tax break is a great idea, one that will help in the fight against pet obesity, others are adamantly opposed, saying it’s not the responsibility of the tax payers to keep pets in good shape.

“Let him out in the back yard, throw him a ball, get active. It’s not that hard,” pet owner, Aubrey Greenwell, who is against the new legislation, told First Coast News.

What’s your take? Are you for or against tax breaks for diet dog foods? Would you welcome this legislation in your own state?

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  1. Avatar Of Cj Anderson CJ Anderson says:

    Just came from the Arizona state legislators where we got two bills for animals out of committee for the House, but don’t have enough time to get through the senate.

    We are working on minimum standards of care for commercial dogs breaders, public sales of animals on streets for rural areas, putting animal fighting in racketeering to get spectators and minors, prohibit animal abusers from owning pets for two years and the prohibiting the giving away live animals as prizes.

    Arizona has worked its way up to 7th place for animals by working o these kind of issues. My money is on this bill NOT passing because it will take away sales tax in an economic down turn.

    We gain momentum because animals abusers are frequently child wife abusers, when enforcement takes away the animal fighters owners, they will be able to get minors and adult spectators, adding more teeth in existing laws. This is how we are changing things for animals here. We are also working on getting the animal loving public involved at the legistators so that overrides the concerns for commercial interests.

  2. Avatar Of Sandra Duffey

    Sandra Duffey


    I am against this! With all of the more important things that need to go to Legislation, why even discuss tax on dog food. Florida has enough beautiful weather that walking our pets for their health, as well as the owners would be so much wiser. Why not discuss and pass legislation for closing the puppy mills, or stopping pet stores from selling puppy mill dogs? If a pet store wants to sell dogs or cats, let them be from the shelter. ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!

  3. Avatar Of Carey



    My dog was prescribed special food after bladder stone surgery … The same serving size (and 1-3 miles of walking EVERY DAY for his entire life) of the Rx food caused significant weight gain, so he was switched to the “diet” version of bladder care food. By the time this happened, I had already restricted his food intake by HALF! Poor guy was sooo hungry. Now, with the original appropriate serving size, same activity level; he is back at an ideal weight level with the diet food.

    I did everything I needed to for my dogs health, & his weight gain was dependent on the prescription food. A tax break wouldn’t change anything for me … I would pay whatever I needed to keep him healthy). But maybe that money needs to go to education of responsible & healthy dog ownership … Or the pet food companies need to re engineer their product (in my case).

  4. Avatar Of Linda Jones

    Linda Jones


    I’m all for it, I have three dogs on special diets and this would help. Please pass this law.

  5. Avatar Of Ankush Ankush says:

    Pet food Products are essential for every pet as it gives the nutrients that the dog needs to stay healthy. Good dog Food is essential for healthy living of a dog.

  6. Avatar Of Dexsmom



    absolutely not! the diet food is probably low-fat and full of grains and corn.

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