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Flying With Your Pooch

Before you show up at the airport with your dog in tow it would be wise to do a bit of research so traveling on an airplane with your dog goes as smoothly as the flight. All airlines have a common set of rules concerning pets flying, but there the similarity ends, so before booking a flight always call the airline you are going to fly with to get any addition rules and restrictions they have concerning traveling on an airplane with your dog.

One of the rules you will find applying to all commercial airlines is no pets allowed without the owner also on the same flight. This is simple common sense for an airline to do this, so expect this universal rule to be applied. Like your luggage a dog is considered cargo, and while you can fly without luggage, normally you cannot send it on a flight by itself. Same rule with your pooch.

For those people where traveling on an airplane with your dog is not a possibility due to medical issues, sending a dog to a new buyer, sending the dog to a professional trainer, or simply the fear of flying, you can use companies who specialize in moving animals by plane to take care of this issue.

Airlines have the “no owner — no dog” rule for safety reasons because there are people who would use a dog as a carrier of explosives. Sad but true, and for the safety of all on the flight this rule is stringently enforced.

Next is the restriction for allowing a dog to fly due to the weather. During very hot times of year or traveling from a cold location to a warm weather spot, dogs and any pets for that matter are not going to be allowed in the cargo holds because of the extremely hot conditions these areas of the plane undergoes. If the outside temperature is above eighty five degrees Fahrenheit, this rule will be strictly enforced.

Airlines will want proof from your vet confirming the dog has all the required shots, does not have rabies, and has had a complete physical examination. This must be within sixty days of the day of your flight for it to be accepted.

Some commercial airlines will allow smaller dogs to fly in the cabin with you if the per is in the correct cage so look into this option as well.

When traveling on an airplane with your dog do your homework beforehand so all goes smoothly and you guys reach your destination in good condition.

Do you fly with your dog? Please share your tips and advice.




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