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Flying With Your Small Dog for the Holidays? You Need the Right Carrier!

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Many pet parents will be traveling for the holidays this year and bringing their furkids with them! As much as we despise referring to our precious pets as luggage, if they’re small enough to fit into a carrier under the seat, most airlines will allow them to ride in the cabin with you when you fly.

So, Dogington Post went in search of a carrier that fit our criteria. It had to be affordable, meet airline requirements, and it had to be safe. We found one that exceeded our expectations – the Curvations underseat traveler from Petmate.

Petmate Curvations Underseat Traveler
The Petmate Curvations Underseat Traveler is both stylish and functional.

The first thing we noticed about the carrier was how stylish it is. It features a hip brown and grey polka dotted design and a cool oval shape found, until now, only in the very high priced under seat carriers.

The Petmate carrier is constructed of a very sturdy molded foam material, making it extremely lightweight but still durable. We love this because who needs to be carrying around unnecessary extra weight at the airport?!

The carrier includes a removable, washable padded insert, adjustable shoulder strap, safety clasps on the top entry, and when not in use, the entire carrier will fold up to only 3 inches thick!

The Petmate Curvations underseat traveler is ideal for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and similarly sized dogs or puppies up to 10 pounds in weight, 7 inches tall and 15 inches long. Great for cats, too!

The Petmate underseat traveler sells for $62.99 with free shipping through Amazon.

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