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Former Bachelorette Ali Adopts a Sochi Stray!

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Former Bachelorette Turned E! News Correspondent, Ali Fedotowsky Joins A Number Of Team Usa Athletes In Bringing Home Sochi Strays! Photo Courtesy Ali Fedotowsky.
Former Bachelorette turned E! News correspondent, Ali Fedotowsky joins a number of Team USA athletes in bringing home Sochi Strays! Photo courtesy Ali Fedotowsky.

It’s not just Team USA athletes leaving Sochi with a new furry best friend in tow!

Former Bachelorette and E! News correspondent Ali Fedotowsky was covering the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi when she, too, was found smitten by one of the thousands of homeless dogs in the city.

The reality star turned journalist visited PovoDog, a shelter created by a Russian billionaire hoping to save the stray dogs of Sochi after the government ordered their “disposal” prior to the Games’ opening ceremony. That’s where she found the adorable little girl she plans to bring home.

Fedotowsky posted an Instagram photo on Friday of herself with her new little love and the caption, “Got this little gal at a Sochi shelter. On my way to the vet to get her health certificate and passport so I can hopefully bring her back to the USA to be adopted,” she wrote. “I can’t save them all, but I know someone in the states would love to have this little sweetheart!!!”

Proof that you don’t need a reality show to find true love! Way to go Ali!

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  1. We have so many dogs already in the U.S.Why bring another dog from another country, If you dont plan on giving it a forever home.As the saying goes, Take care of your own first.

    • Avatar Of Cathy Cockerill

      Cathy Cockerill


      I so agree! We have plenty of dogs and cats in shelters in this country that are being killed because of lack of space. Save one of them!!!

  2. Avatar Of Deb



    For the amount of time, effort and money it takes to ready a dog for travel across the world, she is not going to simply drop the dog off at a shelter. It’s silly how people’s minds go so easily toward the negative.

  3. Avatar Of Tammy



    She’s not adopting the dog herself. Just bringing it back. Hope she isn’t just going to drop it off at a shelter here in the U.S. That’s sad and deceiving!

  4. Avatar Of Judy Cowgill

    Judy Cowgill


    The headline is very deceiving as in the article, Ali clearly states that she is bringing this dog back to the USA where someone would love to adopt her. Ali is not adopting her!

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