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Friendly Family Dog Shot and Killed by South Carolina Police Officer

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Kenya was shot and killed by Irmo Police on Labor Day. Photo courtesy of Jared Mann.

When the Mann family returned home after Labor Day festivities, they were shocked to find a note on their door explaining that their dog had been shot by police.

Kenya, a 4-year old German Shepherd/Labrador mix had somehow managed to escape her South Carolina yard on Labor Day. Despite having installed both a traditional chain link fence and an electric fence, Kenya has been known to escape the yard from time to time.

“She’s probably gotten out about three or four times and usually a neighbor comes by [and says] ‘Hey, your dog’s in my yard,’ and we go get her,” Kenya’s owner Jared Mann told WSITV NewsChannel 10. “It’s never been a big deal.”

On Labor Day, while her family was away, Kenya again escaped. Irmo Police responded to a call from a jogger in the neighborhood who claimed to have been chased by the dog. When they arrived, Kenya was back at home, laying by the steps to her front door.

Police said that when one of the officers approached the front door to find Kenya’s owners, the dog charged him. Feeling threatened by the dog’s actions, the officer fired several shots at Kenya.

Several neighbors, after hearing the gunshots, came to the Mann residence to see what was happening. “My husband and me were both talking to the police officers that were here,” one neighbor told reporters. “And the one who shot the dog said that she had charged him. But we had seen that dog before in our backyard and she’s never shown any aggression ever.”

Another neighbor told reporters that Kenya was still breathing and moving about 30 minutes after being shot several times. The concerned neighbor asked police if she could take the dog to a veterinarian for help, but police said no. Instead, they covered Kenya with a tarp and let her suffer and die in her front yard.

Irmo Police Chief, Brian Buck, said the officer acted in self-defense. In Irmo, it is illegal for any domestic animal to run at large on the streets or in public places. However, at the time of the shooting, Kenya was on her own property.

The Mann family and their neighbors are upset and confused as to why Kenya had to die, why she wasn’t allowed to receive medical care, and why the officer chose to draw his gun instead of using a taser or pepper spray first.

How do you believe this and other police/animal encounters should be handled? While it is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure their dogs are properly contained, or kept indoors, do you feel the officer acted appropriately? Weigh-in with a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Jerry Toro

    Jerry Toro


    Cop should be suspended for not allowing the dog to be treated. Obviously the dog should not have been shot but the family is the catalyst for the entire scenario and should be fined $1000 for having their dog loose and should not be allowed to have another dog for 5 years.

  2. Avatar Of Elijah C

    Elijah C


    Some of these comments show a complete lack of respect for human life and public safety. Put yourself in the shoes of the officer before commenting. This is a job to them, they are people just like us. They want to go home and see their families, pursue their dreams and lead happy healthy lives. They aren’t going to take a chance when it comes to potentially life and death situations. They didn’t know if the dog was rabid, if the dog was on its own property, if the dog was planning on rushing the officer to give him a big wet kiss or to bite his throat.

    As a dog lover, I would never leave my Sammy outside in the elements while out of town.

  3. Avatar Of Nick



    I was a TX cop for a little over 6 years. I personally saw on numerous occasions where officers f’d up in the field and then lied about it to cover up their mistakes. Heck, we just had an officer in Dallas shoot an unstable person who “charged the officer with a knife”. Thank God there was a neighbor with a video surveillance system that showed a compliant subject with his hands to his sides for over 4 seconds, then the officer shot him without provocation.

    I know that most cops are good men & women who everyday are trying to do the right things for the right reasons, but as a former police officer I simply do not trust the police anymore.

  4. Avatar Of Chris



    Well, I can tell you that if an officer sets foot in my front yard and fires on my German Shepard Friday, he better have another clip, because he would eat lead also, and I would do nothing afterwords but cover him with a tarp also…no EMS…

  5. Avatar Of Human



    Are there any groups that I could give money to who specifically investigate and/or prosecute police-related animal shootings? There aren’t many causes I believe in enough to get behind, but this is one of them.

  6. Avatar Of Judith Lynn

    Judith Lynn


    I would sue that police department for being on my property without my permission and sue them for negligence in killing a family member.

  7. Avatar Of Ray Henken

    ray henken


    If the police are so scared that they have to react to dogs this way imagine what would happen if they come across a real threat! this happens way too much. look up Rosie the dogs story in seattle. those officers are still on the job and didn’t even get reprimanded.

  8. Avatar Of Kathy



    This kind of thing happens way too often with the cops, they think because they are the arm of the law and provided with a firearm, that gives them the right to say they felt ‘threatened’ by whatever they are shooting at, this poor dog was known by the neighbors and it was back on its own ground, obviously NOT a threat to anyone, least of all the cop, he should be put on desk patrol and told to go back to school to learn why firearms are discharged and taught that not all animals are aggressive, obviously this cop just wanted to show his authority which has cost this poor dog its life and also to die in a tormented cruel way by refusing anyone to get help for it. Poor excuse for a person of the law. I hope the family get a good lawyer and sue the ass off him and the dept.


  10. Avatar Of Ralph



    If you think this is a free country, you are wrong, this is a police state!!! Some breeds of dogs are not allowed in some cities and towns and they limit the number of dogs you can harbor in your home. Yes I said HARBOR, they are not part of our family. They will some day limit the number of children you can have. There are already plans to have chips implanted in all humans by the year 2025 so they can keep track of all our movements.

  11. Avatar Of Stfish



    The police officers were wrong not to allow the dog to be taken a vet. However. This is a large dog with a habit of getting loose. The owners should not have left a known escape artist loose in the yard when they were not at home. The dog should have been crated. There is a lot of blame on all sides here.

    • stfish – Open your eyes, by NO means was this dog a large dog, it was a shepherd/lab mix and if you look at the picture provided the dog is hardly any bigger than the 3 or 4 year old kid laying on the floor with him. As an Officer/Chief of 25 plus years, ANY Officer worth his salt SHOULD have been able to control this animal in a matter of minutes. I will allow ma little leeway here, BUT NOT UP TO KILLING THAT ANIMAL IN IT’S OWN FRONT YARD……………………….NO F’n WAY

  12. Avatar Of Jeff Hersch

    jeff hersch


    this kind of thing happened several times in the denver area–cops guns and their untrained militaristic reactions seem the same everywhere, and just as unnecessary. It finally became a big enough issue after several large demonstrations and getting on e news, that the police have nw instituted a mandatory training for how to deal with dogs, as delivery men do for years–without shooting them when they act like dogs. too late for your dog, but there will be others

  13. Avatar Of Pennie



    Why wasn’t animal control called to deal with the dog??? And a neighbor should have been contacted first. Also the family should have been much more responsible and kept the dog inside since the dog had a history of getting over the fence.

  14. Avatar Of Charlotte Charlotte says:

    This is absolutely horrid!!! If the dog was considered a threat, the officer could’ve tazed or maced. The worst is making the dog suffer. Terribly inconsiderate, cold and heartless.

  15. Avatar Of Manda



    HERE is the Facebook page for Kenya (the dog the officer shot) and her heart broken family. facebook.com/ripkenya9113

  16. Avatar Of Monte Monte says:

    I am always concerned that my two, lovable, but large dogs are going to escape my yard and be brutalized by someone.

    We do our best to keep them fenced in, but they can easily fly the 4 foot fence, if they choose to.

    Of course, they would like an intruder or a cop and want to play, but that might be construed, to an ignorant person, as aggressive.

    The officer did not make the right choice and should be held accountable for Kenya’s death and make whatever restitution a court might see fit.

    It is wrong. She was on her own porch. He was not on a public right of way. End of story.

  17. Avatar Of Yvonne



    Sickening to read this, the police man entered the dogs territory the dog naturally approached him he was defending his home. shooting the dog was bad enough but for it to lie there and suffer for over 30 minutes and not allowing a neighbour to bring it to the vet it totally animal cruelty and he should be charged

  18. Avatar Of Bonnie



    What an asshole to let the dog suffer and surely he could have used different measures other than destroying a good dog on its own property the police have this shoot first ask later policy that sucks ass big time next time stay off of the animals property, oh and by the way what constitutes a charging dog???? one snarling growling and barking or is it one that is wagging its tail as it approaches you???? if it was me I’d be suing the police officer and the city!!!!!

  19. Avatar Of Dez Crawford

    Dez Crawford


    Former professional humane officer here. Because we have only his word only to “justify” shooting the dog, if the dog had died immediately, little could be done. However, allowing the animal to suffer AFTER being shot IS animal cruelty, and IS prosecutable under state law. He should be prosecuted AND sued. I worked in humane law enforcement — we have mandatory continuing education every year in animal handling. Unfortunately, many towns still assign animal control services to cops or sheriff’s deputies with NO ANIMAL HANDLING EXPERIENCE. In my career, in a city of half a million, I have NEVER been in a dog-at-large situation in which lethal force was required to stop a dog, although I have been in numerous situations requiring a tranquilizer gun to apprehend a truly aggressive animal. In my experience this is evidence that the officer in question had NO meaningful experience or training in how to assess behavior and to approach and/or apprehend an animal at large.

  20. Avatar Of Jacqueline Williams

    Jacqueline Williams


    My heart goes out to this family. I would definitely take action against this officer. There are non lethal options that could have been taken. This police officer is a coward.

  21. Avatar Of Kathleen Parker

    Kathleen Parker


    Outrageous! I am just sickened to hear this. That officer should be fired for these inhumane actions against humanity. I hope that the appropriate foundations for the welfare of animals can help bring this cruel man to justice. My heart goes out to this family. What in the world is happening when a neighborhood dog known to the area cannot get out for a stroll without being gunned down!! I am very sorry for the dog and for the family. Kindly include my name in any petition that may arise regarding this very unfortunate matter.

    Kindest Regards,
    Kathleen Parker

  22. Avatar Of Michael Ulrich

    Michael Ulrich


    It is federal law that if harm comes to a police animal during any time the offender is charging as they would be if whatever they had done were done to an actual officer i feel the same should apply in this scenario treating an animal with such cruelty even if the dog was being aggressive it should not have been left to suffer in such a way it should have been put down but an officer should have to go through the same procedures wether they are dealing with a human being or an animal this was a senseless not to mention needless act of violence from yet another police force ive met quite a few officers and now most actually carry non lethal weapons on their dominant draw meaning they reach for stun gun/ tazer before reaching for their firearm i feel all officers should learn this idea and use it to prevent things like this

  23. Avatar Of Frances



    Reading stories like this horrifies me. I have worked animal control and most police have no clue how to deal with 4 legged animals.
    If the dog was still alive and he refused it care and left it to die, he should at least be charged with cruelty to animals.

  24. Avatar Of Angela



    Who do you get more angry at? The asshole cops or the irresponsible owners? For petty sake! Don’t leave pets unattended even in your fenced back yard. Thieves want them as bait dogs and stupid under trained cops will shoot without good cause more often than not. Stupid owners, pay more attention. When your eyes leave your backyard, your pets should come inside!!!! So tired ofthese stories. When will people learn not to be so damned stupid?

  25. Avatar Of Rick Chavarria

    Rick Chavarria


    These (people) scared of their own shadows are hired to protect us? No wonder the population is scared to call the police for so called help. come on mr. policeman, use at least some of your limited high school deductive reasoning. Or has power corrupted the pea brain behind a slanted view of life?

  26. Avatar Of Frederick Jones

    Frederick Jones


    This is what happens wehn you give a pussy with a double digit IQ a badge and a gun.

  27. Avatar Of Emm



    This is horrible. At the very least the lousy cop should have allowed the neighbor to take the dog to a vet. Sheesh… one of the cops could have escorted them there, if they were worried about how it would look. And this comes off pretty bad. I am SO tired of hearing about cops shooting pets. I don’t know what I would do in this family’s shoes. I would feel so helpless.

  28. Avatar Of Carie



    damn u police u see the door sitting in front of it’s home n u think it’s charging u WTF u bloody coward of a police just give me the gun n i wl shot ur brains out for sure
    plus the neighbours ask u to let them send the dog to the vet n ur fù%^¨$* response is no i curse u n u shall be sorry

  29. Avatar Of Barrok Obama Barrok Obama says:

    As president of the United States, I am going to see to it that police no longer shoot dogs, instead I will issue an executive order that they shoot the dog’s owner

  30. Avatar Of Wendy Wright

    wendy wright


    I also have lost a dog , lexington county shot my dog twice in my yard they had there guns drawn and my dog was barking with me in the yard and shot him in the chest twice with a glock 40 then would not let me bury my dog called animal control and never apoligized for shooting my dog and me and my 17 year old son put on the ground in my own yard til I could show paper work showing I owned the place just a big mistake but never a sorry and just lost my family member like that and nobody would do anything at the police dept I don’t like the police and am also scared of them thanks for serving and proctecting LOL In loving memory of “Bud”

  31. Avatar Of Christine



    Why was the dog left in the yard? If she was a known escape artist this was irresponsible, she should have been in the house all secure. Common sense was missing here.

    • Avatar Of Robert



      Why did the Officer have a gun if he could not control it big deal the dog got out hurt no one and the Police became the Judge and jury. These Officers should be fired for animal cruelty.

    • Avatar Of Roy



      You”re absolutely right and I agree common sense was missing here, on both sides. However with great power comes great responsibility. Reaching for the “Red Button” when there are several other options is simply irresponsible and a major lack of judgement, something you should have honed long ago if you ever wanted to wear a badge. At the very least its supposed to be taught in the academy. The problem is that today cops are toooo quick to pull their side arm. If cops in a city as violent as New Orleans can refrain from the “knee jerk pull your gun”, then whats up in Irmo?

    • Avatar Of Monte Monte says:

      I have 4 and 1/2 acres completely fenced. My 50 pound dogs run it all the time. The fence is 4 foot high. Fortunately, they have not learned that they can easily jump the fence. But your notion that I need to let them in every time I leave is ludicrous. They are fine and safe. They wag their tails at every stranger that jogs by. They would never hurt anyone and my neighbors know that. But that wouldn’t stop a moron LEO from making a stupid choice and lack judgement and kill my dog.

      If they shot my dog on my property, they would be in for one hell of a fight.
      That LEO would be held accountable.

  32. Avatar Of Katherine



    This makes me so sad. I feel horrible for the family right now, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they are going through. The Irmo police Chief should be ashamed for the way his department handled this entire situation. As far as the officer goes, I hope it haunts his dreams, if he can even sleep.

    • Avatar Of Roy



      Sadly this “officer” will probably sleep just fine. If he can leave the animal to suffer for a half an hour or more,and only cover the animal at the request of another officer, then he probably isn’t able to connect with, or feel empathy for other living things. You know what we call people like this? PSYCHOPATHS. And he has a gun and a license to use it….Wow

  33. Avatar Of Alycia



    What I meant was I could understand his fear if she was huge, either way he had no right to shoot her and not allow her to be treated. Do they shoot suspects and then throw tarps over them and let them die? No, thy give them the best hospital care money can buy. They didn’t want to have to foot the vet bill afterwards.

  34. Avatar Of Alycia



    I could understand if she was a gigantic pit bull, or Shepherd, she was probably coming to say hi, he was in her yard which she has the right to protect. After she was subdued with bullets they should’ve allowed her medical care. She didn’t bite him or actually touch him so the law of putin the animal to sleep once it has bitten someone, wasn’t actually in tact. The jogger got them afraid from the beginning however if they were so afraid of the dog they should’ve stayed out of the yard and walked to the neighbors and asked questions first. If he was in fear for his life he should’ve never approached the animals home in the first place. If it would’ve been a hostage situation or something like that, they never would’ve just walked up to the door. It’s bull and he should have to pay. The damn coward jogger should’ve called animal control but they were angry so they called police. Police in AZ won’t even answer a call like that. You have to call animal control for a reason. Police don’t have the correct equipment or training to deal with animals. Sorry Mann family.

  35. Avatar Of Roy



    The officer felt threatened? My they sure do scare easy these days. With pepper spray, tazer, baton, folding knife and last but not least a loaded semi- automatic pistol on their hip, oh yeah lets not forget the 12 gauge riot shot gun and sometimes an AR15 semi-auto “assault rifle” kept in arms reach, its difficult for me to see how they can feel “threatened” by anything. Armed to the teeth and a license to use lethal force whenever they feel “threatened” and still they are scared? of everything? really??? Shouldn’t courage be a requirement of the people we pay to protect us? Sir, i say you’re a punk, a discrace to the uniform. If you’re too scared to do your job, then do the fine citizens of South Carolina a favor and just quit and seek therapy to get over your fear.

  36. Avatar Of Bernice



    well its pathetic that more and more police officers are becoming trigger happy and shooting more family pets than any other crime busts. i live where theres always drug deals going on but nothing gets done but let my dog get loose from my back yard their all over it. i have tried everything to keep her in the back yard so now shes in my house. i keep her in a kennel everytime i leave so she cant get loose.but this officer should of used a different method.

  37. Avatar Of Steve



    There was no justification for this whatsoever. Police are going to have to be held accountable for for the wanton killing of family pets!

  38. Avatar Of Wanda Routt

    Wanda Routt


    Once again overuse of power. There was no need for this dog to die. This officer should be fired and have to do community service in a shelter. And the entire police department should have training on how to handle situations without excessive force. If I was this family I would file charges. They had no business on their property.
    How do they know this was even the dog that was reported?
    Disgraceful ~~

  39. Avatar Of Tammy Singery

    Tammy Singery


    This dog was just protecting his property. Any dog would do that. The cop had no right to just shoot him. Why did he not use the pepper spray or the tazer gun? This upsets me so much to hear these things and them thinking its ok to just shoot any animal and say it was in self defense. There needs to be some kind of protection for these dogs. The worse part is that he had to lay there and suffer and when the neighbor wanted to take him to get him help they wouldn’t let him. That alone is animal cruelty. There needs to laws against this.

  40. Avatar Of Melanie Brierly

    Melanie Brierly


    seems Kenya sensed what kind of person she was dealing with or even worse her fate. may she rip and may the people who control these types of situations be brought to understand they need to think of just not themselves but of the animal who’s life they are taking. cruelty comes in many forms and shapes even those we regard with the highest power. to Kenya’s family I am very very sorry for your loss and send many prayers to your family.

  41. Why do we even have animal control? Anybody else shoots a dog even an overly aggressive one would be in big trouble. Seems to me the entire police department across the country needs to be retrained as a whole. When they are so trigger happy, it’s a sign that something is lacking in the humanity training chapter of the police acadamy

  42. Avatar Of Thomasina Stevens

    Thomasina Stevens


    WTF? How terrible! Unnecessary force indeed. The offending officer should definitely be penalized but also people with authority to murder a family pet should at least receive basic education of dog behavior. Any educated person would be able to discern between normal protective behavior and a deadly attack dog.

  43. Avatar Of Steve Juszczak

    Steve Juszczak



  44. Avatar Of Vickie



    And the cops wonder why people feel about them the way they do. More times than not they act like the gustapo instead of cops. Sad

  45. Avatar Of Kim A

    Kim A


    All police officer should have training on how to handle dogs in these situations without using deadly force. All police officers in every state should have to carry a catch poles or other methods to constrain animals. You don’t hear about animal control using deadly force to do their jobs. This officer was out of line by going onto the property, since the dog was in his yard. Shame on the officers for not letting the neighbor get the dog help. Saddened for the family.

  46. Avatar Of Sandy B

    Sandy B


    AGAIN! This is such a common occurrence that it is becoming acceptable! WRONG! Let them know we consider dogs being shot by police = MURDER!!!!!!!

  47. Avatar Of Here Piggy Piggy!

    Here Piggy Piggy!


    So many missteps here.

    If the dog is “charging” you when your on it’s property, get your ass off it’s property. IT’S WHAT DOGS DO!

    If you’re jogging and a dog starts to give chase – stop running – it’s call prey drive. IT’S WHAT DOGS DO!

    Perhaps the dog could have been locked in the house while the family was gone…true.

    Shit happens, and that PIG was trespassing at the time he shot that dog.
    If you think you need to shoot the dog in “self-defense” at least don’t be an F’N coward and let the poor dog suffer before he dies. Finish the job, or let someone take it to the vet. What a stupid piece of crap “officer of the law”. F him.

  48. Avatar Of Joan Stowers

    Joan Stowers


    No. The officer had no right to shoot this dog. I doubt the dog “charged” him. If in fact that happened, it was probably due to menacing behavior by the officer. It sounds like he didn’t go there to investigate, he went to show what a big man he is and to use his gun. It’s disgraceful! He could have called animal control to have the dog removed. He could have used pepper spray or a stun gun (if the department uses it). The dog was on its own property! He had no right to play judge, jury and executioner! While my heart goes out to the family, they aren’t totally without fault. Since the dog had a history of escaping the yard, he should not have been left outside while they were gone. It’s just a very sad and unfortunate situation.

  49. Avatar Of Vjo



    Police are way too fast on the gun…it seems that shooting something is the immediate solution to any situation. It is all very frustrating…plus the cops are never in the wrong *ugh*

  50. Avatar Of Pd



    Dogs should never be left unattended in their yard especially if you are away from the house. Protect your loved ones!!! These owners are to blame.

    • Avatar Of Richard



      No, the asshole cop is to blame. He pulled the trigger. Perhaps one of his pets should be treated the same way. No wait, that’s not fair to the pet. I think the cop should be kneecapped in both knees.

    • Avatar Of Roy



      Are you a cop? it sure sounds like it.You guys are NEVER wrong. Yes the owners were also wrong, so let animal control pick up the animal and earn the money that they are paid, then fine the shit out of the irresponsible owners. You dont just shoot an animal and let it suffer. The Officer in question was obviously never taught basic decency as a child, wasn’t raised around guns, and just wanted desperately to shoot something. Isn’t psychological testing performed during the hiring process? Not in South Carolina. You guys and gals who wear the badge are turning into scared, sad excuses for “LAW ENFORCEMENT”

  51. Avatar Of Julia Olson

    Julia Olson


    I’m appalled and infuriated. This officer ought to be fired! He could have at least finished the job and not let that sweet dog suffer! This needs to be elevated until corrective action is taken. Not acceptable.

  52. Avatar Of Sharon



    Don’t you know that this is the year of cops killing families dogs? This has happened so many times,and it’s always the dogs fault..The dog was on his property why did they not just leave him alone.No big bad cops have to shoot dogs.Well i say teach them how to handle these things with animals,people are tired of cops killing their furbabies,they are like children.

  53. Avatar Of J. Lochner J. Lochner says:

    Another police officer on a power trip….pathetic!

  54. Avatar Of Marion Marion says:

    Yes, both the police officer & the owner were wrong. This poor dog is dead because the officer who shot it probably overreacted, and because the owners didn’t make sure it was going to be okay while they were gone. Then to not let the neighbors take it to get it medical care??? What the hell is the excuse for that?? This police officer obviously wanted this poor dog dead. Why??? I would like to hear the reason for that too. Why would they object to getting it medical care?? There were other options, just like I have options if I’m jogging & a dog comes out, I have pepper spray for that reason. Can you imagine what it will be like when people start carrying guns & also shooting animals that they come in contact with?? And why not, the police do it for no reason all the time. This is getting to be a sad world we live in, they need to start punishing these police officers for shooting to kill family dogs. Anyone else would be punished, or would they?? In todays society, probably not.

  55. Avatar Of Cheryl Jones

    Cheryl Jones


    Apparently we need training for police on how to approach dogs. This is just plain wrong! How about talking to neighbors first? How about not shooting the dog in it’s own yard and letting it die for 30 minutes.

  56. Avatar Of E.c.brown



    just another trigger happy ass hole using his gun to prove he
    is superior.

  57. Avatar Of Dina Anderson

    Dina Anderson


    I think once again they went overboard before finding out if there was truly a threat to act on. How does he know that the dog wasn’t just coming up to say hi or wanted to play. They are way too quick to shoot and kill..not even just one or two shots ..several.. all he had to do is stun it then take to vets and sort it all out later.. but nooooo just like with people they empty their guns so no one can even explain why or what they were doing. So then the cops always look right from lack of anyone saying otherwise. The way its been going lately the ONLY threat on the streets and in neighborhoods is the COPS. He needs to be suspended for a few days or weeks to think it over.. maybe he is burnt out needs a different line of work, either way he is dangerous to have a weapon.

  58. Avatar Of Sun



    The officer should be disciplined. This is not a proper reaction. I do not want officers like this one on the street.

    Furthermore, officers should be required to take classes on appropriate action and dog behavior.

    This dog–if true that he was friendly–was most likely running up to people to play!

    My condolences to the family.

  59. Avatar Of Animal Rescuer At Large

    Animal Rescuer at Large


    The police were definitely wrong in their actions. But the dog owner needs to take responsibility for his.

    “She’s probably gotten out about three or four times and usually a neighbor comes by [and says] ‘Hey, your dog’s in my yard,’ and we go get her,” Kenya’s owner Jared Mann told WSITV NewsChannel 10. “It’s never been a big deal.”

    Not a big deal? Really? What kind of dog owner doesn’t make sure their dog’s safe and secure?

    This was an unfortunate, preventable incident.

    Were the police wrong? Sure.

    Was the owner wrong? Sure.

    Was one more wrong than the other? I suppose whoever you want to place blame on is.

    Hey! It’s my opinion. If my dog had a history of leaving the yard … let’s just say he wouldn’t. Because he would always be under my protection and care.

    If this had been the first time this dog had gotten out, I’d be with the rest of you screaming police brutality. But this is the fourth (admitted) time this dog got out. Way to go, Jared!

    Still, dealing with dogs correctly should be a piece of every police officer’s training.

    • Avatar Of Dorenda



      That is very well put. If I am only going to be gone 20 minutes, my dogs are not out in the yard, they are inside. My neighbors dog was poisoned by someone, and he was in his own fenced yard! Kenya’s owner was irresponsible for leaving her out, knowing she could and has escaped. People are crazy idiots now days. I trust no one when it comes to my dogs.

  60. Avatar Of An Angry Pet Parent

    An angry pet parent


    The officer should be disciplined or charged for not allowing the neighbors to take Kenya to a vet for treatment and make the officer pay the vet bill as punishment for his or her actions. The officer should have never resorted to shooting the dog and instead be put through more training at the officers expense.

  61. Avatar Of Sheryl G

    sheryl G


    Police procedure should be changed in dealing with family dogs. Taze the dog or use pepper spray first. That would deter all but the most aggressive of dogs. Shooting should never be the first line of defense. Not allowing anyone to take the poor suffering dog to the vet is unconscionable. Sue the city, the police department, and the police officer. Get the media involved. Make a HUGE stink about it!

    That said, the family should not have left their dog home unsupervised if they knew that the dog would get out of the yard from “time to time”. That is neglectful, no matter how much they may have loved the dog. Why didn’t they leave the dog with a neighbor, friend, or have someone stay at the house to keep an eye on the dog? I am not blaming the family for what the officer did, but they did put their dog in a potentially hazardous position by leaving him alone while they were away for the holiday. He could have been hit by a car, stolen, abused, gotten into a dog fight etc while they were gone.

    I have read so many times about police killing a family pet. It’s ridiculous. I know that police go into some really stressful situations but come on. Maybe some training on how to handle dogs without excessive force would be a good idea.

  62. Avatar Of R Frye

    R Frye


    This officer is dead wrong for shooting this dog..this is animal cruelty and they should have to pay for shooting a poor dog..Piece of S#@&!!!!!

  63. Avatar Of Vickie vickie says:

    Today a family is mourning the lost of a family member because one of your Police Officers had to prove he was bigger, badder, and meaner then a dog on his front porch waiting for his family. Please train your Officers on a different way to handle dogs besides shoot to kill.

  64. Avatar Of Barbara Lintz

    Barbara Lintz


    This is happening more and more lately shooting a dog because you approach it in it’s own yard and make up your mind it’s aggressive just because it approaches you is uncalled for police have other options such as retreat so the dog doesn’t feel threatened or ask neighbors if they can safely approach the dog.

  65. Avatar Of Shirley Crawford

    Shirley Crawford


    They were acting like a bunch of idiots. If the dog was on the porch and not bothering anyone, it should be against the law to even come on the porch. TO shoot the dog? I think I would sue for using Excessive force.

  66. Avatar Of Anita



    This officer should be fired for his inhumane actions. Or better yet, be shot several times and left to suffer and die.

    • Avatar Of Paula Kinney

      Paula Kinney


      There are good cops but they seem few and far between anymore. Other measures should’ve been tried before shooting. Letting him lay there and suffer is beyond cruelty. The other cops that didn’t act are guilty of that too. They deserve the same treatment. This can’t be the United States of America we are living in anymore. Wake up people. We need to act. Complete police state is just around the corner.

  67. Avatar Of Cathy Thompson

    cathy Thompson


    I used to leave my dog out when . Gone but in these crazy times it is not wise. People can steel your dog or he can escape & then this kind of thing happens. Protect your dog keep them in while gone. I would sue the police dept.

  68. Avatar Of Deborah Hill

    Deborah Hill


    I agree, pepper spray could have been used first!! For that matter, they may have spoke with a neighbor first. If a neighbor was willing to take the dog to the vet, i’m sure they would have taken the dog into thier yard until the owners returned. Unbelievable. How would this officer feel if the same thing happened to his kid’s beloved pet. Accidents happen……..I highly suspect he overreacted. What a wuss.

  69. Avatar Of Tanith Mcglothlin

    Tanith McGlothlin


    WTF?! I say it all the time when I see these stories (which are way too numerous): Why do they use deadly force 1st & if they are going to use their gun, why not shoot to wound rather than kill?
    Whatever for that, I’ve heard it all before . . . policy, rules, procedures, threat!
    The REAL issue here is that they made that dog suffer, didn’t make any effort to get it help & prevented others from doing so! Oh My God!!!!!

    • Avatar Of Jerry L. Osborn

      Jerry L. Osborn


      What do you expect? This is a Sorry Carolina cop! The “S” in SC stands for “SORRY”, NOT for south like everybody thinks!

  70. Avatar Of Rachelle Kuschner

    Rachelle Kuschner


    That is such bull. He could have tased this poor creature. This is happening more and more and something HAS to be done. Disgusting.

    • Avatar Of Linda



      I agree – something has to be done to stop officers from being gun happy toward animals all the time!! They carry mase- USE IT!! This poor dog was back in his own yard…he went home, DID NOT ATTACK!!! Prayers for the family of this dog!!!

  71. Avatar Of Teresa Juliano

    teresa juliano


    Not right. police should have been trained om how to approach dogs. Wrong. just plain wrong Why didn’t they take the dog to the vet? Why did they shot to kill? Why didn’t they shoot to scare?

  72. Avatar Of Sebishop



    Wonder how that cop would feel if they were treated the same way as the poor defenseless animal? Ignorance is not an excuse.

  73. Avatar Of Beverly Thalman

    Beverly Thalman


    That officer should be charged. Not right. I wasn’t there. But doesn’t sound right to me.

  74. Avatar Of Donna Mae Donna Mae says:

    Just another case of POLICE BRUTALITY!! My God, when are these heartless fools going to learn something to go along with that badge and gun??? Killing a dog on its own porch…what kind of of a trigger happy fool does that?!! Seems to me the police are more dangerous than the animals!

    • Avatar Of Elizabeth



      I think that a lot of the cops that have shot dogs are actually afraid of dogs and are not about to admit it to anyone. Unfortunately, their first reaction is shoot to kill. It certainly isn’t an excuse and it certainly is a shame.

      • Avatar Of Jan Hodgson

        jan hodgson


        Dogs guard there territory ….that’s what they do..that’s what they are suppose to do. I’m sick and tired of of heating this kinds crape.. Why don’t police officers get any training I. Dealing with VICTOMS of crimes and or animals. This is why I have No respect for them !! And j really want too! This is u forgiveable behavior from a STUPiD person cop or not!!

    • Avatar Of Karen



      If the dog was CHARGING, why was it STILL ON THE PORCH ?

    • Avatar Of Dr



      White or black cop?

    • Avatar Of Jerry L. Osborn

      Jerry L. Osborn


      It seems to me that the police CAN’T shoot the bad guys anymore,(might violate their “civil rights”!) (sic) so, they’re taking to killing our dogs, just to be shooting their guns at something.
      I hope they don’t come to my house! My “KILLER” miniature chihuahuas (3) might really tear up their shoelaces! Then they would kill my “Killers”! with a “Bazooka”! Or maybe they would call in an “Air Strike”! Can’t be too careful with them “Killer Miniature Chihuahuas”!

    • Avatar Of Jerry L. Osborn

      Jerry L. Osborn


      10-4 on that!

    • Avatar Of John O'Doe

      John O'Doe


      Private Sector technicians and Post Office go to citizens homes daily, and yes, we learned that most normal behavior of a dog at its own front door, is to challenge any person coming to the door. Private Sector technicians deal with dogs,RESPONDING to citizen calls for service every day. It simply goes with the job, for the “50&OUT” private sector, service technician.

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