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Weekly Roundup: Funny Dog Posts From Last Week (Jul 03)

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Welcome to the Dogington Post’s “The Weekly Roundup” where we scour the internet for the funniest posts about our furry friends.

This week, we present you funny dog posts from Jun 25 to Jul 01 that will paws-itively make you through the rest of the week!

If you’re having a ruff day, then these posts will surely have you barking in joy.

When you experience a love like no other:

When your daughter turns them into princesses:

When you catch them in the middle of doing something questionable:

When you accidentally find a gem on Google Images:

When truer words have never been spoken:

When they get bamboozled over their own tail:

When the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:

When you leave for work and they hold it against you:

When they get threatened by their own reflection:

When you see them having the time of their lives:

When they never let you know what their next move is:

When they wake up with a new goal:

When their spirit is stronger than their body:

When they’re small but they have a big attitude:

When he obviously doesn’t want to get out of the pool:

@chiefthegolden But I don’t wanna leave😩….. #fyp #goldenretrieverlife #spoiled #spoiledgoldenretriever #waterobsessed #swimming #summertime ♬ original sound – chiefthegolden

When she’s everything but the girl from Ipanema:

@aresthedoberman HER LEGS 😭 #doberman #dobermanpinscher #dobermans_of_tiktok #dobermanpuppy #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Melon and Finn

When they’re trying to keep it lowkey:

When they’re going through a phase:

@caninecollegemi Replying to @BEEWITCHED 😂 why does it fit so well #smokeyeyesmakeup #kardashian #toosmokeyforeveryday #dalmatian #dalmatiansoftiktok #smokeyeye #dogsoftiktok #doggydaycare ♬ original sound – itgirlproblems

When they let their intrusive thoughts win:

When Dobby looks like he stole the sock from his master:

When they’re so BIG they don’t know how to go down the stairs:

@pubity You HAVE to see his walk down the stairs 😭😭🚨Follow @Pubity for your daily dose of uplifting content 🚨 #Pubity (@collab ♬ original sound – Pubity

When they make their wants known:


Give him the nuggets!

♬ original sound – FJerry

When they’re just straight up crazy:

@danielsaelee Tell me chubby’s crazy without telling me chubby’s crazy😱. fyp #pov #chubby #chihuahua #cute #crazy #toy #wild ♬ original sound – Daniel Saelee

If you just can’t get enough of our weekly roundup, you can check out last week’s batch of posts!

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