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Weekly Roundup: Funny Dog Posts From Last Week (May 13)

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Welcome to the Dogington Post’s “The Weekly Roundup” where we scour the internet for the funniest posts about our furry friends.

To start the year, we present you funny dog posts from May 05 to May 11 that will paws-itively make you through the rest of the week!

If you’re having a ruff day, then these posts will surely have you barking in joy.

“What if I told you I’m a mastermind?”:


When they’re dramatic as hell:

When they eat a bunch of beetles and you have to shame them real quick for it:

When you’re enjoying a meal and they look at you like…:

Good boy + magical lights = perfection:

When they’re the cutest Swiftie:


When the camouflage is too good:

When they levitate:

When you mirror each other:


When the nap is too good:

When you catch them in the middle of composing a song:

When you teach them cool tricks:

When he’s not only a good boy but also a good actor:

When it’s a long day and you see them floating on the pool:

When they get “stuck” in the bathroom:

When a man scares them:

@stevieeeeee8 She hates men like her mommy 😅 #foryou #fyp #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #fypシ ♬ WHY WOULD A MAN BE THERE QUESTION MARK – enyasbleachedbrows

When they tell you to be quiet:

@goodboy_red don’t make me bite you, karen 🙄 #dogsoftiktok #dogs #olddog #germanshepherd #doglover #huskey ♬ original sound – andrea_tamasi

When they get caught red handed:

@kalndvontae puppy love welcome out new fur baby kaylani 🥰🥰💓 #fypp #bigback ♬ Big Back Big Back thecincomedy – thecincomedy

If you just can’t get enough of our weekly roundup, you can check out last week’s batch of posts!

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