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Garbage Men Save Puppy From Being Crushed in Dumpster

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A pair of Waste Management employees are being hailed heroes after discovering a puppy inside a dumpster and saving her from a horrific fate.

Waste Management workers, Ahriel Jones and Daniel Comier had just emptied the first of two dumpsters behind a Speedway gas station in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and were just moments from emptying the second when they noticed something unusual inside.

“I saw a little head pop up out of the second dumpster that we haven’t dumped yet so when I looked over again I noticed it was a puppy dog,” Comier told WWSB.

They immediately stopped the truck from lifting the dumpster and crushing the garbage inside and took a closer look. Inside, peering out of a wire dog crate, was a 6-month old pit bull puppy. She was understandably scared, alone, and tossed into the dumpster like trash.

“I was talking to her and I said you ready for me to get you out of here, would you let me pick you up. I started rubbing her under the chin and the head and she let me pet her,” said Jones.

Comier said that if he had a bigger home and a yard for her to play in, he would have taken her home. “She was a beauty.”

Jones pulled the gray puppy from the dumpster and the pair brought her inside to give her food and water and to call the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department. The puppy was taken to Manatee County Animal Services where she’s doing well and being cared for while an investigation is underway.

There are currently no leads or information about who abandoned the puppy in the dumpster, a misdemeanor crime in Manatee County.

Anyone with information about the dog or the person responsible is urged to contact the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department or Animal Services.

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  1. Avatar Of Kim



    It’s just disgusting what people are capable of anymore..

  2. Avatar Of Jamie



    This should be a felony, not a misdemeanor!

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