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Georgia Deputy Shoots, Kills Family Dog

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A Georgia family is mourning the loss of their beloved senior pitbull after a Twiggs County deputy shot and killed him.

Jesse Jones had just let his dogs outside and into the backyard when the officer showed up. The officer was attempting to deliver a civil suit – at the wrong address. When Jones’ two dogs saw the officer, they came running around the side of the house to greet him.

“They saw the deputy coming around the corner and they went at him as to see who is,” Jones explained to WMAZ News, “Not to attack him, just to see who he was and he pulled his gun and fired off one round.”

A single gunshot killed their beloved dog, Doughboy.

The officer claims that he was in fear for his life when he pulled the trigger. But, Jones says he made a terrible mistake.

“He could have tased him, he could have pepper sprayed him, he could have given my fiance a chance to, you know, say something to him,” said Jena Rhea Paul, Jones’s fiance.

Two years ago, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Responsible Dog Ownership Act. The Act gives people the right to kill dangerous dogs to protect themselves, their property or other people. Though Jones asserts that his dog was not dangerous or aggressive, he admits that he should have been on a leash or behind a fence.

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  1. Avatar Of Cheryl Eitnier

    Cheryl Eitnier


    I think officers should be a little less aggressive. Like this article suggested, a taser or pepper spray could have been used on a dog. I also feel that a less lethal shot at a human, and one shot instead of 13 or whatever.

  2. Avatar Of Rita Rita says:

    I think the deputy went to far. Seems like every time you turn around anymore there is a cop that has done something wrong. They are not like they use to be at all….If it was my dog, you would never hear the end of me….And somebody better be getting me another one. That was uncalled for with that deputy.

  3. Avatar Of Patsy Garretty

    Patsy Garretty


    I’m a strong, second amendment supporting conservative and almost ALWAYS on the side of law enforcement….but this officer is too stupid, slack-jawed, and cowardly to carry a badge, much less a firearm! I hope he is fired and sued.

  4. Avatar Of Debbie S

    Debbie S


    That is a crock of $hit … that dog was no danger. The deputy was way out of line and he needs to be prosecuted for animal abuse. I am sick of them saying that they are afraid for their life. Ridiculous. This has to stop!

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