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German Shepherd Dragged Behind Wheelchair to be Adopted to New Family

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Last week, a viral video recording of a man dragging a limp, struggling German Shepherd behind his motorized wheelchair prompted an investigation that ultimately led to the man’s arrest and a new home for the dog.

Mission, Texas resident Melissa Torrez saw the man dragging a struggling German Shepherd by a leash around her neck through the neighborhood and stopped to confront him. 

When the man refused to stop, Torrez began recording video. In addition to posting the video to Facebook, she – along with hundreds of concerned animal lovers that saw the video – contacted Mission Police. Torrez says the man dragged the dog for at least two blocks.

Following the release of the video, Mission Police located the dog’s owner, 59-year-old Mario Cardona, and arrested him on animal cruelty charges. The dog, named G2, was removed from the Cardona residence and placed in the care of Mission Animal Control.

At a court hearing, Municipal Court Judge Horacio Pena Jr. ruled that G2 would be made available for adoption. During the hearing, Cardona’s wife Rosa Maria Cardona, testified that she was the sole owner of the dog and was not aware her husband had taken her outside of the home. She said her husband suffered from depression and PTSD.

Mission Animal Control testified that G2 was underweight, that her ribs were showing and she was “very skinny,” to which Rosa Maria explained the family’s three other dogs were stealing her food. The dog has also not been vaccinated because, Mrs. Cardona testified, they cannot afford it.

Cardona is being held in Hidalgo County Jail on $10,000 bond. At this time, the three remaining dogs in the home are still in Mrs. Cardona’s care. Mission Animal Control is keeping G2’s adopter private and did not say if she will remain in the area.

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  1. Avatar Of Barbara Vance

    Barbara Vance


    I really will never understand some people! Poor dog! Thank God for Torrez! People like this should be banned from owning pets if they are caught abusing them. The big question is…what condition are the other THREE DOGS in??? If you can’t afford to give them the care they need, Don’t keep getting pets. The wife claims the other 3 were stealing G2’s food. So she was well aware. Why not feed her separate? I’m glad she’s being looked after.

  2. Avatar Of Janet Busvek Janet Busvek says:

    I have been following this story and am so very happy this dog was removed from the home and is now in a good home. BUT why are the other dogs still in the home if she can't afford to feed them properly or get vet care???? A dog comes with responsibility and that means you must be able to care for them properly. Please reconsider removing the other dogs also for their benefit. Thank you for aiding this dog and the Judge Pena for holding him responsible for his actions.

  3. Avatar Of Sb4Canines



    I agree, all the animals in this house should be taken from this woman; she is just as useless as he is. There are low-cost spay/neuter/vaccination clinics in almost every town. No excuse is valid for this neglect and cruelty.

  4. Avatar Of Robin



    How about hooking that fat bastard up to a car by his neck and dragging him for several blocks? I'll volunteer. No one in the home should have animals.

  5. Avatar Of Toni



    I can't bring myself to watch the video the picture is enough and the look on the poor dogs face breaks my heart! No excuse for what he did to this poor dog. I agree with others they should not be allowed to own any animals for the rest of their lives. So happy this dog will get a loving home! The penalties for behavior like this need to be a lot harsher to get people to understand this abuse will not be tolerated! As for what I think should happen the man driving the scooter I will keep that to myself!

  6. Avatar Of Marilyn Kruse

    Marilyn Kruse


    The other) animals in that home need to be taken IMMEDIATELY!!!! NO ONE in that house should be allowed to have another animal, EVER!!!!!

  7. Avatar Of Shannon



    In cases of abuse, and obvious neglect (under weight, malnourished, no vaccinations) they shouldn't be allowed to keep the other dogs either. It's absurd to think all others are getting the correct care and treatment and only one was being neglected!

  8. Avatar Of Vicki



    They are not fit to have ANY animals. Throw the book at fat bastard.

  9. Avatar Of Kathy Spandle

    Kathy Spandle


    Thank the Lord for the Good Samaritan who reported the abuse of this poor dog. So happy to hear he will have a loving and caring home.

  10. Avatar Of Rieann



    Really the dog is underweight NO shots prob not spay/neutered altho it doen't say, and they let THEM KEEP ANOTHER 3 DOGS where they checked on? are they not being fed vet checked and so on prob NOT i don't care what is wrong with this piece of shit hope he rots and the wife well she is another one

  11. Avatar Of Paula



    I don't care if this man has PTSD or not, you don't do this to God's Crestures. I hope they throw the book @ him, w/c or no w/c,and praying the other dogs get out of there… Thank you for giving this sweet, loving soul a home full of love.. You are a beautiful, loving person, God Bless you both… I also know there are places that do free spay/nuder,many homeless have dogs, so the places are there…

  12. Avatar Of Heidi Baldwin Tucker

    heidi baldwin tucker


    I own 2 GSD and as far as I am concerned these folks should never ever have another animal no excuse for the thinness or no vaccinations

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