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German Shepherd Summoned for Jury Duty

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While many of us already view our dogs as members of the family, a Bridgeton, New Jersey courthouse has summoned a dog to be a member of the jury!

When Barrett Griner received the dreaded jury summons last Friday, he was shocked to find the summons addressed, not to him, but to his 5-year old German Shepherd IV (pronounced “Ivy”).

Truth is, it was more coincidence than government glitch. Griner’s full name is Barrett Griner IV, that’s why Griner chose the unique spelling of his dog’s name. The Cumberland County computer-generated jury selection system simply misplaced the IV at the end of his name, printing it as his first name – making it appear that the dog was the one being summoned.

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  1. Avatar Of Linda



    Better than many humans!

  2. Avatar Of Wendy



    I hope he is chosen for an animal abuse case!!!!!….

  3. Avatar Of Wendy Hinton wendy hinton says:

    In Canada, we actually received an application to fill out to see if we qualify for Jury Service. That way, if you are exempt or have served in the past 3 years or have a serious health issue that your Dr would agree would hamper your ability to serve….then your name is not put on an eligible roll for the following year. It seems to work for us.

  4. I’m sure IV could do a good job

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