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German Short-Haired Pointer

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The German Short-haired Pointer, also called as GSP, is a widely held breed of gun dog that originated in Germany. The breed belongs to the Sporting dog family which is remarkable for their pleasant, well-rounded nature. GSPs are versatile and all-purpose dogs that have been bred for hunting. Their double coat is smooth and dense underneath. It comes in numerous colors such as liver, and a combination of liver and white.

Height and Weight

Male GSPs normally stand about 23 to 25 in height measured at the withers, and weigh around 55 to 70 lbs. Bitches tend to be smaller with an approximate height of 21 to 23 in at the withers, and a weight of about 45 to 60 lbs.



The German Short-haired Pointer breed is one of the most energetic kinds of dog. They are clever, protective, willing to obey, eager to please, and extremely fond of their family owners. They love to engage themselves to several constructive activities with their masters such as jog, long walks, hunt, hike, or even a Frisbee game. Nonetheless, the breed is generally unsuitable for kennel-living. GSPs are spirited, friendly, and faithful. They tend to relate very well with children. Because of their excessive energy reserves, the breed requires plenty of daily exercise. They are considered to be best fitted for active families.

In addition, GSPs need a master who can display a natural air of leadership and authority. The breed generally craves for order and structure in their life. Lack of which can result to the pet becoming destructive and tensed. Nevertheless, German Short-haired Pointers are typically well-adjusted and stable-minded. They get along well with other dogs and animals especially when they get to receive ample mental and physical stimulation. GSPs socialize well, though may bark a lot and become aloof around strangers.


The members of the German Short-haired Pointer breed are commonly easy to groom. They are average shedders, and their short hair only requires regular brushing. Bathing also needs to be done only when necessary. To leave their coat gleaming, use a rub paired with a toweling piece or chamois. Dry the GSP pet thoroughly right after hunting to keep them from chilling. Examine their ears on a regular basis.

Health Concerns

GSPs are typically a healthy breed. Nonetheless, like any other breed of dog, GSPs are also prone to a few health problems. These include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, lymphedema, and hermaphrodism. Other minor conditions include CHD, gastric torsion, entropion, VWD, OCD, and pannus. With proper diet and exercise, the breed, however, can live for as long as 14 to 16 years.

Best Environment

German Short-haired Pointers are generally not suitable for apartment-living. They best thrive in spacious yards, with active and athletic family owners. Although the breed is usually the indoor-type, they are capable of tolerating life outdoors during a mild climate. In addition, GSPs need a lot of vigorous exercise. Because they are tireless, energetic dogs, they have to be taken on daily, brisk, long walks, jogs, or runs. To keep them from becoming restless and destructive, they should never be under-exercised.

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