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Get Great Pictures Of Your Dog

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What dog owner can resist taking pictures of their pooch? I am amazed at the number of people who post pictures of their dogs on social media sites. Many even use a picture of their dog as their primary picture! But just any old photo is easy to take. What we all search for are those great pictures of your dog that catch our pooch in a hilarious act or pose. Below are a few ideas to help you snap the perfect doggy photo so you too can show off Rover like everyone else.

Patience and being ready at all times are the two ingredients for snapping great pictures of your dog. Well, you can add in to this equation a camera of course! As most people carry cell phones with integrated cameras, having the ability to grab the phone and take a picture is second nature for most people. This capability now allows for the taking of many pictures and deleting those not worthy of showing off our dog.

One of the initial things we need to do is show the camera to the dog so they become ok with having this unknown object around them and pointed at them. Then take time as you shoot pictures of other scenes for the dog to become use to the sound of the camera. Depending on if you are using a 35 millimeter camera with the accompanying sounds of shutters and lens being spun in and out, or if you are using a camera on a smartphone, the level of sounds will be different.

To take natural pictures of the dog, he or she must not change their poses, or other activities you want to capture when they hear the sounds of your camera. Give the dog time to learn the camera in your hands is nothing to be alarmed about. This training process also applies to the flash if you use one.

For more formal shots have the back ground set-up in advance. Now spend time with the dog playing a vigorous game of fetch so the dog is well exercised and relaxed.

Touch up the dogs coat with a brushing and then have the dog sit, lie down, or stand in front of the back drop and snap away. You may want to have an assistant sit with the dog to get the perfect pose. The helper can then be edited out of the photo later.

Try these simple tips for great pictures of your dog!

Is your dog the subject of many photos you take? Please add your stories in the space below.

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    get down on their level.. if shooting a black dog misting its face lightly with water and having back lights helps bring out their expression but do this afterr getting them use to it.. teach a reliable stay. have a ‘q’ word that makes them look at you (that is why a stay is important) with ears up/etc

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