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Olympic Gold Medalist’s Dog Watched Her Boxing Match From Kennel TV

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If there’s anything more inspiring and, well, just plain awesome than an Olympic gold medal winning female boxer, it’s one that is absolutely in love with her dog!

Olympic boxer, Nicola Adams and her Doberman, Dexter. Photo courtesy Nicola Adams.

Just days after 2-time Olympic medalist Andy Murray showed the world his two Border Terriers sporting the gold and silver medals around their necks, we got word that British boxer and Olympic gold medal winner, Nicola Adams, made certain her Doberman puppy Dexter could watch her fight for the gold during the Olympic games.

The Telegraph reported that Adams paid the MyPetstop boarding kennel that is caring for 10-month old Dexter, a premium to be certain her prized pooch could watch her bout in the 2012 Olympics, over 200 miles away.

Dexter was extremely excitable for the first three rounds but, as the fourth round developed he stopped and watched his mistress on his kennel TV, pawing at the glass separating him from the screen.

Sheli Dobbie, manager at Mypetstop, said, “All our TVs are secured in a safe compartment within our boarding apartments and it’s not uncommon for some of our customers to request a TV for their pet.”

However, this is the first time a dog watched their owner on tv- especially in the Olympics! Even more exciting (both for Dexter and for the entire staff at Mypetstop) was when Adams became the first woman to win a gold medal in the Olympic flyweight boxing event, an event new to the Olympics.

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