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Good Habits We Should Learn From Our Dogs

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Have you ever considered whether there are any good habits we should learn from our dogs? You might wonder how a dog can be a good example and a role model for humans. When we think of dogs, we normally think of drooling and licking and scratching. But that is not the point – they are also loyal companions and by their nature live a healthy lifestyle. They are very eager about life and enjoy the world outdoors. Here are some things that dogs do that we should also do to live a healthy lifestyle.

Good Habits We Should Learn From Our Dogs

Dogs by nature only eat enough to survive. This is similar to getting a proper diet which is not too heavy or light for someone. Dogs are usually only fed the types of foods they need – this is something we should practice, especially for older people who are more prone to cholesterol and blood sugar-related diseases. We should be like them, only serving or being served what we can eat, and not too much or too little.

Dogs easily forgive people or animals that hurt them. When you accidentally step on a dog’s tail, or have done any kind of physical injury or damage to him, he will easily forgive you, much faster than humans forgive. Dogs do not usually hold grudges, unless it’s “the Momma Dog” and it’s related to her offspring or territory.

Dogs sleep when they’re tired. This is a good example for all of us, who sometimes neglect sleeping and still do things. Our bodies need the proper rest, and dogs are the same. The difference is: when dogs are tired, they just go to bed and get their sleep, unlike us humans who too often push past what should be our limits.

Some other good habits that dogs have are listed in this Wiki.Answers.com article:

They have some very good habits that can benefit us all.

…they have a habit of doing what they are taught if you teach them patiently.

…they tend to be loving and caring towards their master if loved and cared for by their master.

…they bark and watch attentively if a stranger or preditor enters onto the dog’s master’s property.


Dogs love to exercise frequently. This includes outdoor fun activities and any other physical activity that your dog loves to do each day. Don’t believe it? Was there ever a time where your dog refused to take a walk, or play “fetch” or frisbee? Mine never have.

Many adults nowadays seem to forget the advantages and benefits of daily exercise, especially people who are in offices and non-physical or clerical work. Without proper physical activity, human and dog health will deteriorate, and can even lead to serious health problems. This is why we should copy our dog when they do physical activities. Walking or running with your dog is a good and simple way. Or if you prefer other sports like swimming, hiking, biking, or even going to the gym, you’ll find you can include your dog in most of these activities.

If you did before reading this, do you now have any doubts that there are several good habits we should learn from our dogs?

There are no doubt many more that I haven’t thought of. If you think of some, please share them with us below.

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  1. Avatar Of Georgia



    One thing that dogs do so very well is that they live in the moment. They are seemingly not concerned with what happened yesterday as they focus on a frisbee’s flight. They can sit quietly and watch a sunset – focused on the sky. Dogs are present, in the now. They enjoy what is right in front of them, what they are doing, who they are with at that very moment.

  2. Avatar Of Maria K



    I have a 4 year old female rottie that holds grudges lol.

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