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GOOD NEWS: Banned Service Dog Returned!

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It’s always a joy to report good news. That’s why we’re excited to learn an awesome update to our article last week where we reported that an Iowa pit bull ban separated a disabled man from his service dog. In this update from Kathleen Serino of Eastern Iowa News Now, we learn that the banned service dog will be returned to his owner, where he rightfully belongs.

GOOD NEWS: Banned Service Dog Returned!

SIOUX CITY – The disabled retired police officer who was separated from his service dog, banned from a Northwest Iowa town for being part pit bull, is to be returned Wednesday.

According to a news release, the Northern Iowa District Court granted the motion for preliminary injunction for the immediate return of Snickers, Jim Sak’s service dog who was asked by a group of Aurelia residents to be removed from city limits due to the city’s pit bull ordinance.

During the two-hour hearing, U.S. District Judge Mark Bennett ruled Snickers was an exception to the citywide ban because Sak disability has him in a wheelchair and he depends on the service dog, who is certified under the National Service Animal Registry, for “safety, mobility, and independence,” according to the release.

According to Kim Wolf, Animal Farm Foundation community engagement specialist, the animal is to be returned to Sak’s residence later this afternoon.

While it’s just a small step in the right direction for fans and friends of pit bulls, we’re elated that this service dog was returned home to continue his service and companionship to Jim Sak. You can read the rest of Kathleen Serino’s article here. And, tell us – where do you stand in the subject of breed-specific bans, especially pit bulls?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Del Smith

    Del Smith


    Thank god that this Hero had his service animal returned.

    This is why I believe Breed Specific Legislation is unconstitutional. It causes those of us who have owned or presently own a pit bull or similar breeds to give up our beloved pets because of the actions of criminals who, through there actions, give Pit Bulls a bad name.

    Officer Saks, I do hope you continue to have a wonderful and happy life with Snickers. You are a fellow owner who I can look up to when I do get ready to purchase my next Pit Bull.

    LDS, II

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