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The Graceful Gentle English Setter

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The English setter is one of the most graceful and gentle of dog breeds. One of the three main Setter types, they originated (of course) from England, and the breed is most likely a result of mixing of various dog breeds, probably hunting breeds and spaniels. The English setter today is known for having slender bodies, long tails and fringed coats that come in a variety of colors such as dash of lemon, liver, black or red, on a white fur.

The usual height of English Setters is: 25 inches for males and 24 inches for females. Males weigh about 60 to 70 pounds while females weigh at about 45 to 55 pounds. They have a long and rectangular muzzle along with their graceful body and appearance. They also have a long neck and have a flat coat around the ears, back of the legs, and chest. English setters may also have large patches of colors around their faces, eyes, and ears. This pattern of markings is known as Belton, which was named after a town in England. Different English setters have different Belton patterns; some have orange, some have blue, and some even have three colors, making them tricolor dogs.

As for overall temperament, English setters are generally graceful, gentle and full of affection towards people. They are also known to be quite friendly dogs. Being a medium-to-large sized dog, they are meant to be kept as family companions, despite the fact that they had been once used as hunting dogs. English setters have good socialization skills and can deal well with random strangers. They are also good towards kids, obedient to commands, and have tons of sporting energy to play with their owners and their children. Therefore, the English setter is a good choice for those families and people who are just beginning dog ownership because of the breed’s ease of training.

For grooming, a norm of twice a week should do it. As with other dogs, the English setter also sheds a bit, so proper grooming is important to keep his coat healthy and mat-free. You can also adjust this schedule depending on how much time your dog spends outside of your house, and especially if your dog loves going outside into the natural world, getting dirty and getting into different adventures. Use a dog conditioner over his coat to keep it looking shiny and healthy, and to keep it from getting dry and coarse. Use a bristle brush for brushing his body coat. The “feathering hair” can be combed using a wide-toothed comb, followed by a narrow-toothed comb, to make sure his coat does not get damaged. Show dogs may be required to be clipped or trimmed. The hair on the feet also needs to be trimmed to avoid mats and tangles, as well as to prevent any skin infections or irritations.

The English Setter is a generally healthy breed, but some of them can develop joint dysplasia, deafness, or hypothyroidism. When checking out breeders, ask about the health history of the bloodline of any pup or dog that catches your interest.

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