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Grammy Winner Cancels Tour to Be With Dying Dog

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In her tearjerking letter to fans, scanned and posted to her Facebook page, Apple describes the wonderful life she’s had with her 14-year old pit bull, Janet. It’s clear that Janet is the love of her life and, sadly, is in her last stages of life.

Janet started life as a bait dog for dogfights. When Apple adopted the puppy, she had been found tied up in Echo Park, a rope around her neck, and bites around her face and ears. But despite rough beginnings, Apple says Janet is a pacifist. She’s never bitten, started a fight, or even growled – just been there for the singer every single time she needed her.

Janet is suffering from Addison’s Disease and has a large tumor growing in her chest. When Apple returned home from the last leg of her U.S. tour, she says things were different. “She doesn’t even want to go for walks anymore,” Apple explained.

In a moment heartbreaking to any dog lover, the singer explains, “I just can’t leave her now, please understand. If I go away again, I’m afraid she’ll die and I won’t have the honor of singing her to sleep, of escorting her out.”

The letter ends, “So I am staying home, and I am listening to her snore and wheeze, and reveling in the swampiest, most awful breath that ever emanated from an angel. And I am asking for your blessing.”

We, the dog parents, owners, and lovers around the country, send our love and prayers – and blessing – to Fiona and Janet during this, the most trying time of any dog owner’s life.

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  1. Avatar Of Rowann Gilman

    Rowann Gilman


    You are singing the sweetest song of life.

  2. Avatar Of Jennifer



    May God be with you both in this time of pain and sorrow. To some they are just animals to those of us that know better they are our furchildren. I wish more people would be like you and understand what is more important. when a family member, friend or loved one is in need its our place to be there and show them they are loved. Much respect to you. Give her as much love as you can and when the time comes know that yall will meet again on the golden streets above. God bless you and your lil one. We love you both.

  3. You are to be commended and your Janet needs you now. It is the hardest thing to let go of a pet. I’ve lost several and still cry over them. Each time I said I can’t get that attached again. It hurts too much and now I sit here surrounded by six wonderful chihuahuas with my little Abbott being the patriarch and I look at his 8 year old white face and my heart skips a beat every time our eyes meet because I know he is telling me he loves me and he knows how much he means to me. I dread the day I have to say goodbye to him…just the thought of it is making me weep. God will bless you for loving one of His creatures and I hope every moment you and Janet are together is perfect and gentle and when the time comes she can just slip away knowing love.

  4. Avatar Of Toni Rowlan Toni Rowlan says:

    Ms. Apple your letter was wonderful indeed and so is your love and dedication to your loving companion of many years, you brought love and happiness into Janet’s sad lonely pain ridden life as she’s brought such joy into yours God bless you for being there for her last breath knowing your there with her. Your amazing. I have a Boxer/Lab named Julie she’s 13 years old and I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old and she’s my life, Julie’s got Cushings Disease and I’m not leaving her side I get told that I worry to much but I love her and she’s been with me through it all, I’ve been trying to find her a young friend of the same breed because she so enjoyed a 3 month old pit/boxer pup, she’s a natural mom and when my grandson brought his pup over she was so full of life and so happy it made me smile. I’d not tried to find her a friend because I felt I’d be betraying her but ???? I do know I’ll never leave her..

  5. Avatar Of Brenda



    I, like most of the people showing support here, have gone through the absolute heartbreak of losing a devoted, beloved friend…a tough time in your life to be sure. It is obvious how you feel about Janet, and that tells me that you are the world to her as well. You being there will ease anxiety and I hope you will find comfort in knowing how much more comfortable you are making her final days. I still have my moments, but I feel I honor my good boy when I remember him with a smile, instead of tears. But it’s okay to be sad, too. You wouldn’t feel the sad if you didn’t feel the love.

  6. Avatar Of Tt



    may the Lord continue to bless and your baby i do understand i have been thru thick and thin with my own baby i pray her transition is painless and easy and that your transition is quick and easy and without pain may your pain become the joy of just having a wonderful dog in your life!

  7. Avatar Of Teresa Williams

    Teresa Williams


    I understand how you feel. May God Bless You And Your Sweet Baby

  8. Avatar Of Oldwoman oldwoman says:

    I had a precious dog Zelda that had Addisons. What an awful disease. My thoughts are with you and Janet.

  9. Avatar Of Birgit Worman

    Birgit Worman


    My thoughts & prayers go out to you & Janet. It is so painful to go through this. I pray for your guardian angels to guide you both through this with peace & love.

  10. Avatar Of Roberta Dawson

    Roberta Dawson


    My thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time. It is very painful to lose one’s loving friend who is so much a part of the family.

  11. Avatar Of Johnqpublic



    Ms. Apple, I want to commend you for having your priorities in line. I don’t know why, but I’m a little surprised, I guess I would think many celebs would leave and go on tour, instead of worrying about a dog. But, to many of us, Dogs aren’t just dogs are they? They are family and we treat them that way. They hold a very firm grip on a special place in our heart, and when they pass, they tear that place free and it becomes an empty hole that aches and yearns for their company again. After time that ache subsides a little, as we learn to live with the memories of our old friend, in time we may find a new companion to take in, not to replace anyone, but to join our family. As for our heart, our new friend doesn’t fill the old hole either; our hearts just get bigger in order to love our new addition, and that new growth eventually closes that old hole. Good luck with Janet, I hope you have some special times together. I’ve been through this many times and it never gets any easier. I’m a 60-year-old man and I still bawl my eyes out each and every time. I must have so many scars on my heart from this… I’m lucky it still beats. I keep saying I can’t put myself through this any more, no more dogs, my heart can’t take it, but each time, I end up with yet another little creature in my home, firmly entrenched in my heart. It’s not my fault, really, it isn’t.

    • You sound like you have a heart of gold. I am the same way. I’ll go without eating to feed a hungry critter. I’ll take in any and all and love them with my whole being. When I have had to say goodbye the pain was gut-wrenching. I always try to protect myself with the next critter..telling myself..”you’re just gonna feed it, bath it, play with it…don’t fall in love” I am an epic failure in that regard. I am not a complete person unless I have animals around me..that is if there is enough room on the couch for me to sit with them.

  12. Avatar Of Renee



    so sorry to hear about janet. i would do the exact same for my fur babies. we wish you all the best and for anyone who doesn’t understand, too bad! they are truly the light of your life and having gone through it myself, my heart goes out to you and your precious pup!

  13. Avatar Of Christy



    So sorry to hear about your dog my thoughts are with you at this time.
    You are an awesome artist your music has always touched me deeply.
    God bless you at this thanksgiving holiday ♥

  14. Avatar Of Lenora King Lenora KIng says:

    I commend you Ms. Apple. I had to let go of my Ashley in August and in my 60 some years, I’ve not experienced that type of pain. We loved her so. We were just laughing/tearing up at the thought that we could again put candy canes on the christmas tree. our 1st w/o her. God bless and enable you to keep your wonderful memories of Janet.

  15. Avatar Of Cheryl



    Knowing that you’ll be by her side will make both of you feel better about the situation. I will have to be doing the same thing in the near future for my beloved Chihuahua. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I have had to do 3 of my rescued dogs, and it’s not any easy task.

  16. Avatar Of Jeanie



    You are right where you should be, by your precious baby’s side. Don’t even think about anything else, nothing is as important. Janet needs you now, more than ever. Nothing will be more comforting to her than having her mommy hold her and love her till her last breath. I pray that she doesn’t suffer too much and when the end comes she will quietly slip away. Please know how sorry I am for the pain and grief you are going through now. All of us that cherish our furbabies dread the inevitable last stages of their lives. I have been there before and will again. In time, the pain of your loss will ease but you’ll always have a heart full of memories of your lifetime together.

  17. Avatar Of Lori Lori says:

    My heart breaks for you. Your choice to stay with Janet rather than tour is amazing and so human.
    You are a super talented woman with a wonderful heart. My prayers are with you and your love. I know your pain. I lost my 11 year old Basset hound Chloe on April 7th. She had Lymphoma. We stayed by her and she passed peacefully in our home. Much love and healing to you.

  18. Avatar Of Seppel



    I have had to put each one of my dogs down. It (was) is the hardest decision to do. I understand totally about how you feel and I too have a GSD named Sadie that is fast approaching that Rainbow Bridge. I know that sometime soon, she will look into my eyes and let me know that ‘today’ is the day to end the suffering so she can run and play with with my other dogs over that bridge. It’s horribly sad, but we were never supposed to out-live our animals. We are the treat our animals with love and when they pass, we are supposed to get another one and treat that one with love. I’m sorry for your pain, but know that Janet will run and play again!

  19. Avatar Of Cathi Cates Cathi Cates says:

    I, too had to help my precious Angel Morgan cross over to that wonderful Rainbow Bridge last year. I still cry whenever I think about her and visit her grave in the woods on our property.

    God Bless Fiona and Janet.

  20. Avatar Of Vonna Stephens

    Vonna Stephens


    I have 4 puppies and although they say dogs are property we all know better. They are family. I have had dogs my whole life. Some died naturally.Some I had to help. A couple were taken and a lot were found and rescued. They have helped me through the hard times and I would never leave them. Hats off to Fiona.

  21. Avatar Of Katrina



    OMG how awesome is that what a heart you have Fiona, i have two rescue dogs one a pit bull an life without them both would be so different.. You and Janet are in my prayers God bless both of you!

  22. Avatar Of Mary Ostroski

    Mary ostroski


    My dog suffered the same. Tumor in his chest so i know what your going thru. I rescued Buddy as a starving 6 month old puppy and had him 12 yrs till i had to help him cross over the bridge. ;( he was my SOUL dog. God bless you!!

  23. bless them both..i would do the same for my beautiful sadie,whom i love so much

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