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Groomer Charged with Cruelty After Employee Secretly Records Video

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Last May, a former employee at “The Fuzzy Butt Stops Here” dog grooming salon in Williamsburg, Virginia secretly recorded video of her boss, Mironda Henning, an owner of the salon, abusing a client’s dog. That video eventually led to animal abuse charges against Henning.

Court documents confirm what can be seen in the video below. Henning jerked and flipped around a white cockapoo named Gidget. The shop owner was arrested in July and charged with animal cruelty. In August, she was found guilty and charged with a misdemeanor. She was forced to pay a $1,000 fine.

Now, months later, the video has been posted to social media and is quickly going viral.

Although Henning was arrested and charged, and current shop employees say she is no longer grooming dogs at the salon, she is still an owner.

A group of animal lovers who believe Henning’s punishment was not sufficient, and who believe she should no longer be allowed to own a business that works with animals, have planned a protest outside of the salon on Tuesday.

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  1. Avatar Of Lc lC says:

    Deplorable! I cannot even bring myself to watch this.
    Certain people decided to use their human power over the world to tame animals for their own selfish benefit. It can almost be compared to slavery.

  2. Avatar Of Cheryl Parr Cheryl Parr says:

    I can not finish watching this . As a groomer for 30 years and an Owner for 25 , I feel like vomiting .!!
    Anyone that was in this salon and allowed this to happen, should be charged. !
    How could this girl video it and not stop her and save that poor dog from abuse. ?

  3. Avatar Of Leigh Leigh says:

    I cannot begin to imagine the level of cruelty this groomer has done. The owner should be penalized justly.

  4. Avatar Of Sherry



    I wish I lived in the area! What a witch!!!!!!!! The cruelty she inflicted on this poor dog is insane. She should not be allowed to be any where near an animal. She should have her license revoked and serve jail time. She was just ripping that comb through that poor dog’s hair and swinging it around without any regard to the pain it was causing. And even though it was restrained from the back end, it was cowering with it’s head on the table. I am just furious with rage at this woman. I am in tears because of what this poor innocent baby went through.

  5. She should go to jail and Not be allowed to own a salon

  6. Avatar Of Ter



    I have to confess, I can not watch this whole video,let alone listen to it … but I can say this …if I was videoing this happening, I would have put the camera down and saved that poor dog. This is insane …. she should NEVER be allowed to even BE around animals at all! That poor dog is probably so traumatized now that it will probably be scared to death to go to a groomer. I have a standard poodle and if I knew my groomer was doing this to her, they’d be in jail. But at the same time, if you’re tuned in to your dog, they will let you know they don’t like going to a place they don’t like.
    This is so sad :`(
    Her fine was no where near enough!

  7. Avatar Of Ghost



    This video is poor quality. It doesn’t clearly show most of what she was doing.

  8. Avatar Of Donna Sadler

    Donna Sadler


    She should not ever be allowed any animal!!! Why U gona own a animal business n abuse animals thays crazy!! Shut her down!!!! Send her to jail!!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar Of Starla



    hope she dies today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avatar Of Shirley Cross

    shirley cross


    Fucking cruel bitch. Keep her away from any poor animal. They are not safe where she is

  11. Avatar Of Caroline



    As long as she doesn’t groom let her own the place.

  12. That bitch should never be able to have any contact with any animal ever . License takin away . That been my dog that bitch would be in the hospital with a broken neck and jaw

  13. Avatar Of Marilyn



    OMG what the hell is wrong with the groomer.. that poor dog was barking as well.. was he hurt? This is terrible and the owner should be banned from owning anything to do with animals.. Horrific to watch the way she was swinging the dog off the ground.. Our groomer is TRAINED and our dog loves her as we do.. I would boycott ever going to her again!!! Fine her she deserves to pay for the abuse to the dog!

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