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Grooming Tips For a Happy Pooch

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There are many reasons why keeping your dog well groomed is a good idea. First among these is the dog will feel better if he or she does not look like a shaggy wild thing covered in matted hair, and full of fleas and ticks., And, can walk or run easily because their toe nails are trimmed. The great thing about keeping your dog looking great is this is something the owner can easily do, or have a groomer perform for a modest amount of money. For our dog grooming tips for a happy pooch we will go over the simple things you can do at home to keep Bella looking great and feeling good.

Canines will do a fair amount of keeping themselves groomed. This is accomplished by licking, scratching, and shaking but this only goes so far. Now is when we need to step in and take over.

First on the list of our dog grooming tips for a happy pooch covers brushing your dog daily. This is especially important for long hair dogs that often end up with matted hair. Regular brushing of the fur will prevent the buildup of clumps of matted hair. These matted areas are bothersome to the dog, and if the dog can get to the spot they will scratch it to the point of pulling the hair out, or causing sores.

If this happens, we now have bleeding skin and open abrasions which are perfect for infection and invasion by tick, flea, and mite larva.

While brushing, look for fleas and ticks. If there are a lot, then a flea dip may be called for. You can also shampoo the dog with flea/tick shampoo and then treat with a topical medication to prevent further problems.

Clip the toenails and don’t forget to also clip the dew claws. A dog with long nails cannot walk or run properly because they are basically making ground contact with their long toenails. This will lead to joint and foot problems if left in this condition.

Just like humans, our dogs need their teeth brushed daily. Use toothpaste formulated for dogs that thoroughly cleans his teeth and gums. Use toothbrushes made for dogs teeth. These special brushes, along with the toothpaste, are available at pet supply stores.

In general, don’t use human toothpaste – some of them have ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Clean the ears with cotton balls slightly damped with lukewarm water and then dry. Once the ears have been cleaned and dried, apply ear mite medication if you see signs of dark smelly dirt on the cotton balls.

Try our simple dog grooming tips for a happy pooch and rest easy as you know your loved doggy is feeling good!

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1 Comment

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