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Grooming Tips For Your Golden Retriever

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Do you own a Golden Retriever or are you planning to get one? Then this article with grooming tips for your Golden Retriever is for you. The Golden is an excellent breed that is a perfect hunting partner. Not only that, but they have an exquisite appearance, are great with children, and make an excellent family member.

But because they are a double-coated breed, grooming activities need some effort and extra time, as well as extra care being needed to clean up the house from dog dander. The reason for their double coat is to be their shield for any kind of weather. In the winter season, the coat grows so your dog gets protection from the cold. While in the summer season, the fur sheds because it is no longer needed, and this is where he starts to cool off and you start to clean up the mess. Tools you can use for grooming your Golden Retriever are a bristle brush and an undercoat rake. With some regular brushing, you will not only reduce shedding but also reduce the mess he leaves behind in your house.

If you feel somewhat unsure of yourself in this area, there’s a really easy way to pick up the techniques of those who are “pro’s” at doing it. Go to a nearby dog show and watch one or more owners of Goldens prepping the dog for the show. Compliment them on how beautiful the dog is, & ask if they mind your watching so you can learn how to groom yours. I’ll bet they’ll be happy for you to watch.

As for bathing, just give him regular baths because his coat does not get damaged through constant bathing. Choose a good shampoo that is of high quality for your dog. But you might need to consult your vet in case your buddy has some skin issues.

Clipping your dog’s nails should also be done regularly, to help him be comfortable with his legs and run around freely. Having short nails also represents cleanliness in your dog. Snip your dog’s nail tips regularly with dog nail clippers, but do it gently as you would on a child. Dogs with clearer nails are easier to deal with, because it is easier to see the quick. But just in case of accidentally cutting into the quick, there should be a styptic powder next to you, to stop the bleeding. Remember to not cut too close. A weekly trim should be a good practice.

Do not shave your Golden Retriever, because their coat is really designed for protection against bad weather, and was intended to be kept that way. The only ideal parts of your dog to groom are the tail, inside the ears, on the ears, and the feet. Trim the excess hair around the pads using a pair of ordinary grooming shears. Think of a cat’s paw and how it is trimmed.

Ear hair should also be groomed, both inside and out. Inside ear hair can be trimmed using regular grooming shears and thinning shears. The hair outside the ears should also be trimmed and kept neat. There are many good shear products in the market such as Millers Forge Gold Line Thinning Shears and the Styling and Thinning Shears made by Micro Surgical, which can be a bit expensive but very professional, made for groomers. Aside from the hair, the ears should also be delicately cleaned using an ear cleaning solution.

When it comes to the tail, you should groom and twist it carefully like a fan, because it was meant to be that way. There are many websites and blogs out there that teach more on Golden Retriever grooming and care, but these are the basics.

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