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Guest Post: “Purina’s Beneful Poisoned My Dogs”

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by Caroline Ashford

This week I spoke with a man who alleges that his dog nearly died from the food he was feeding. He told me the story of what happened to him, and provided two videos; one that shows his dog while being fed Purina’s Beneful dry dog food, and another video taken after they stopped feeding this product. Video links are at the end of this article.

Xena And Biggy

Mike Felician and his wife own a 4.5 year old Westy/Maltese mix named Xena, and a 2.5 year old Minpin/Chihuahua mix named Biggy. He fondly calls them his babies. He said that he and his wife have baby-proofed their home so there is nothing in the environment that would be harmful for their dogs to get into.

Mike was laid off work. His wife is disabled and they were struggling financially. At the end of January 2014 he purchased a 15-pound bag of Purina Beneful Incredibites to replace the more expensive food he had been feeding because he needed to save money, and the cover of the dog food bag showed what looked like healthy food with pictures of rice, beef and fresh vegetables.

When his little Xena became sick, he thought it might be a virus because every time she ate she would throw up. He also noticed that Biggy was drinking much larger amounts of water than normal.

Within a week, Xena began to have seizures. After her first seizure, she was unable to walk normally and she was unable to hold her head normally. Mike researched seizures in dogs on the web.  Most of the posts indicted that seizures were not anything to be overly concerned with because dogs get them all of the time but seem to be OK afterwards.

Xena continued to have seizures. Her back legs would fall out from under her and she began refusing to eat the Purina Beneful. Biggy began to show similar symptoms. He was throwing up and beginning to urinate in the house, which was unusual for him.

Mike and his wife were sure that the dogs had contracted a virus and both were ill. After the seizures increased to multiple times a day, Mike contacted the VCA veterinarians. The veterinarian suggested a number of expensive tests but unfortunately Mike wasn’t in the financial position to be able to afford $2000 tests per dog. So the vet suggested phenobarbital, which is a medicine that controls seizures but does require consistent monitoring to avoid liver toxicity. When they brought Xena home from the vet, Biggy began having seizures as well.

Trying to figure out what could be causing this in both their dogs Mike and his wife reviewed the situation. The dogs were different breeds and genders. Their vet indicated that it had to be an internal problem so the only thing they had in common was the food.

Mike emailed the vet to let them know what was happening and he asked if seizures can be contagious for any reason and if it might be the food. Mike was assured that seizures were not contagious although he received no response on the food issue, so Mike looked for a second opinion for his dog. The new vet explained that without having the $2,000 to run tests and start treatment the best they could do was make the dog comfortable and wait out her final days.

Mike did more research in an attempt to find some way to save his “baby” when he stumbled up on this Facebook group  Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Our Dogs? Post Your Story!  which listed countless dogs whose owners had reported similar scenarios. The dog owners in this group all believe that Purina’s Beneful was the cause of their pets’ illnesses and deaths. Owners of surviving dogs allege that their animals survived after Purina’s Beneful was removed from their diets, although it appears from the posts that many others may not have been so lucky.

In earlier reports where pet parents alleged that the food was causing sickness and death, Purina has suggested that dogs were sick before eating Beneful.  However, in Mike’s particular case, his vet said that his dog was completely healthy prior to this instance.

The FDA has collected Beneful samples from owners after reports were filed. However, more than one owner has stated that they have had no return calls regarding results.

Veterinarians do seem unusually quiet or at minimum vague on this subject. Perhaps it is because Purina sponsors and subsidizes so many veterinary training programs?

The aforementioned Facebook site opens to an image of a large quantity of blood passed by a dog on a bathroom floor, that died shortly after he starting eating Beneful, and is dedicated to helping people who have had to deal with what they believe are the after-effects of Purina’s Beneful. Mike found a suggested treatment for his dogs. He followed the directions closely and within a few days both of his dogs were better.  No more vomiting, head-bobbing or falling down, and no more seizures.  The dogs were acting like the playful puppies he was used to before buying Beneful. Below are the BEFORE VIDEO and the AFTER VIDEO and here is what Mike did that made his dogs better:

1. He removed Purina’s Beneful from their diet.

2. He changed to a diet without the ingredients that he discovered could be linked to health problems. He chose a grain-free, high-meat, low-carbohydrate diet with no Propylene Glycol, Glycerin or Sorbitol, no Corn, no Wheat, no Soy, no Byproducts, no Animal Fat, no Animal digest, no artificial colorings, or any other non-essential additives, as recommended by members of the Facebook group.

3. He gave Milk Thistle herb and Turmeric root twice daily, also recommended by members of the Facebook group he had found, gleaning further information from the 82+ information files that had been written and posted, covering anything from lists of grain- and potato-free cat and dog foods, to natural flea, worm and tick control.

Mike said “I just want to get the word out. My main interest is just letting people know my story” and he went on to say “I just want to spread the word to prevent other dogs from going through this”.

Mike’s dogs are now fully recovered. And, he says that they will never eat Purina’s Beneful again.  In the first instance, as his dogs started to improve once off the Beneful, Michael contacted the company through the Beneful Facebook page, which he perceived as being the front door for consumers. They responded with repeated reassurances that Beneful was safe to feed.

Purina was contacted for comments on Michael’s two videos, and this was the response of Keith Schopp, Vice-President Corporate Pubic Relations, Nestle Purina PetCare Company:

“Thanks again for contacting us and  we appreciate any efforts you are making to ensure the accuracy of your story. As we have previously responded, we don’t have any indication that this consumer has contacted us about any potential issues. So, we can’t speculate about the videos. However, we do encourage any consumer with a question about one of our products to contact us directly so we may work with them to understand their situation.  We can tell you that Beneful® is a high quality, nutritious food that millions and millions of dogs enjoy and thrive on every day.  Thanks. Keith.”

Here are Xena and Biggy while being fed a diet of Beneful Incredibites:

And, here are Xena and Biggy after discontinuing Beneful and supplementing their new, premium food with Milk Thistle and Turmeric:

Please visit the Facebook group  Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Our Dogs? Post Your Story!.

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  1. Avatar Of Beth Beth says:

    I was feeding my cat Purina naturals for several months and her stomach always looked bloated, almost like she was pregnant. Then about a week and a half ago she began to vomit every time she ate and would drink larger than normal amounts of water among othere problems. I decide to try another brand of cat food and her vomiting stopped immediately! She’s back to normal now, thankfully!

  2. Avatar Of R. Stone

    R. Stone


    Purina foods, all varieties, are made from dead pets from vet clinics, the diseased livestock that auctions can’t sell for human consumption, and moldy, toxic grains.

    I witnessed Purina feed experiments in university (Agriculture major). They routinely poison many animals to death to determine how much cheap toxin they can introduce to any batch of food. The cheaper the ingredients, the larger the profit.

    The lab experiments determine how much rotten, moldy and chemical soaked meat/grain they can allow in food before it will kill animals outright, soon enough that liability can be traced back to Purina. Same procedure and rationale as testing consumer products on animals. They’re all toxic; the corporations just want to avoid the big lawsuits. Healthy ingredients don’t need to be tested.

    In other words, Purina and other companies KNOW their products cause cancer, kidney disease, etc. They experiment to create a timeline that makes it very hard to prove your pet didn’t get sick from other causes. If your dog gets sick the same week you start using Purina, you may have a lawsuit. If it takes two years, you’re probably out of luck.

    As a vet tech, I let the rendering man in the back door of the clinic weekly to take our deceased pets to the plant. They were full of chemicals. We didn’t even remove their flea collars. That’s what Purina food has been made from, for decades: your dead pets. I also rehabbed Purina test Beagles, the wretched souls who survived the testing and whom we begged them not to euthanize.

    I would feed animals homemade meals before using Purina and other grocery store brands.

    Check out dogfoodadvisor.com for dog food ratings.

  3. YES!! February 2015 – Nestle Purina Petcare Company was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that its Beneful dog food includes toxic substances which are capable of killing dogs.

    According to the Beneful class action lawsuit filed in a California federal court by plaintiff Frank Lucido on Feb. 5, Beneful is responsible for making thousands of dogs either seriously ill or causing them to die, which happened to one of his own dogs.

    Lucido owned three dogs — a German Shepherd, an English Bulldog and a Labrador. He bought a bag of Beneful for the first time in late December 2014 or early January 2015 and each dog began eating Beneful exclusively, the Beneful class action lawsuit explains.

    On Jan. 15, the German Shepherd began to lose a large amount of hair and began giving off a unusual odor, which concerned Lucido and his wife, who first started to notice the symptoms. Two days later the German Shepherd became “violently ill.”

    After being examined by a veterinarian, it was determined that the German Shepherd was suffering from internal bleeding in the dog’s stomach and the liver was also malfunctioning, which the veterinarian said was “consistent with poisoning.”

    On Jan. 23, Lucido’s wife found the English Bulldog dead in their yard. “Post-mortem veterinary examination revealed signs of internal bleeding in the dog’s stomach and lesions on his liver, much like [the German Shepherd],” the class action lawsuit claims.

    The Labrador also became ill and is being tested for similar problems.

    Lucido claims that he and his wife “have suffered economic losses including the purchase price of Beneful and veterinary and related medical expenses” as result of the damage Beneful has done to their dogs.

    According to the Beneful class action lawsuit, there have been more than 3,000 complaints posted by dog owners on the internet “about dogs becoming ill, in many cases very seriously ill, and/or dying after eating Beneful.

    “The dogs show consistent symptoms, including stomach and related internal bleeding, liver malfunction or failure, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, seizures, bloating, and kidney failure,” the Beneful toxic dog food class action lawsuit alleges.

    Lucido gives several examples of these complaints by other dog owners.

    According to Lucido, Beneful is advertised as a healthful and nutritional dog food, but his experience and others has been the opposite.

    Beneful dog foods allegedly include propylene glycol, which is “an automotive component that is a known animal toxin and is poisonous to cats and dogs.”

    In addition, the Beneful class action lawsuit alleges that the dog food includes mycotoxins, which are “a group of toxins produced by fungus that occurs in grains, which are a principle ingredient in Beneful.”

    The class action lawsuit cites the Association for Truth In Pet Food, which tested “Beneful Original and found that it contained dangerous levels of mycotoxins.”

    Lucido is looking to represent two classes — a nationwide class and a California subclass for dog owners “who purchased Beneful dog food in the past four years and who incurred any out of pocket costs due to illness, injury or death of their dog resulting from the ingestion of Beneful.”

    The Beneful toxic dog food class action lawsuit is charging Nestle Purina with breach of implied warranty, breach of express warranty, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, strict products liability, violating California’s consumer legal remedies act, violating California’s Unfair Competition Law, and violating California’s False Advertising Law.

    The plaintiff is represented by Jeffrey B. Cereghino of Ram, Olson, Cereghino & Kopcyzynski, by John Yanchunis of Morgan & Morgan Complex Litigation Group, by Karl Molineux of Merrill, Nomura & Molineux, and by Donna F. Solen of Kimbrell Kimbrell & Solen LLC.

    The Beneful Toxic Dog Food Class Action Lawsuit is Frank Lucido v. Nesltle Purina Petcare Company, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

  4. Avatar Of Richard Mackenzie

    Richard Mackenzie


    omg if only my wife and i had seen this page we could hav saved our babie jake.we had startd feeding him beneful dry dog food in november of 2014.jake died in my arms at 7:25 pm january/15 2015 .

    • Richard, PLEASE pick up the phone and do this now! The BENEFUL Class Action lawsuit attorneys told us that ANYONE in the US who has had ANY issue with Nestle-Purina’s Beneful causing illness or death is highly encouraged to phone the team handling the Class Action Lawsuit at: 877-667-4265 or 407-452-6990 They will conduct a phone interview no matter where you are. So CALL – participation will not cost you a dime!

  5. Avatar Of Michael



    Three nights ago I stopped in my local supermarket to buy food for my dogs. I usually feed them Fresh Pet Select food. However, I noticed that the retailer had certain flavored of Beneful prepared meals discontinued. At a $1.10 a meal, I decided to pick some up. My dogs gobbled it down when I fed it to them so I thought I had done well. That entire night, their tummies started making all these weird, gurgling noises. I thought it was because they weren’t used to it. The next evening, I served them a different flavor and they wouldn’t eat it at all. They had the same noises rumbling from their bellies all night. This morning I got up early to go to work and noticed that they hadn’t eaten. Sometimes they eat after I go to work so I thought I’d check on them when I got home. They still hadn’t touched it. I picked out a different flavor and served them both. They wouldn’t go near it. The little one actually started to hunch like he was going to go to the bathroom but nothing came out. Instead, he started vomiting. I came online and found this post. I quickly removed their food. I will go back to the store and pick up some Fresh Pet Select. I just hope I reacted quickly enough to prevent serious damage or death. Thanks for posting this information about Beneful. I will never buy this brand again.

    • Avatar Of Caroline Snyder

      Caroline Snyder


      So glad you found this article! ALL Putrina foods should be avoided like the plague. Feeding these foods is like playing Russian Roulette with your pet’s life. We have just had ANOTHER owner join the group. She has bene feeding BENAWFUL INCREDIBITES and her dog looks just like Michael’s in the article. She has a video of him seizing whilst on BENECRAP, and another showing just a small focal seizure just a day after stopping the BENESHIT. We are starting her on Liquid Milk THistle, Super Biocurcumin, Coconut Oil, and initially a healing broth of chicken and carrot until we get the dog on to a grain and potato-free, low carbohydrate diet..

  6. While I have no personal experience with any Purina dog foods, I have no doubt that their below average ingredients contributed gravely to the dogs’ sickness. It is of the utmost importance to feed our dogs a healthy, hight-quality diet, free of artificial ingredients, by-products, and empty fillers.
    I used to blindly trust our previous vet’s food advice and fed our two Boxer Mixes Missy & Buzz Science Diet dog food. Its ingredients and quality are also on the lower side of the healthy food spectrum. I found out about it when discovering the Dog Food Advisor (www.dogfoodadvisor.com). They rate a large variety of dog foods and classify them into different categories (1 to 5 stars, 5 being the highest quality). Science Diet received a 2.5-3 star rating, and had been fed for the longest time when I discovered this!!
    By the way, Science Diet also provides Vet Scholarships and sponsors the heck out of vets, so it makes sense that they would have to repay the favor at some point in time…

  7. Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story!

    We have more than 2,300 members. We HAVE saved many sick dogs because of this article but too many continue to die.. PLEASE share this article again and again!

    • Avatar Of Rondi Alsteen




      • Rondi, Alsteen, i am so very sorry. PLEASE join our group on Facebook. Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story! We now have more than 2,700 folks whose dogs were killed or sickened by Purina foods. We have wonderful files on feeding your dogs without breaking the bank – whether dry, canned, or raw!

  8. Avatar Of Sylvia



    DON’T USE SEARGEANT’S FLEA & TICK please!!!! I know this is off the subject but my fur-baby, along with so many other people’s pets, have had severe reactions and death from this stuff. Whenver you are using new products or items for your pets do a Google search of the product name along with “reviews” (i.e. “Beneful reviews) My dog went into spasms, turning in circles, itching, even after washing her 4 times to get the stuff off her. Thankfully, we rushed her to emergency & they gave her meds & treated her.

    • VIDEO on FB of a cat fitting terribly after a typical application of SARGENT’S FLEA AND TICK TREATMENT .. owner, Vicki Arvella


      My response to Vicki via private message:

      Hi Vicki,

      I caught your video on the Sargent’s product and your cat’s seizures after someone posted it in my group. It broke my heart!

      Praying that you haven’t yet euthanised her.. we had a dog owner join the group whose dogs developed seizures after eating BENEFUL dog food. Here is a link with videos taken while feeding the food, and a video three weeks later after getting the dog onto a quality, high meat, grain and potato free product and giving Milk Thistle with Turmeric. Milk Thistle is THR key to controlling seizures in dogs or cats that have been poisoned! It detoxes the liver like nothing else.

      STORY: dogingtonpost.com/guest-post-purinas-beneful-poisoned-my-dogs/

      I ask that you get this product ordered straightaway..read the reviews!


      A bottle will last a couple of months.

      PLEASE get your baby on to a 100% grain and potato free diet to aid recovery. I have prepared a file for my group of dry cat foods that qualify.

      My group is Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story!

      I CAN send you the Word file on cat food separately if you like? I AM working on grain and potato free WET cat foods but the file is only 1/4 finished, but I can send you what I have done?

      Also, we recommend natural treatments for flea and tick prevention.. such as topical Coconut and Neem Oil and coconut oil in the diet. Many of us.. including myself.. ARE cat owners (I have 12!) and between us, we can guide you to do what is best!

      Anyways, please get back to me asap!

      Best Regards

      Caroline Snyder

      My contact on FB if anyone wants to contact me personally: facebook.com/caroline.snyder.560

    • Sylvia, I posted a reply with links but it never came up..

      I was the one who started the FB group Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story! which is linked in the above article.

      I had posted a message to Vicki Arivella on FB after being alerted to the video of her cat fitting constantly after exposure to the Sargent’s product.

      This is my message.. links withheld as they may prevent this from posting!

      Hi Vicki,

      I caught your video on the Sargent’s product and your cat’s seizures after someone posted it in my group. It broke my heart!

      Praying that you haven’t yet euthanised her.. we had a dog owner join the group whose dogs developed seizures after eating BENEFUL dog food. Here is a link with videos taken while feeding the food, and a video three weeks later after getting the dog onto a quality, high meat, grain and potato free product and giving Milk Thistle with Turmeric. Milk Thistle is THR key to controlling seizures in dogs or cats that have been poisoned! It detoxes the liver like nothing else.

      STORY: dogingtonpost.com/guest-post-purinas-beneful-poisoned-my-dogs/

      I ask that you get this product ordered straightaway..read the reviews!

      (LINK to Petwellbeing Milk THistle for Cats!)

      A bottle will last a couple of months.

      PLEASE get your baby on to a 100% grain and potato free diet to aid recovery. I have prepared a file for my group of dry cat foods that qualify.

      My group is Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story!

      LINK in above article!

      I CAN send you the Word file on cat food separately if you like? I AM working on grain and potato free WET cat foods but the file is only 1/4 finished, but I can send you what I have done? I have already produced extensive files on grain and potato free wet and dry dog foods which is also available within the group. Manufacturers, varieties, ingredients, pricing and online sources.

      Also, we recommend natural treatments for flea and tick prevention.. such as topical Coconut and Neem Oil, and coconut oil in the diet. Many of us.. including myself.. ARE cat owners (I have 12!) and between us, we can guide you to do what is best!

      Anyways, please get back to me asap!

      Best Regards

      Caroline Snyder

      PS If anyone wants to contact me directly on this issue, or ANY issue I would be very happy to help! Even better, join the group! We just crossed the 1800 barrier yesterday and aim to educate and inform group members so they can then help others!

      • Avatar Of Miriam Miriam says:

        I feed my dog Purina Dog Food, have not complaints, although lately he does not eat as well as he use to, just wondered if complaints have been on Beneful Only. And if you can recommend a better dog food that will not cost as much as IIAMS. Thank you.

        • Avatar Of Robert



          I feed my dogs solely on Purina Dog Chow. Although this is the second dog with which I have done so, both have consistently ended up with dry skin, and flaking. To the point of cribbing their hair out. I have discussed everything with the vet from mange to flea drops. The vet says it’s allergies, and usually, that the dog is allergic to fleas.

          I have come to think that it is a nutritional situation, and/or a lack of minerals. Since that time, I started introducing table food into the dogs diet, and his hair is coming back, and his skin condition is improving.

          However, just in the last week, he started having gas, and it is developing into bloat. I hope to god his food isn’t the culprit.

          • Avatar Of Erin



            Robert, make sure the people food does mot contain onions!!! Onions (among other people food ingredients) are toxic for dogs.

    • Avatar Of Sammy Austin

      sammy austin


      Sylvia,I saw your post on Sargent’t flea spray for cats. I used it on
      four of my mature (babies). Within a few days one had died, one began
      to lose coordination and eventually went blind with kidney problems.
      Several days later #3 died even tho I tried to wash it off, I took #4
      to the vet where he was put on iv meds but ultimately died. Two vets &
      a prof. at UGA told me that there are two chemicals in that product that
      are toxic to cats but the FDA has refused to ban it. When I contacted the
      company about it, they naturally defended it saying my cats were most
      likely sick before hand. However, the two that did NOT get sprayed are
      still healthy. Checking on line I found that there are thousands of law suits pending against them concerning this product. These were strictly
      indoor cats and not exposed to toxic outdoor items.
      check on line- www sargent flea spray lawsuits

      • Avatar Of Sylvia



        Hi Sammy,
        I just saw your post, and sorry for not responding, but I didn’t get a notice of it. I’m sorry for what happened to your cats that is just awful. I used the one for dogs and it was horrible, I have never seen anything like the severe reaction to it. I see from the posts, that I was lucky that she did not die. I’m so glad that people are doing research and sharing with posts and reviews.

    • Avatar Of Sammy Austin

      sammy austin


      I saw your post on Sargent’t flea spray for cats. I used it on
      four of my mature (babies). Within a few days one had died, one began
      to lose coordination and eventually went blind with kidney problems.
      Several days later #3 died even tho I tried to wash it off, I took #4
      to the vet where he was put on iv meds but ultimately died. Two vets &
      a prof. at UGA told me that there are two chemicals in that product that
      are toxic to cats but the FDA has refused to ban it. When I contacted the
      company about it, they naturally defended it saying my cats were most
      likely sick before hand. However, the two that did NOT get sprayed are
      still healthy. Checking on line I found that there are thousands of law suits pending against them concerning this product. These were strictly
      indoor cats and not exposed to toxic outdoor items.
      check on line- www sargent flea spray lawsuits

  9. Avatar Of Leena



    I have been working with my dog to find the right diet since the mistake of buying a small bag of baneful brought about a terrible reaction. Now he cannot eat grains. He cannot eat salt which is in many feeds. He most often can no longer eat high protein kibble. However, the moment I stopped feeding that baneful he stopped having a reaction and got better. It wasn’t just one dog in my household that got sick on it so it wasn’t an allergic reaction. A friend’s dog got into his business partner’s baneful dog food. I saw the bag and told him how awful it is. He called me and asked if seizures were reported with Baneful – absolutely! He told his partner who promptly removed the baneful and the seizures have stopped. There are too many instances of this to be coincidence no matter what the vet says. My dogs diets are grain free now. I’m currently trying to find the right protein/carb combination for each of them because they’re both different in what they seem to require. You all need to watch your dog’s behavior and decide what isn’t working. Hopefully you have a good vet who isn’t closed minded to food causing seizures and perhaps dogs needing something other than corn and chemicals in their diet. Best of luck with your pups.

  10. Avatar Of Matthew In Seattle

    Matthew in Seattle


    Have fed my 3 minpins Beneful Healthy Weight for 12 years now, no issues whatsoever. Feel terrible reading all the posts of anyone who lost their baby!
    But yeah, never an issue with my babies and their food.

    • Matthew, are you SURE you want to continue feeding this?
      BENEFUL HEALTHY WEIGHT – INGREDIENTS – I wouldn’t even feed this to chickens!
      You are playing Russian Roulette with your pup’s life when you feed ANY BENEFUL product. One day you could buy a bag that was made from a contaimanated drum of China-manufactured Propylene Glycol!

      GROUND YELLOW CORN, 1 Star – Indicates feed-grade source ofprotein/filler, not “whole” ground. Can have higher levels ofAflatoxins than allowed for corn for human consumption. Corn has high levels of Oxalates and should be avoided in pets with renal/bladder issues. Can also be contaminated with potentially lethal Aflatoxins from mold. GMO

      CHICKEN BY-PRODUCT MEAL, 1 Star – contains rendered ground-up carcasses afterall the muscle meat is removed, Can include internal organs including intestines, heads, beaks, feet, bones and undeveloped eggs, but only containsfeathers that are unavoidable in the processing of the poultry parts.Concentrated. Will have high levels of Arsenic. Can vary in quality from batch to batch. Chicken by-product costs less thanchicken muscle meat and lacks the digestibility of chicken muscle meat

      CORN GLUTEN MEAL, 1 Star – Waste product, cheap, non-nutritive filler but used as protein source — can cause allergies and sugar imbalance. Corn, especially with the germ and/or bran/hulls intact, has high levels of Oxalates and shouldbe avoided in pets with renal/bladder issues. Can also be contaminated with potentially lethal Aflatoxins from mold. GMO

      SOYBEAN HULLS, 1 Star – Cheap filler, harsh on intestines, used to make your dog feel “fuller” so he eats less, but highly non-nutritive! Soy is also a KNOWN disruptor of thyroid gland function. Soy beans have high levels of Oxalates and should be avoided in pets with renal/bladder issues, as they promote oxalate stone formation. Some Chinese manufactured Soy products have been found to be contaminated with dangerous Melamine and Cyanuric Acid which have caused kidney failure and death in dogs and cats. Will probably be GMO

      WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR, 3 Star – Whole ground wheat grain, more nutritious but flour is too processed. Wheat is often implicated in allergies in dogs. Is whole ground and SHOULD be a nutritive grain, source of protein, dietary fiber. May be contaminated with Aflatoxins from mold. Has moderately high levels of Oxalates so unsuitable for dogs with kidney/bladder problems, or dogs with Oxalate stones.

      RICE FLOUR, 1 Star – Cheap filler, causes bowel distress and can lead to diabetes in dogs. US produced rice has extremely high levels of cancer-causing Arsenic unless it is Californian. Rice, especially with the germ and bran/hulls intact, has high levels of Oxalates and should be avoided in pets with renal/bladder issues. Rice can also be contaminated with potentially lethal Aflatoxins from molds. Chinese rice products have found to be contaminated with dangerous Melamine and Cyanuric Acid.

      CHICKEN, 4% – 3 Star – Contains 84% water in the muscles, adds weight to dry food, less protein nutrition! Best used in can food.

      SOY FLOUR 1 Star- Cheap source of protein, filler, can cause bloat/death in dogs. Soy is also a KNOWN disruptor of thyroid gland function. Soy beans have very high levels of Oxalates and should be avoided in pets with renal/bladder issues, as they promote oxalate stone formation. Some Chinese manufactured Soy products have been found to be contaminated with dangerous Melamine and Cyanuric Acid which have caused kidney failure and death in dogs and cats GMO

      ANIMAL FAT preserved with mixed tocopherols, 1 Star – Non-descriptive fat from rendering can be anything rancid or 4-D (dead, dying, disabled, diseased). Can include Roadkill, Euthanised pets, Zoo animals, regardless of natural preservatives such as Vitamin E. Also, old restaurant grease is a common ingredient here

      SUGAR, 1 Star – leads to diabetes, hyperactivity, addiction to food (sugar rush), obesity

      PROPYLENE GLYCOL, 1 Star – contains 1% by raw ingredient weight. Adds sweetness to food, used in antifreeze! Has one third of the toxicity of regular antifreeze, Ethylene Glycol. Some preservative action, possible carcinogen. The Chinese manufactured product can be contaminated with Diethylene Glycol (DEG). This is not the case with the way more pure, much more expensive, food grade product. DEG has caused organ failure and death in humans and animals.

      Propylene Glycol along with Glycerin and Sorbitol is manufactured in China from Jatropha, a highly toxic plant, used to make biodiesel, from which these substances can be derived. There is NO test for Jatropha toxins and the FDA is desperately looking for one right now as it is thought to be the culprit in the toxic jerky treats! The FDA wants industry to watch for glycerin from Jatropha:

      FDA Notification to Industry – Products using oils, glycerin, or protein that were derived from the Jatropha plant may have toxic effects:

      MEAT AND BONE MEAL, 1 Star – Meat and Bonemeal is (species) non-descriptive. This can indicate 4-D Animals.. Dead, Dying, Disease, Dying and Disabled. It can legally include tumorous or diseased tissues plus bone meal can NOT be digested and assimilated for calcium! It is banned for use in animal feedstuffs in most European countries due to its link to Spongiform Encephalopathies (think BSE or “Mad Cow Disease”). It IS banned in the US as a ruminant feed (your cows etc). Meat and bone meal is now utilized in Europe as a fossil-fuel replacement, and is commonly used as a fuel in cement kilns, landfilling and in incinerators. It was previously used as a fertiliser until the BSE outbreak when it was banned. In the US it is principally used as a low-cost protein source in dog food and cat food.There is NO testing on Meat and Bonemeal.. it is not required. The euthanising drug Pentobarbitol has been found in Meat and Bonemeal. It will also contain insecticides used as parasite control on animals as well as the drugs used to treat sickness that are present in a dead animal. From the EPA themselves: “Meat rendering plants process animal by-product materials for the production of tallow, grease, and high-protein meat and bone meal. Plants that operate in conjunction with animal slaughterhouses or poultry processing plants are called integrated rendering plants. Plants that collect their raw materials from a variety of off-site sources are called independent rendering plants. Independent plants obtain animal by-product materials, including rancid cooking grease, blood, feathers, offal, and entire animal carcasses, from the following sources: butcher shops, supermarkets, restaurants, zoos, fast-food chains, poultry processors, slaughterhouses, farms, ranches, feedlots, and animal shelters.”

      WATER, 1 Star- Used as a non-nutritive filler in food, often in combination with Propylene Glycol, Glycerin or Sorbitol, to give dry food a moist texture.

      ANIMAL DIGEST, 1 Star – Used as a flavor enhancer. Animal digest is a cooked-down broth used for flavour, rendered by chemical and/or enzymatic processes. It is only found in the very lowest quality petfood. Its presence indicates a very poor quality product. Run away from ALL petfoods containing this ingredient! AnimalDigest is made from unspecified parts of unspecified animals. The origin of the animals is definitely suspect, as it is never named. If the manufacturers wanted you to know what the source was, they’d name it. So what DOES it consist of? I hope you’ve got a stromg stomach for this.. here we go! Ingredients that end up in the rendering vats include ground up carcasses that come from “4-D animals” (Dead, Diseased, Disabled, or Dying prior toslaughter), all internal parts void of healthy meat. ANY kind of animal can beused including zoo animals, cats, dogs, goats, pigs, skunks, horses, rats,snakes, raccoons, possums, deer, foxes, miscellaneous road kill, animals euthanized at shelters and veterinarian clinics, restaurant and supermarket refuse.. including the plastic trays and packaging.. and so on.

      TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE, 3 Star – Anti-caking agent, emulsifier and dietary supplement of Phosphorous needed for body’s alkaline/acid balance

      SALT, 1 Star – Used to cover up rancid meat and fat, can cause kidney and heart disease, hypertension

      PHOSPHORIC ACID, 1 Star – A sequestering agent for rendered animal fats, implies poor quality fats are used. Used in fertilizers, detergents, food flavoring, and pharmaceuticals

      POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, 3 Star – Standard source ofPotassium, balances acid/alkaline levels

      SORBIC ACID (a preservative) 1 star – A mold and yeast inhibitor

      DRIED CARROTS 5 Star – Good source of nutrients and fiber but present in insignificant amounts

      DRIED GREEN BEANS, 2 Star – Gimmicky, poor animal feed quality

      CALCIUM PROPIONATE, 1 Star – Chemical preservative. Antifungal. Potentially carcinogenic

      L-LYSINE MONOHYDROCHLORIDE, 1 Star – Poor source of Lysine (essential amino acid found in meat), cheaper to use for food enrichment for grain-based foods

      CHOLINE CHLORIDE, 3 Star – Standard source of choline, a B Vitamin, emulsifies fats

      DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE, 1 Star – Can become toxic to body. Texturizer in canned food

      YELLOW 5, 1 Star – yellow 5 “Tartrazine” isderived from coal tar and is the number one allergy-causing dye. Allergies to yellow 5 can range from mild indigestion to asthma to severe depression. It is estimated that 360,000 Americans have bad reactions to ingesting yellow 5. Yellow 5 is a common dye and is in candy, cereal, and many other processed foods. It has been banned in several European countries. A variety of immunologic responses have been attributed to tartrazine ingestion by humans, including anxiety, migraine, clinical depression, blurred vision, itching, general weakness, heatwaves, feeling of suffocation, purple skin patches, and sleep disturbance

      RED 40, 1 Star – Artificial color, carcinogenic.

      YELLOW 6, 1 star – Sunset Yellow, Artificial color, potentially carcinogenic. In studies Yellow 6 has been linked to kidney and adrenal gland tumors

      BLUE 2 , 1 Star – Carcinogenic, artificial color

      DL-METHIONINE, 3 star – Standard source of methionine, supports healthy skin and nails, liver activity and immune health

      VITAMIN E, 3 Star – Antioxidant also used as food preservative

      ZINC SULFATE, 2 Star – Standard source of zinc, protects against free radicals, essential to insulin formation and immune function. Poor absorption/bioavailabiliity with sulfates; Proteinates are WAY better!

      FERROUS SULFATE, 3 Star – Standard source of iron, promotes oxygen-rich blood, immune support. Poor absorption/bioavailabiliity with sulfates; Proteinates are WAY better!

      MANGANESE SULFATE, 4 Star – Manganese is necessary to development of strong bones and enzyme activators, enhances immune system. Poor absorption/bioavailabiliity with sulfates; Proteinates are WAY better!

      NIACIN, 3 Star – Standard source of Vitamin B3, promotes proper digestion, healthy skin and nerves

      VITAMIN A, 3 Star – Standard supplement needed for astrong immune system, eyes, bone, skin

      CALCIUM CARBONATE 3 Star – Standard source of calcium, promotes strong bones, teeth, cardiovascular health and skeletal strength, used as a buffer to acidic foods

      COPPER SULFATE, 2 Star – Standard source, aids in bone formation, iron absorption and protein metabolism. Poor absorption/bioavailabiliity with sulfates; Proteinates are WAY better!

      VITAMIN B12 SUPPLEMENT, 3 Star – Standard source, involved in immune response, red blood cell productionand nervous system health.

      CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, 3 Star – Standard source of a B-complex vitamin B5, supports adrenal activity

      THIAMINE MONONITRATE, 3 Star – Standard source of B-1, essential for the nervous system and energy production

      GARLIC OIL, 5 Star – Antioxidant, antibiotic.

      PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE (source of vitamin B6), 3 Star – Standard source, immune stimulant, major factor in protein metabolism, nervous system health and red blood cell production

      RIBOFLAVIN SUPPLEMENT, 3 Star – Standard source, necessary to energy production, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

      VITAMIN D3, 3 Star – Standard source, aids calcium and phosphorous in building bones and teeth.

      MENADIONE SODIUM BISUFITE COMPLEX, 3 Star – Standard source of Vitamin K activity, necessary for blood clotting, aids as anti-parasitic for intestinal worms

      CALCIUM IODATE, 3 Star – Source of iodine, promotes strong bones, teeth, cardiovascular health and skeletal strength

      FOLIC ACID, 3 Star – Standard source, needed for blood building and DNA synthesis

      BIOTIN, 3 Star – Standard source to promote healthy skin and coat

      SODIUM SELENITE, 3 Star – Standard source of selenium, powerful anti-oxidant protects the body from free radicals and heavy metals, supports immune response

  11. Avatar Of Louise Johnson

    Louise Johnson


    I was using Purina Pro Plan…dogs were having ever increasing seizures…took them off and now the seizures have almost stopped altogether.

  12. Avatar Of Marm



    Fed our then 2 min. poodles beneful salmon for years. We now have only 1 dog- Sammie. Had always fed my dogs Purina One lamb and rice. With our new puppies 10 yrs ago, we fed them beneful salmon MADE BY PURINA. A few weeks ago we could no longer find the salmon so we started her slowly on beneful “healthy”.
    she immediately showed signs of being sick – drank excessively – wet inside which she had never done and wet her bed. Changed her food to vet/groomer advised Purina chicken and rice and made a vet ap’t. Took her to the vet ($274.00)- old clinic but we saw a newly hired vet. Sammie was diagnosed with sugar in her urine thus diabetis treatment needed but she also had a temperature – vet said from nervousness coming to vet. She has not been her usual playful puppy, of course. They want to put her on a very intense insulin treatment. I am balking at this. I believe i will try making food for her – Rice (boiled at least 9 mins., lean cooked hamburger and chicken, maybe a little mixed salad from my garden. Can you help me with suggestions? I refuse to put this once happy and smart dog thru diabetic treatment (insulin shots 2x a day plus all the other blood testing you have to do several times a day). I love her dearly as I have every dog I’ve owned but i will not let her suffer with pain nor will I badger my carefree pet. I am learning a great deal from these posts. Thank you

    • Avatar Of Valerie



      Marm, while home cooking for your dogs is ideal you must do some research to be sure the meals are balanced especially for calcium. Much info is available online. While you’re doing that may I suggest a raw diet from a reputable company such as Darwin’s. If you want to go a kibble and/or canned route brands such as Fromm, Wellness, Nature’s Logic, The Honest Kitchen, Orijen, Weruva will provide your dog with excellent nutrition. Check out dogfoodadvisor.com for extensive reviews of hundreds of dog foods. Good luck!

    • Marm, please join our group asap! The sugar COULD be a sign of liver and pancreas problems, caused by certain ingredients in BENEFUL! Also, the last thing you need right now is a bunch of carb-laden rice. There ARE some very good grain and potato free foods out there that provide a complete balance of nutrients. I have prepared extensive files on Grain and Potato free dry dog food, Grain and Potato free wet dog foods, and Grain and Potato free dry cat foods. Manufacturers, varieties, ingredient lists, prices and online availability. I HIGHLY recommend MILK THISTLE, used by Michael Felician with Xena and Biggy. It has worked wonders with many of our dogs after veterinary treatments failed.

      We look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Caroline Snyder

  13. Avatar Of Tara



    well what is everyone feeding their dogs???
    i have had issues with my recent rescues….one recently was placed in the arms of Jesus, but i, in no way, blame the food….the abuse as a youngster was most likely the cause…another is being switched off of the VERY expensive natural balance limited ingredient for a number of reasons. and a new elderly rescue is eating what i have remaining of one of my granddogs kibble, iams.
    they need the hard kibble for the dental health (or lack of but can’t be allowed to get worse as they are too high risk for dental surgery)and i am more than willing to cook a meal for them but with what kibble??
    one of my parents dogs subsisted on a nightly course of cooked high grade hamburg, brown rice and a green raw veggie. she was one healthy bugger…
    there are humans dieing every day from, what i suspect, will prove to be contributed from what is consumed…(they just are very slow at reporting honestly)..so we expect differently for our beloved pets??
    any veterinary clinicians that would like to comment on these newer blue wilderness, blue buffalo foods??!!
    and God’s comfort and peace for the parents of these physically challenged little ones, some whom have gone onto the Glories of Heaven and don’t have to worry about poisonous additives. God help us…cause we surely can’t

    • Tara, go to my group.. facebook.com/groups/Is.BENEFUL.killing.DOGS/ and join us. I have published a file on Grain and Potato Free Dry Dog Foods which can be accessed from the top of the group page. These quality foods run from only about $1.52/lb so we are not talking major expense.

      I am JUST about finished with the GRAIN AND POTATO FREE DOG FOOD LIST and will be publishing that in the next couple of days! Why grain and potato free? There are MANY reasons to avoid grains, soy, byproducts in pet food. Again I have a ton of info available in the group 🙂

  14. Avatar Of Marsha Avery

    Marsha Avery


    The reason nothing can be found about Mike saying anything on the Beneful page is because the thread was removed. If it hadn’t been for him posting there, I never would have known about him!

    For the nay sayers about Beneful. Look at this FB page. All these dogs ate the crap, they are dead! There’s about 110 pictured and adding weekly.

  15. Avatar Of Miltapher Miltapher says:

    Purina uses a synthetic vitamin K supplement called Menadione sodium bisulfate. I know people are blaming propleyne gycerol. I think the problem is Menadione sodium bisulfate. This supplement is banned for use in products for people. Why?

    IT IS LINKED TO LIVER PROBLEMS. and other health issues.

    • I suggest that Menadione sodium bisulfate is the least of the problems with this “food”. And this is why; Acute toxicity of menadione or its derivatives is reached at levels exceeding nutritional requirements by a factor of at least 1,000. Yes, that is ONE THOUSAND TIMES THE RDA!

      BTW this comes from the European Food Safety Authority.

      Other more likely causes of sickness and death are potentially lethal Aflatoxins (found in 100% of the 2013 US Corn crop) and potentially in ANY grain! Also consider Glycosphate (Round-up) toxicity from the GMO Soy, Corn, Canola and Beet Pulp/Sugar used in Purina’s products.. the FDA raised the allowable levels of Glycosphate in food by up to a massive FIVE FOLD after high elvels prevented most of the 2013 crop being sold for human or animal feed! Then yes there is potential Jatropha Curcas or DEG contamination of China-manufactured Propylene Glycol and Sorbitol (both used in BENEFUL). Note that China-manufactured Glycerin and Propylene Glycol were used in the killer jerky treats too! Then.. rice, wheat and soy products, if China sourced.. and, let’s face it, Nestle Purina has extensive Chinese connections, as well as food plants in China.. can be contaminated with both MELAMINE and CYANURIC ACID, yet Nestle Purina it refuses to tell us the SOURCE of its ingredients. This compares to the openness of Nature’s Variety and EVO for example.

  16. Avatar Of Hk Jaye

    HK Jaye


    to the Vet ‘professional’~ YOU use Care Credit! it is NOT a viable help for people who are on SSDI or RETIREMENT incomes! I know Vet school is exensive and you are there to make $$$ but for gosh sakes…a routine trip to ANY Vet is $100 or MORE! I just had to euthanize my 12yr old cat and that cost $100….to shave a 1″ patch of fur and give 1cc of the ‘pink medicine’, which the Vet only got 1/2 cc in before the needle dislodged…and the cat passed on. You Vet people are as bad as the DDS now a days! If we need you, you play on the love or our pets and the bill goes UP..UP..UP! i did NOT plan on my sudden loss of my eyesight leaving me DISABLED from high paying Nursing career. it happened in hours and a fall right after, from my sudden blindness, left me half titanium. My pets were 8yr and 10 yrs then and all Vet visits stopped. Ralston Purina once was the ONLY food to feed pets and used to be the BEST. We now live in the times of intimidation DVM…scare tactics by Vet Pros playing on our love of our pets…with TV commercials geared to making them “our babies’…it is a sad time for anyone but the wealthy!

    • Avatar Of Kelley



      You are sadly correct. It is a sad time for anyone but the wealthy. It is even sadder that we live in a world where blame is more important than solutions. This is why the cost of everything rises and the only profession that prospers is the legal profession.

      This is EXACTLY why people give up trying to communicate! A page and a half of information and you see one word. Your response has nothing to do with your pet but instead who you can blame!

      Care Credit is one option. It is NOT for everyone which I why the next line suggests you communicate with your vet about options they may have!! It helped me with some very pricey medical procedures through my dentist, who I do not begrudge paying for his services! I am sure he LOVES people but I am also sure he has a healthy overhead, a family to feed and a staff that depends on him. Not to mention an exorbitant malpractice insurance premium due to the simple fact above. Half his patients treat themselves on Dr. Google until they finally decide to present an awful mess and hold him accountable for the poor results. This is why your VET and everyone ELSE is so EXPENSIVE.

      I apologize. I will not respond again but frankly I am deeply frustrated by this endless cycle. Our society is grounded in a “who can you blame” mentality and it is not productive for anyone. This is not a simple topic and to refresh, the topic WAS PURINA PET FOODS. We could certainly all go off on a million rants from this base from everything to GMO’s to nutrient requirements but its not the appropriate forum for that or even for this post.

      I am deeply sorry for any misfortunes you suffer HK Jaye. I did not, however, earn an attack and neither did the profession I represent. If your vet intimidates you, change vets.

      • Avatar Of Robert



        You post is tragically humorous. Particularly in the fact that you so quickly jump to pointing out the blame game of consumers, for the failures of the medical and corporate community, while simultaneously failing to point out the “failure to shoulder responsibility” from the medical and corporate community. Avoiding blame is the issue with your high cost malpractice insurance, not the consumer. If you, and those like you, spent nearly as much time, money, and effort on weeding out the causes of the “blame” problem, as you do in protectionist legislation efforts, people would still have faith in you to act in the best interests of the consumer, who is, AFTER ALL, paying cash money to receive your product.

        Frankly, if it were no for BS posts like yours, little old ladies would not be getting 3rd degree burns from a cup of coffee, which has been cited numerous times to being served at a temperature far exceeding industry standards, and then being laughed at for decades over a so-called “frivolous lawsuit” propaganda campaign.

        Why, I must inquire, would you be so all-fired consumed by the very notion of a consumer locating the responsible party, and receiving compensation for their losses? Yet, you resolutely state your interests in compensation! Frankly, I think your looking at the Ass instead of the cart, and need to get your priorities just a wee bit straighter. As if Love Cnal were not entirely enough to refute your Crocodile Tears, one hardly needs look far for doctors and corporations shamelessly duping thier customers for the benefit of profit over safety. Get a life.

    • Avatar Of John Connor

      John Connor


      Sorry, but Putrina was NEVER good. They may simply have had less crappy crap as ingredients. Try finding old Putrina packaging art from the 70s/80s – If you can manage to find any (hmm…) you will notice that they still made food contrary to nature. They have gotten worse since then.

  17. Avatar Of Kelly



    I have fed my dogs Beneful there entire life..one is 15 yrs old and the other is 14 yrs old. I will continue to feed them Purina products.

    • Avatar Of Miltapher



      Purina sucks. It is very obvious Benefool is a horrible dog food. Do you think a diet high in chemicals, with sugar and very little meat is good for your dog? It aint, duh. Chemicals are a plenty and sugar is listed in the ingredient list for Benefool. Sugar is listed before the veggies the bag depicts. Dog food ingredients like with people food are listed in order of prevalence, so this means your quality food has more sugar than veggies.

      The fact that a company would market a food like this as healthy is disgusting. Like junk food, this dog food contains many chemicals, added sugar and artificial ingredients. It’s not healthy.

      Purina depends on clueless people to buy their products. They are glad to have you as a customer. Anyone with basic knowledge of nutrition and the ability to read could tell Benefool sucks just by reading the ingredients.

      I call it Benefool, because you have to be naive and clueless to think this is a healthy brand.

    • Avatar Of Robert



      You can certainly continue to do so, by all means, and good luck to you. I have, as well. But I’m waking up. And corn, as the first ingredient? Come on. It doesn’t take an Einstein to see that this would be an issue.

  18. Avatar Of Kelley



    I have personally been in veterinary medicine for over 30 years and hold several dietary certifications (including one from purina) from multiple educational sources. I urge you all to use extreme caution when forming biases based on personal experiences without tangible facts. It is so simple to make assumptions based on what may initially seem like obvious common denominators but it is rarely that cut and dry. I do sympathize and understand the inability to afford 2000.00 worth of lab work. To be honest, I could not afford that nor could I possibly imagine what type of lab work would be encompassed in a fee that high outside of university level diagnostics. Almost any veterinary facility would be able to perform at least SOME diagnostics for under 100.00 and realistically would not have prescribed phenobarbital without some baseline liver values at the very least. To do so might exacerbate problems rather than solve them.

    Diets for animals are very similar to ideal diets for people, and you can debate and argue this until you turn blue, but the simple bottom line fact is that no single diet is right for everyone! Just because a diet is not acceptable for you or your pet does not make it incorrect for someone else. As a veterinary professional the most important aspect of serving our clients and their pets is being able to effectively communicate and determine what is right for the INDIVIDUAL. Furthermore (as referenced by someone above) no veterinarian is going to say or refrain from saying anything (either positive or negative) about any diet because of any financial considerations. We don’t receive kick backs or gratuities and our first concern is for YOU and YOUR PET. If we are reluctant to bash any manufacturer it is simply because we have no evidence to support any sort of bashing!

    Seizures can happen regularly or irregularly. Some animals will have one seizure in its lifetime and never repeat it again. Often we never know why and in some cases even high level scans and diagnostics at the specialty level do not yield definitive answers. Food allergies are not commonly linked to seizure activity. Although, there is a great push toward “grain free” this and that in the pet food industry, in all honesty that is a marketing tool which mirrors the concerns of their human owners, NOT the pets. Animals are more commonly allergic to the protein sources in food NOT THE GRAINS.

    Reading these posts makes me sad because it indicates the incredible lack of trust that pet owners have in their veterinary professionals AND the poor educational resources we are providing our clients. These days people would much rather go to their vet to argue what they have learned from Dr. Google than actually benefit from any professional experience that is such an invaluable resource.

    Sorry, I’ve been long winded. Here are some simple facts to consider:
    1. If you don’t trust your vet. Find one you do trust, then put your faith in them and be consistent in following their recommendations.

    2. Food does not commonly cause seizures. BUT TOXINS CAN. Always report all suspected food problems to both the food manufacturer AND your grocer. Rule out the possibility of contaminants. Make sure you store food appropriately. MOLD or spoilage CAN CERTAINLY cause all these problems. If your claim is valid MANY food manufacturers will pay or assist in diagnostics if they fear their food might be a potential factor. Do you think that any food manufacturer would benefit in high food sales by killing their customers?

    3. Topical flea products (even some prescription ones) can cause or exacerbate seizure activity when improperly used. Don’t buy prescription products from disreputable sources!!! Avoid over the counter flea products which can contain harmful ingredients unless your vet (who is familiar with your pet’s history and needs) recommends them.

    4. Ask your vet about staff members qualified to discuss dietary considerations with you. Does your vet employ certified dietary consultants and what types of food do they endorse and why?

    5. PLAN to do routine diagnostic lab work on your pet at least annually or twice annually if your pet is over the age of 5 years. If there are organ deficits occurring that may or may not have some relationship to diet you will have a baseline for comparison.

    6. Care Credit and Pet Insurance are great options for making these things more possible and coping with emergencies when they arise. Ask your vet about their preferences to these ends.

    7. Please remember: your pet is an INDIVIDUAL and so are YOU. Don’t make a decision about ANYTHING for you or your pet based on blanket assumptions! For the record, I am not a fan of grocery store brand foods of any variety but not for any of the reasons mentioned here. I simply prefer a better level of quality control in ingredients.

    In closing: I truly wish the very best of health and longevity to ALL the pets on behalf of their owners reading these posts. Good luck to you all!!

    • Avatar Of Amy Garson-Brown

      Amy Garson-Brown


      We feed our two dogs Purinas Beneful and they are fine. Jonah is 10 & Ellie Mae 6.

      • Right now, you THINK they are OK.. we are seeing deaths from MANY dogs fed on BENEFUL.. I consider this food to be slow euthanasia for dogs. Aflatoxins, Melamine, Cyanuric Acids, 4% (wet) meat content BEFORE baking? I though dogs were carnivores..

        • Avatar Of Robert



          EUTHANASIA??? LOL-anything BUT euthanasia, in all actuality. Euthanasia is the humane and painless ending of a life.

    • Avatar Of Julie



      Really Kelly?
      Tell the truth about what’s in most dog foods and topical treatments. Would you eat or use these products? Most dog foods use ground up animal carcusses that are from diseased livestock that are not fit for human consumption. Unfortunatly I know first hand from working in a pet food industry in California. I wouldn’t buy of feed my pets anything from a pet store.

      • Avatar Of Kelley



        There are MANY products for animals that I would not use nor would I recommend not because of where you buy it but because of where and how it is made. I personally prefer organic ingredients and a high level of quality control BUT realistically that is not economically feasible for most people. An appropriate blend of what is affordable and best for the individual is where we have to sometimes settle and that is based in a personal relationship, not a blanket statement on the internet. You have needs, your pet has needs and they are specific. Frankly, I don’t think the quality of HUMAN food is one bit better than pet food, in some cases it may actually be better! (**look up pink slime which is in most of the meat for human consumption) Where you buy a product does not indicate its quality but only the quality of the storage and turnover rate. Where and how it is made matters. There ARE standards for pet foods with governing bodies BUT the average person cannot read the label or understand the contents which is why I suggest a dietary professional capable of helping you with this and understanding your pet’s individual needs.

        If we are honest, many dogs will do well on virtually any food offered while others may be very specific in their individual needs. Breeding? Genetics? Luck? A little bit of each; probably!!

        According to ethics and legally packaged pet foods “diseased carcass'” would not be acceptable ingredients for pet food but your first hand account might clue us in that there are more ugly truths. Both the FDA and the AAFCO have a hand in the labeling and disclosure of pet foods and I certainly hope you reported any discrepancies or poor quality practices to them.

    • Avatar Of M. Heflin

      M. Heflin


      Great response and thank you for the information.

    • Avatar Of Lisa



      Though I disagree with several of your points, I do appreciate the time and though you put into your comment.

      One major correction. You state that “Animals are more commonly allergic to the protein sources in food NOT THE GRAINS.” Grain and other non-meat ingredients do contain protein. And while these proteins may not be the main culprit behind allergies, they often cause system sensitivities that lead to other issues. I have a horse that is sensitive to soy protein and while she doesn’t exhibit classic allergic reactions, there are systemic repercussions. Unfortunately soybean meal and soy hulls are a quality source of protein and highly digestible fiber in processed horse feeds.

      Just because I don’t trust my vet when it comes to nutrition doesn’t mean I don’t trust my vet. Beyond the classes required in vet school, how many vets pursue continuing education in nutrition? How much influence do pet food manufacturers have in setting standards and protocols?

      With the availability of information on the internet, consumers have the opportunity to become more informed and thus better advocates for the health of their pets. When the companies/professionals, those who stand to make a profit, patronize and dismiss concerned consumers it simply perpetuates the cycle of mistrust and miscommunication.

      My former equine vet struck that amazing balance between respecting my approach to my horse and what he felt was his responsibility as a veterinary professional. He respected me as an informed caretaker and we worked in partnership for the overall health of my mare. My new vet seems open to the same relationship. I just wish I could find a small animal vet who had the same attitude.

      • Avatar Of Kelley



        Thank you Lisa for your intelligent and well thought out reply. You are correct, grain sources DO contain protein and I did speak incorrectly in that: DOGS are more commonly allergic to the ANIMAL proteins in food. This does not mean they cannot be allergic or sensitive to other ingredients it merely indicates the more common ingredient. I cannot honestly comment on the specifics for horses simply because, although I do have horses, medically speaking they are not my field of expertise and I do not feel qualified to comment.

        You are also correct that not every vet pursues additional education in nutrition but most will happily direct you to someone in the field who can counsel you more specifically. I also cannot honestly comment on how much influence manufacturers have over standards or labeling which is again why I suggest a professional who will most likely direct a consumer toward a product which EXCEEDS those standards while being appropriate to the overall health of their individual pet and economic status.

        You are so correct again in that the internet does offer a wealth of information but NOT all of it is correct or true. While pet foods have at least “some” governing bodies the internet has NONE. Nothing can replace the benefits of experience (not even education) which can be a mutual exchange between you and your health care provider! It seems you have been judicious enough to have had such a relationship which is exactly what I am encouraging to all pet owners. Everyone benefits. We learn new things every day from our pets and the people we have contact with. Communication makes it a two way street. I hope you find a small animal vet soon.

        • Avatar Of Robert



          You do realize, however, that you are equally prone to making blanket statements and suggestions. Such as “if you don’t like your vet, get a new one”. We have one vet, here. And that one vet has a pretty place, and a lot of overhead for it.

          We used to have another. An old guy. Small office, low overhead, and PLENTY of customers. Why? Years and years of experience, and plenty of EFFECTIVE remedies that did not break the bank. And his fee? Less than half that of the ineffective and expensive veterinarian that we are now saddled with.

          Don’t get so butthurt about stuff that is not what you are. Instead, concern yourself with figuring out why the jokers are able to practice with a license that you hold, and respect.

    • Avatar Of Polly



      Well said Kelley! Over the past 15 years we have had one really near death experience from probably bad dog food, then another time we received a recall notice months after another dog of ours became seriously sick. And most recently our very health young dog started to have seizures, so far we have been able to stop the seizures by changing the dog food and eliminating treats. Always check to see what is different from when your dog was healthy.. And keep notes so you can tell when the changes occur.

  19. Avatar Of Martha



    We need to watch the ingredients in our food too. Wishbone Thousand Island Salad dressing has Propylene Glycol in it!!!! I’ve noticed other human foods with that same ingredient. It’s TERRIBLE!

  20. Avatar Of Cheryl



    I’ve heard about problems with ‘Beneful’ for years now. I’ve never used their product (and wouldn’t after all of the horror stories – there are too many for there not to be some truth to them). I hadn’t heard that Purina had spoken ill of the Blue Buffalo brand, either, but I wouldn’t trust a word that came from them anyway. Their products, even the Purina Naturals brand (which I fed to my cats for a while when I couldn’t afford the higher priced premium cat foods), are filled with junk.

    Both of my cats have been on the Blue Wilderness dry food for over a year and a half now. Since they’ve been on it, they’ve had fewer hairballs, their litter boxes have smelled less, and my cats have been healthy as can be. My vet even said that there wasn’t a cat food on the market that he considered to be better than what I’m feeding them now.

  21. Avatar Of Bianca



    So what are the safest cost efficient foods that are good for my fur babies ?,?..

  22. Avatar Of Jude



    My 23 year old bichon/Maltese mix ate Purina Foods, mostly Purina One, for her entire life. I had heard about the Beneful situation so never would buy it. If Purina foods ( with the exception of Beneful) we’re truly harmful I would hope that someone somewhere would do some testing to find out what the problem is and get it fixed. Now my cats are in their teens and they, too, eat Purina One.

  23. Avatar Of Dog Owner

    Dog Owner


    Many dogs cannot handle foods that are high in proteins. We assume since protein is great for humans, foods high in protein are good for our dogs. I had a similar situation with the seizures…..my dog had a shunt issue which did not allow the liver to filter the extra proteins which caused the seizures.

  24. Avatar Of Rhonda



    My vet told me 30 years ago that Purina products were deadly. I have never fed any of them to my animals and they have all lived long and healthy lives.

  25. Avatar Of Vicki Reynolds

    Vicki Reynolds


    My dog 8 yr old Bichon has been on Beneful healthy weight since the dog food scare happened in 2005. Her food, Nutro had been recalled. The last bag of Beneful I opened, she at first did not want to eat it. She has developed over the past year bladder infections and then her bladder was full of crystals and there were some in her kidneys. Vet said to put her on Hill c/d food. I mixed the Beneful with it, but she would pick out the Hills and not eat it. So, they tried Royal Canin. Again I mixed Beneful with the Royal Canin. It was so full I of water content and also made her drink a lot of water. She started urinating without warning all over the house. S vet said put her on Hills w/dog, it would still help crystal problem. After reading all of the comments, I am inclined to start making her homemade food of lean cooked chicken, brown rice, cooked veggies and some broth, which should help her kidneys. I also read parsley is good for dogs, so think I will make some cooked parsley water to mix with her food. I would welcome your suggestions. She also since put on Beneful as a puppy will just throw up for no reason. She will not be eating Beneful tonight.

  26. Avatar Of Erika



    It’s amazing how this comes up after people get pissed off about Purana bringing the fact of Blue Buffalo’s dog food not being of good quality. And I hope that this is merely a coincidence.

    As a dog/cat lover I do feel bad for what the people have done though with their dogs. And I myself have never fed my dog Beneful. (I haven’t felt the need to) I have always fed my animals Purina pet food. Starting with Puppy/Kitty.. going to Complete Balance for my dog/and Indoor blend for my cats…. to Senior dog/Cat. My cats and Dogs have never had any problem with Purana dog food, they have been healthy and fit all there lives and lived long ones.

    I have tried the more expensive brands and they have made my animals sick. So for me, even though many of you may sit here and tell me how wrong I am, and how I am risking my animals health. I will continue to stick with what it good for them.

    • Avatar Of Missy



      Purina has been linked to dog deaths for years. Tjhis story above is similar to lots of others out there. You can look at the facebook site of beneful yourself and scroll through the stories or you can visit the consumer affairs site …simply do a search for beneful consumer affairs.
      It should be pointed out that the main ingredient in beneful and indeed a lot of Purina products is corn and a large proportion of that corn is GMO corn that has been modified in various ways to be able to handle the spraying of weed killer. There are also a lot of other ingredients that have been banned by other countries ( yet passed by the Monsanto approved board of the FDA)
      It is sheer laziness to be feeding your dog this garbage. Do your research, spend a bit of time and shop properly for your furry friend, dont let them down. You would not eat Mcdonalds every single meal, so don’t expect your dog to do well on cheap corn + fillers+ chemical additives either.

  27. Avatar Of Liz W

    Liz W


    We use to feel Purina Dog Chow to our dogs and one of them started having seizures and didn’t know why. Then several months later our other dog started having seizures also. We began to figure out that it was the corn in the dog food. We switched food to a grain free or corn free dog food and the seizures have stopped and haven’t had any for over 2 years.

  28. Avatar Of Karla



    Beneful made my pug sick also. I noticed he was throwing up so I immediately stopped feeding it to him and got him something else. He stopped throwing up and was back to normal. I will never feed Benful to my pug again! Im glad nothing else happened to him.

  29. Avatar Of Damita Williams

    damita williams


    My dogs have ate this food for over ten yers now , and they are fine!

  30. Avatar Of Shauna



    If he had read the ingredients he would have realized it is all junk. Could have saved himself and his dogs a lot of pain.

  31. Avatar Of Teresa



    My 8.5 yr old shih tzu developed pimple like bumps on his face and they grew larger all over his body leaving his coat dry and smelly. I had only been feeding him optimum dog food that is endorsed by bondi vet Chris brown for a good six months or so. I was told his body was trying to release toxins. After one week of antibiotics and an injection plus switching to a premium food plus homeopathic remedy drops daily and a multivitamin I am seeing my tzu run in the yard and wag his tail. His skin is starting to recover slowly but I cAnnot believe how vets get paid to endorse such toxic rubbish. Supermarkets should not sell rubbish like this. I will not ever feed my tzu optimum or beneful or any foods sold in any supermarket.

    • Avatar Of Missy



      Such a shame, I was feeding my dog a Purina product…a working dog mix. it read quite well on the package. I had three dogs and all were losing weight and their hair was looking dry and dull. One morning my young lass found the door open to the pet food and got stuck in without my knowledge. That night as she was eating her last meal she started to throw up. It never stopped and her kidneys went down on her and she ended up in emergency care. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on her but lost her in the end. I will never feed a Purina product ever again. All the dogs ( including my replacement pup) are now on a premium brand of food plus raw plus home prepared meals. They all look enormous and the other two dogs have recovered and looking very nice again.

  32. Avatar Of Michele Beasley

    Michele Beasley


    I gave my Sookie, a Pug/Cavalier King Charles mix, Beneful for about a week. I noticed she was throwing up and had diarrhea. I immediately took her off it and bought Merrick premium food. The throwing up immediately stopped and within 2 feedings her bowels were solid. I will NEVER buy Beneful again!! There has to be something to this. There are way too many instances of pets getting sick and even worse dying because of Beneful. I don’t understand how the FDA, Purina and Veterinarians can ignore this.

  33. Avatar Of George



    Adult Nutro caused my dog to have seizures to the point she was on potassium bromide for about 5 years – we never thought to change her food because Nutro was supposed to be great stuff, but then we did switch to a higher quality food and the seizures went away – and its been another 5 years since and she has not had one seizure – I wish the vet had suggested we try switching food for a month – but they never did. I hope more people get the message – and understand just because one food product doesn’t make one dog sick it could do so with another dog.

    • Avatar Of Anthony Fleming

      Anthony Fleming


      Nutro killed 2 of my dogs about 4 years ago my chocolate lab was about 5 and our red doberman was about 3

  34. Avatar Of Marcia



    I got lucky: My dog also ate Beneful and lived, but only through the grace of God and this Facebook page I noted above. He had recurrent urinary tract infection symptoms, including bloody urine (hematuria). He is probably only alive because I cooked for him most nights.

    My dog still has recurrent symptoms from Beneful. They don’t care. Purina has paid off people whose dogs have died, after making them sign a nondisclosure agreement. Is this not an admission of guilt, morally if not legally?

    I invite you all to visit our Facebook group. If your dog is not eating a good grain-free dog food, you have a problem, because 100% of the 2013 corn crop was contaminated with aflatoxins (a special mold that grows on corn) and is not even fit for hog corn. These are the shipments that China is turning away. It’s also a GMO (genetically modified organism) which has been shown to mutate the human genome. Corn is also most likely contaminated with Round-Up, which has been shown to be harmful to humans and dogs.

    this website saved my dog’s life. I am grateful to Ms. Ashford for bringing this out in the open. Purina is never going to be honest. Besides, our dogs are carnivores; they do not need a food made primarily out of any vegetable, much less with one of the active ingredients in antifreeze added (propylene glycol) and other nasty stuff!

    thank you Ms. Ashford for shedding light on this subject. I know these problems are very widespread. I deal with people who have these problems daily and get them help.

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