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Gumdrop Becomes First Pit Bull Adopted in Denver After 31-Year Breed Ban is Lifted

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Gumdrop the dog just became the very first pit bull adopted in Denver, Colorado since the city’s 31-year breed ban was lifted last November.

Pit bulls have been illegal in Denver since 1989. That was until November when 64.5% of voters elected to repeal the 31-year ban in favor of new ordinance that allows—while still highly regulating—ownership of “pit bull type dogs” including the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and mixed breed dogs having the physical characteristics of these breeds.

And on January 5, Gumdrop, a 3-year old Pit Bull at the Denver Animal Shelter became the first in the city to be adopted since 1989.

The handsome and lovable gray-and-white pup was found in December as a stray. After the mandatory stray hold, he was made available for adoption and shortly after, found his new family. Gumdrop, renamed Odin by his new family, is now living the good life with his new family in Colorado Springs.

Although he was the first adopted, Odin was not the first pit bull made available for adoption. That honor goes to “Penguin,” a black-and-white pit bull still at the Denver shelter hoping to find the perfect forever family.

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