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Halloween Decoration Ideas for Dog Lovers

Halloween is a mixed bag of tricks when you have dogs. First off, many dogs are not big fans of costumes, so trick or treating with your furry family member is not always advised. Second, they have specific nutritional needs so you can’t share candy with them. Finally, you really need to keep your dog indoors and in a safe area so bad folks don’t make him disappear.


So, how can you express your love of Halloween and still make your dog feel included? The answer is simple: Yard art.  It’s a great way to get in the spirit of Halloween without stressing your pets out. A little creativity goes a long way, but here are some of our favorite props to show off your love of the holidays.


What’s Halloween without a scary skeleton in the front yard? Think about investing in some dog-shaped yard skeletons! There are other animal species available, too. You can add in a few cats, rats, pelicans, and you can even pick up a life-sized horse!


Some ideas for setting it up include:
• A dog skeleton lifting his leg on your jack-o-lantern
• A pack of dog skeletons protecting your yard
• A skeleton dog chasing a skeleton person up a tree
• A dog skeleton chasing a cat skeleton up a tree
• A human skeleton walking a pair of skeleton dogs

The only limit is your imagination!



Sometimes bigger is better. How would a “Halloweiner” Inflatable weiner dog look in your yard? This adorable decor is  6.5′ wide and sure to make a statement.


And if you’re looking for a pet cemetery vibe, this inflatable skeleton dog surrounded with funny faux tombstones may be the decoration for you – it’s fun and forbidding!

Other inflatable dogs can be found with animated heads and glowing eyes or dressed in sweet or scary costumes of their own. Don’t forget to pick up a soundtrack of howling dogs to play while you’re doling out treats.



Halloween-loving pet parents are using their best furry friends as inspiration for some spooktacular pumpkin carvings. Use this book of Dog Pumpkin Carving Stencils to carve your dog’s likeness into your favorite fall gourd.

However you choose to show off your love of Halloween, make sure you and your real-life dogs are safe inside your home come the witching hour. Happy decorating!

How do you include your dog in your Halloween celebrations? Let us know by posting a comment below.


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