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Have You Ever Considered Raw Dog Food?

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You don’t normally associate mutts with gourmet dog food.

But my dog parent met Marie at the recent dog expo and she told him the story of her rescue dogs, Stella & Chewy and how she saved Chewy’s life.

Plus, with all the nonsense in the dog food world today, many people are looking at raw diets.

Now as a dog, I have to tell you. Stella & Chewy’s gets two paws up.

It’s yummy.

They gave my dog parent a bag and I really liked it.

Watch and you’ll find out why.

My dog parent just order a bunch of bags through Amazon.

You might want to sample a bag for your dog baby.

That’s an affiliate link and Dogington Post is paid a small commission if you order anything from that link. Since I have my dog parent wrapped around my paw, he’ll probably buy me some more Stella & Chewy’s with the money. But I hope he buys me something. All this writing is making me hungry!

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