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Healing a Wound With Canine Acupuncture, A Case Study

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The following guest post was written for The Dogington Post by Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, a practicing veterinarian and canine acupuncturist. Below is a case study showing the amazing results of acupuncture on one of Dr. Selmer’s actual patients at The Advanced Animal Care Center. Canine Acupuncture has proven effective in treating a broad range of health and wellness issues as well as helping with behavioral problems. To learn more, follow Dr. Selmer and Advanced Animal Care Center on Facebook by clicking here.

Madison is an 8 year old spayed female Jack Russell Terrier that came to me for excessively licking at her left forearm. The excessive licking actually led to an open wound that is not healing, a lick granuloma.

Let me give you a little background history. Madison had been treated by her previous Veterinarian with traditional western medications. Prednisone, a steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and Antibiotics were used in an attempt to address the wound. Unfortunately there was no success.  Her Mom came to me looking for an alternative approach to address lick granuloma.

In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) Madison is classified as a “Wood” type  personality. “Wood” type pets are usually outgoing, assertive, confident, fearless, athletic, type A personality, decisive and competitive. When confronted they can respond with anger. Madison was just that, she fit the personality perfectly. You should also know that the element “Wood” in TCVM is associated with the Liver and the Liver controls the feet.  Her tongue appeared lavender upon examination, which indicates stagnation of Qi or blood and pain. Her pulses were normal. Since she is experiencing anger upon examination and has a lavender tongue color and a condition affecting her lower front leg I believe her TCVM pattern diagnosis is either damp heat with Liver Qi stagnation (from the lavender tongue and lesion associated with the “wood” element and the Liver) with Damp Heat (because of the lick granuloma).

We decided to use acupuncture as follows : ‘circle the dragon’ on the granuloma;  BL-18/19, LIV-2/3, GB-34 to soothe the LIVER;  LI-4/11, GV-14 to clear Heat; ST-40, BL-22, SP-6 to Clear Damp. We also gave the following herbal formulas : Liver Happy for the Liver Qi stagnation, Four Paws Damp Heat for Damp Heat and Coptis Powder as a topical application directly on the wound.

After 2 treatments of acupuncture, 1 week apart and administering the herbal formulas the owner noticed Madison calming down. Her lavender tongue was becoming more pink and the non-healing wound was beginning to show signs of healing….. hair was starting to grow back. I was thrilled with the response and recommended we continue the acupuncture treatments as well as the herbal formulas. Below is an image of Madison at her first acupuncture treatment, you can see how we ‘circle the dragon’!

If you are interested in acupuncture for your pet please email [email protected] and put in the subject line Acupuncture Case.  To learn more about Dr. Selmer and the Advanced Animal Care Center you can visit our website at www.advancedcareforpets.com or like our page on facebook at The Caring Vet (www.facebook.com/TheCaringVet) or call us at 631-FOR-PETS (367-7387).

This Is An Image Of The Lesion At The First Acupuncture Treatment. Photo Michel Selmer, Dvm
This is an image of the lesion at the first acupuncture treatment. Photo Michel Selmer, DVM
This Is An Image Of The Lesion After A Couple Of Acupuncture Treatments
This is an image of the lesion after a couple of acupuncture treatments

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    The first photo is of the left leg. The second photo is of the right leg.

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