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Heartbroken Loyal 20-Year-Old Dog Surrendered By Owner Gets Adopted

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A loving and loyal 20-year-old Weimaraner has been adopted after being surrendered by his owner and experiencing a heartbreak like no other.

The senior dog, named Dax, was “left confused and heartbroken”, according to Big Dog Ranch Rescue – the No-Kill rescue in Florida that took the senior pooch in.

However, Dax is “officially living the good life now” and has found his forever family: a fur mom and two new siblings that welcomed him with open arms.

In an Instagram post, Big Dog Ranch Rescue wrote, “We are so very grateful for this wonderful miracle! We cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of support in helping DAX on this journey and to ALL of those who offered to give DAX a home.”

According to Big Dog Ranch Rescue, after Dax arrived to the dog rescue, he was given a full day of medical examinations, which included x-rays, blood work, urinalysis, medical evaluation, and exams.

Dax also went in a temporary foster home in Sarasota to be taken care of, offered by one of the Rescue’s partners, Love4Paws.

Love4Paws revealed that Dax has some issues with his back legs and has difficulty walking due to this. So, Dax was given his very own set of wheels to aid him.

“He is incredibly sweet and just wants to be loved, but we can tell he is heartbroken,” wrote Love4Paws in a post.

While Love4Paws took care of Dax, Big Dog Ranch Rescue reviewed adoption application to find “the perfect forever retirement home for him where he can be showered with the love care and affection he so deserves for the time he has left.”

Big Dog Ranch Rescue also revealed that the rescue group will cover all of the senior pooch’s medical expenses and medical care for the remainder of his life.

Dax’s story went viral back in June and broke the hearts of many users online.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue shared the video of the dog looking sad and confused after being surrendered. In the post, the Rescue wrote, “It is unfathomable to think about a loving loyal 20 year old senior dog, at the end of his life span, given up and left confused and heartbroken.”


Big Dog Ranch Rescue also took this opportunity to remind people how much responsibility dog owners have, physically and emotionally.

“They are not just dogs-they are our children and our family members who love us unconditionally and remain forever loyal, asking for little in return,” the Rescue continued.

One TikTok user wrote, “I don’t understand how someone could get rid of their dog!! Especially that age!!”

Another user also wrote, “You know this baby loved his family and no way he can understand, he will grieve for them [for] the rest of his life. So sad.”

We hope Dax lives the remainder of his life knowing nothing but love and happiness!

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