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Help For Arthritic Dogs

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There are many common health problems humans share with dogs. Arthritis is one of these and if you have a dog with this issue there is help available for an arthritic dog. In the following article we will go over a few things you can do to provide a better environment and reveal to those who has such a canine there is in fact help available for an arthritic dog.

One cause of arthritis is an inflammation of or swelling of your dog’s joints. The causes can range from old age to poor nutrition leading to underdevelopment of the ligaments, tendons, and bones. Just as people are subject to the painful condition of arthritis, so are animals including our beloved pet dogs. The help available for an arthritic dog is very similar to what humans use to relieve their arthritis. Medications are very useful as well as providing a good balance of vitamins and nutrients for “rebuilding” the cushioning tendons between the joints.

Things we can do at home to help ease this condition for our dog include taking your dog for a swim. This is a low impact exercise that works the joints in a smooth motion without any weight being put on the joints. If possible have your dog swim in warm water so the muscles, tendons and cartilage in the joints are warm and flexible. The blood will be warmer increasing blood flow to all areas of the dog’s body for a good lubrication of the joints. This is also a great way for over-weight dogs who suffer from arthritis to have a great aerobic workout and lose weight. The more weight an overweight dog loses the less stress his or her arthritic joints have to bear.

Cover tiled and polished hardwood floors with large nonskid area rugs to prevent the dog slipping and aggravating the condition. This is easy to do and your dog will be able to move through your home safely.

Change the bed your dog sleeps in. Use a softer cushion so there is more support and less strain on the joints when the dog rests. Check out the beds available for arthritic dogs as they are the best option.

Keep your dog well groomed because the pain associated with arthritis limits the dog’s ability to groom their selves properly.

The help available for an arthritic dog is out there for those who seek it out. Always consult your vet for suggestions and possible medications to help ease the pain. As the picture accompanying this article shows, wheels can be provided for arthritic dogs whose joints have caused immobility.

Do you have an arthritic dog? Please share your tips and advice with our readers.

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  1. Avatar Of Karl



    Arthritis is caused by many things – primary arthritis comes from the natural process of ageing while secondary arthritis comes from a specific trigger – in my case it was hip dysplasia which naturally progressed to arthritis (a birth defect). Water therapy is a life saver for dogs with arthritis, if you can afford to take your dog to a center, or if you live in a place by the ocean or a pool. A less expensive alternative is using a brace for the affected area. We’ve been using the Ortocanis hip brace ever since my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and with the arthritis it also works wonders. We don’t keep it on my dog all the time but it’s flexible enough to get fair wear out of it. Here’s where we bought it from – ortocanis.com/en/technical-helps-for-dogs/128-hip-and-back-brace.html. I don’t know if there are other braces that work as well for other parts of the dog’s body with arthritic joints, but it’s probably something worth looking into.

  2. Avatar Of Deedee



    I need a wheeled thingy for my dog who lost her front paw in a car accident before we got her. I’ve seen many of these apparatuses for hind support, but not for front support. She weighs 40 lbs and is too heavy for me to carry, She has arthritis in the shoulder, her spine, and her hips. Where can I get her a wheeled apparatus?

    • Avatar Of Traci



      Talk to your veterinarian. She can help you find a supplier of the doggy wheeled carts. They do make them for dogs that need front support. You can also buy or make a sling that you can use to support your dog when you can’t use the cart. Also by changing your dogs diet and adding some supplements you can help ease the pain from arthritis or at least lesson the need for pain killing drugs that are hard on the body. Thank you so much for adopting a special needs dog!!!!!

  3. Avatar Of Jerry Jerry says:

    We are formulating mineral supplements with vitamins and are proud of our products but irregardless, you mentioned ages of poor nutrition and going to a chelated mineral supplement which includes zinc, copper, and manganese in that form will help give relief without going the medication route. Also including yeast, probiotics, and digestive enzymes will help with the immune system and that can help fight off the infection in joints that goes along with the inflamation and the pain.

  4. Avatar Of Kathyyager



    Need help with some kind of aid for our 12 year weiner dog. He was born with only l front paw and 2 back. he is getting to where we have to carry him in and out. I have seen wheeled help for dogs with hind leg problems, but none for on without a front leg. He is the sweetest guy, but we need help with this one. anyone who has a idea, we are open to all suggestions.

  5. Avatar Of Kathy



    Arthritis is caused by dampness. See a veterinarian who practices Chinese medicine. They can easily correct it. Allopathic medicine has no interest in healing it – only in making money by selling you more medicine.

    • Avatar Of Deedee



      Arthritis is not just caused by dampness. It’s caused my joint stress from age, weight, disability, and/or poor health and nutrition. If it were caused by just dampness, then the dogs in dry, warm areas would not get the disease. I went the Chinese herb route with a specialist on my GSD mix, It did nothing for her.

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