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Help Police Find the Person that Banded this Dog’s Muzzle Shut for 2 Weeks

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Police are asking for help to find the person responsible for an “extreme act of cruelty” against a dog found wandering the streets, her muzzle tightly bound with a rubber band for nearly 2-weeks.

When “Liberty” was found, the rubber band was so tightly wound around her muzzle that her jaw bone was exposed and part of her tongue was missing.

Veterinarians aren’t quite sure how Liberty survived the ordeal, unable to eat, drink, or pant for between 10 to 14 days in the Florida heat.

Now, Plantation, Florida police are hoping the community can help find the person responsible.

Police say the dog’s owner reported her missing July 12th. Then someone reported seeing a man abandon a dog matching Liberty’s description on July 17th driving an older model black vehicle in the area near the Turnpike overpass on W. Sunrise Boulevard.

Liberty was found on the streets of Plantation the next day. Investigators rushed her to the hospital where Veterinary surgeon Carl Jehn worked to close her wound. He says he believes Liberty’s muzzle was bound for at least 10-14 days.

Despite her ordeal, Liberty has remained calm and happy, teaching her caregivers and foster family a lesson in love and trust.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.

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  1. Avatar Of Beverly



    OMG! Another one? What is wrong with some people out there? There are psychopaths out there, abusing dogs! I hope they catch the inhuman monster who did this to that sweet dog and put him in prison for a long time. Enough! I hope the prison is full of dog lovers who know exactly what he is in for, too. I love dogs so much and I’m in tears reading this. Poor baby. KARMA IS WAITING!

    • Avatar Of Linda



      It never to end. Some many sick people out there abusing the most innocent (animals, children and the elderly). Of course we all know that they are mental ill but more than that they are total COWARDS. We r have making waves little by little to help in the cat and dog abuses. But we still need a lot more work and very strong jail sentences and fines. More people need to get involved
      in there own neighborhoods. I recently started noticing dogs coming and going a lot. Aways new dogs for a day and then they are gone and more show up. Called the animal shelter to check it out. I have to get back to them and see what they are doing because it is still going on.
      I am sure it goes on in so many neighborhoods as far as breeding and using they equipment they have in their garage to train.
      Have not been able to find where they go with the dogs each week. Very sad and makes me sick at my stomach.

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