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Hero Pit Bull Saves Little Boy From Deadly Swarm of Bees

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Photo Via Kptv
Photo via KPTV

An 8-year old Oregon boy is alive today after being saved from what could very well have been a deadly encounter with a swarm of bees – and it’s all thanks to his best four-legged friend, a Pit Bull terrier named Hades.

When a group of kids were playing together at a creek embankment near their apartment complex on Tuesday, one of the kids stepped on a rotted out log, sending a swarm of bees into the air around them.

Being stung repeatedly, the kids ran screaming up the hill and away from the creek. Except for 8-year old Jesse-Cole Shaver, who’d been stung more than twenty times and didn’t have the strength to run away.

Lucky for Jesse-Cole, his dog Hades was nearby. Knowing he was in danger, Hades grabbed Jesse-Cole by his pants leg and pulled him up the hill. When they reached a grassy area, Hades stopped and allowed the little boy to climb onto her back. She then carried young Jesse to his mother.

Jesse’s 14-year old sister, who is allergic to bees, had been stung 5 times. Jesse was stung at least 24. Both children were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the kids’ mother credits their adopted dog with saving her children’s lives.

Oh, I thank my puppy,” she told KCTV5. “I’m so glad we adopted her.”

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