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Homeopathic Remedies: What If My Dog Bites A Bee?

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What if my dog bites a bee?

Wait a sec! Dogs don’t bite bees, bees bite, er, sting dogs.

Sure. But a frisky dog in the garden can also take aim at a bee and snap at it as did Mainly, a terrier whose owner knew right off what to do when he saw his lovable mutt leap at a bee and heard the dog squeal. Himself allergic to stings, the owner had learned how homeopathy brings a  fast cure. As he ran to get his homeopathic remedy kit he considered a emergency visit to the vet—but it was Saturday and the vet’s office was closed. It would take too long to find someone else and his 15-pound pet might in the meantime die. So there was nothing to it but to try homeopathy. He knew it could be quite serious when a dog bites a bee because often it can cause the dog’s throat to swell closed.
A close search of Mainly for the stinger at first disclosed nothing. But 15 minutes later the dog staggered over to his owner’s porch, face and neck badly swollen on one side. With this clue the owner was able to locate and remove the stinger. Then he grabbed a bottle of Apis mellifica, a remedy made from potentized honey bee venom. Potentizing, sometimes also called dynamizing—a diluting and shaking process—is the secret of homeopathy’s effectiveness.
Mainly was given two sac lac sugar tablets of Apis 6x which he gobbled up right out of his owner’s hand. Such a small amount of sweets cannot harm the dog, but please—no chocolate ever for your pooch. The caffeine in it is seriously poisonous for canines.
What did the Apis do for Mainly? Within a minute the swelling visibly started going down, seemed to stop after about five minutes. Some more Apis for Mainly and again the swelling was visibly reduced. After another 15 minutes Mainly was breathing easier (and so was his owner). A little more Apis got the neck back to normal and when the dog began scratching at the sting site an hour later he got another Apis tablet. By bedtime six hours later, Mainly was back to normal and the owner who had wondered at times if homeopathic cures were only a placebo effect, was completely sold that they were not. Humans can be fooled into a cure by a placebo (if they think it is the real medicine), but animals don’t think that way unless you have finally found an authentic “talking dog.”
As Mainly’s owner remarked, “Mainly has lived to snap at more bees, and I have gone forward to more adventures in homeopathy.”

Have you ever used homeopathic remedies for your dog? Tell us about it below!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Mindy Shumaker

    Mindy Shumaker


    I have used a human product that is all natural ingredients on my chihuahua, Romeo. Protandim (combination of green tea, milk thistle, bacopa, ashwaghanda, and tumeric) is a powerful pill that makes your body fight off free radicals that cause all types of inflammation and diseases in our bodies. I have been taking Protandim for several months and have no more pain from my fibromyalgia. When I noticed that Romeo (age 7) who is a little overweight was having stiffness when he woke up or when he was trying to jump on/off the couch, I started giving him 1/2 tablet of Protandim. He is his playful agile self again! It only took about a week and I give him one(1/2) every other day ever since then. It works!

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