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How Enrichment Makes for a Better Doggy Daycare

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Do You Want to Make a Difference in the Lives of Companion Dogs, AND Reduce Stress?

This post will primarily be of interest to people who work in the dog day care industry. But, pet parents can learn a lot, too! As a dog owner, it’s so worthwhile to educate yourself about the benefits of an enrichment-based doggy “day care.”

When you enroll your dog in a true enrichment program, their whole behavioral health is improved. You’ll enjoy fewer behavioral troubles and, most importantly, a much better relationship with your dog.

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Where do dog day care owners get their training?

If you own, operate, or work at a dog daycare, you’re familiar with some of the stresses that come with the job. They’re difficult problems to fix, especially since it can be so hard to find continuing education opportunities that show you how to do better by the dogs in your care. There aren’t many training opportunities available to us.  

I’ve attended various conferences and seminars, some as an attendee and others as a speaker. One of the most common things I hear is how people in the pet care services industry are stressed, and ultimately desperate for knowledge that will help them create a business that they can run, not one that runs them into the ground.

Unfortunately, they often don’t find this knowledge at industry events, or there’s simply not enough time to cover everything they need to know.

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A new seminar for dog daycare owners and operators

That’s why we created the University of Doglando’s Beyond Doggy Day Care seminar, to be held in Orlando, Florida from February 8th – 13th, 2017.

The seminar’s entire focus will be on creating an enrichment-based model for your dog daycare. Moving beyond traditional doggy daycare and implementing an enrichment-based model can transform your business and the level of care you’re able to offer to the dogs, their humans, your staff, and yourself.

Why does the enrichment model work?

In other posts, we’ve talked to pet parents about the importance of choosing a dog day care mindfully.

Simply put, today’s companion dogs are stressed out at home and in the world. Often, they bring that energy to your dog day care when their owners drop them off. They don’t possess behavioral wellness, which makes your job even more difficult.

Essentially, you and your team are now required to be knowledgeable and skilled in dog behavior and training. Beyond Doggy Day Care will give you the knowledge and skills you need in those areas.

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If I’m a dog owner, what should I know about enrichment?

If you’re a dog parent reading this article, it’s wonderful that you want to learn more about dog day cares and what they can do for you and your dog. Many facilities are market themselves as enrichment-based, but it’s important that you do your own homework before accepting any claims.

The best way to confidently assess a dog day care facility is to learn more about canine behavior. Doglando has created a Recommended Reading list with tons of fantastic resources. We’ll update it regularly, so check back often.


Who should attend Beyond Doggy Day Care?

This course is for you if you want to elevate your dog day care business and the experience that the dogs in your care receive.

Owners, operators, and employees will all benefit, and we even have some forward-thinking business owners sending their most valued team members out to Orlando to participate.

If you’re interested in attending Beyond Doggy Day Care, all the registration information you need can be found here. The registration deadline is January 25th, and we want to make sure the course is the perfect fit for you. You can email me personally any time at [email protected] with any questions.

If you can’t make it to Orlando, be sure to follow along on Facebook. We’ll be posting regular updates from the seminar where you can follow along and learn more.

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Teena Patel, LLA CPDT, has a bachelor of science degree in comparative psychology and an MBA.

Teena is founder of the Country Day School at the University of Doglando, a 4-acre canine educational and enrichment center in Orlando. Teena is inspired by the idea that responsible pet-ownership requires a focus on the whole dog and teaching life skills rather than amusing tricks. Patel has earned a national reputation for her innovative approach to training and dog care, and routinely consults around the country on her philosophy of enrichment, education, and improving dogs’ behavioral health.

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