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How and Why You Can File a Dog Bite Lawsuit

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As much as a dog is believed to be man’s best friend, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it may turn wild against the owner and cause a dog bite accident. The neighbors and visitors aren’t spared either.

Dog Bite

Be careful when interacting with dogs because they also have changing emotions. They aren’t happy all the time, as many believe. Sometimes they get hungry, and that’s when they are most likely to bite someone.

Often, a dog won’t even spare children. Many children have been victims of dog bites in the past. Adults are also part of the larger number of victims of dog bites. But what should you do if you or someone you know suffers a dog bite?

First, seek medical attention. The next step is using the doctor’s report to file a dog bite lawsuit. In your quest for justice, you may be confused about the correct steps to follow when filing a lawsuit. The process is outlined below.

What Should You Do When Filing a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Lack of information on how to handle dog bite cases may lead to silence. However, it’s wrong to take no action after such an accident. Opting for a dog bite lawsuit is the right thing to do. The following are some of the things to do:

  • Have the correct identity of the owner
  • Get visual evidence
  • Approach the relevant authorities
  • Check the history
  • Don’t forget about the impact
  • Never do it alone

1. Have the Right Identity of the Owner

After seeking medical attention, get the correct identity of the owner. It can be irreverent to file a claim if you don’t have the information of the owner. If you are a visitor in the area, ask neighbors and friends about the owner.

2. Get Visual Evidence

Once you have suffered a dog bite, always ensure to have the relevant pieces of evidence that will make your lawsuit valid. One of the things you’ll need to do is take a picture of the injured area. If you spot the dog, you can also take a picture of it.

3. Approach the Relevant Authorities

If you’re confident that you have all the supportive documents and evidence about the incident, proceed to the Municipal Government and file your claim. The report will help in the documentation of your case. It will also provide a trail for the authorities.

4. Check the History

After filling your claim at the Municipal Government, use the past dog bite record to ascertain whether the dog has been in a similar case before. You might be shocked to find that it has been in similar situations in the past. Also, check on the results of the previous dog bite cases. That will prepare you for what to expect.

5. Don’t Forget About the Impact

One of the essential aspects you must not forget when filing the claim is how the dog bite has affected your recovery. According to D. Miller & Associates, some dog bite victims require stitches or plastic surgery. Whatever your situation, write it down since it will be one of the considerations when the court determines your compensation.

6. Don’t Do It Alone

It’s always advisable to let an expert assist you with the dog bite lawsuit. Contact a knowledgeable lawsuit attorney to help you in the matter. If you approach a law firm, be sure to check their track record. Some Lawyers lack experience in such cases and may let you down.

Lastly, never worry about a dog bite lawsuit; follow the above procedures, and all will be well. After filing your claim, be patient and let the law take its course.

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