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How Cuddling Puppies Could Help Save the Planet

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This is not a drill. Eco-homes around the world are looking for some TLC, alongside the furry friends that just so happen to live inside of them.

Earth Day

With a TrustedHousesitters’ membership you can make a promise to yourself (and the Earth) that you’ll test out an all-green lifestyle this year. Reduce your carbon footprint, and scratch that spring travel itch all while cuddling a puppy in need of a babysitter. You’ll be looking into building your own eco-home in no time after checking out these unique eco-friendly house sits…

TrustedHousesitters has put together the below list of their some of their eco-friendly properties for the environmentally conscious, animal loving traveler. If you’re not familiar with TrustedHousesitters imagine a platform like airbnb that lets members enjoy pet companionship and unique (FREE) travel experiences worldwide, allowing pet owners to know their animals are in safe hands, so they them self can travel as well.

United States: Solar home on 14 acres in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado


This house is nestled in a pine and aspen forest with a view of James Peak, just 14 miles outside of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The area offers myriad hiking and biking opportunities, and is about 10 miles from Eldora Mountain Resort, providing extensive alpine and nordic skiing and snowboarding terrain. The house has a passive solar design with a wood stove to augment the solar heat. Just look after the house, water the plants and care for the dog while his family are away. Phoenix is a loving companion, and although he is 9 years old, still loves daily walks and hiking in the mountains.

Or, consider this other nature and pet-loving property in the United States:

Solar Retreat Near Santa Fe (off-the-grid) – Santa Fe, New Mexico

United Kingdom: Highland eco-house with 2 dogs & a cat


This eco-house in the highlands may or may not be a modern day hobbit hole in the BEST way possible. Home to two (human) permaculture gardeners, you’ll hang out in this remote lodge while taking care of their two pups and cat. The house emits zero-carbon- it has straw bale walls and a grass roof. Before you ask, yes there IS WiFi.

Or, consider this other nature and pet-loving property in the United Kingdom:

Eco House and 3 Golden Retrievers in the Wiltshire Countryside – Salisbury, United Kingdom

Thailand: Ecovilla Krabi Thailand


This ecovilla (yes, that’s a thing) is surrounded by a tidal freshwater creek for your swimming leisure. It is home to a selection of tropical fruit trees, a large veggie garden and 6 different fishing ponds. While watching this ecovilla, you’ll take care of 2 doggos, feed the chickens and play with their pet gibbon. Yes, gibbon.

Spain: Off-Grid Mountain House Spain


This off-the-grid, solar-powered home is nestled in the Sierra Nevadas in southern Spain. The water running in the home is from melted snow in the mountains- are you kidding? Their garden is on a series of terraces that overlook the mountains, lake and sea. You’ll take care of one sweet rescue dog and 7 cats. Also- there’s a pool. Meow.

Or, consider these other nature and pet-loving properties in Spain:

Experience Off Grid Mountain Life – Lanjarón, Spain

Off-Grid Olive Farm with Alpacas, Chickens and Dogs in Spain – Valderrobres, Spain

Australia: Self sufficient house in Grampians with big dogs


Have you ever dreamt of living off the grid? Heard stories of people living self sufficiently? Getting your power only from sunshine, your water from the rain, your veggies from the garden and eggs from the chooks? Well this house sit could be your dream come true! A house built with recycled materials, off the main power and water grid, chickens, veggie garden, with amazing views of the Grampians and 50 kms from the closest town! The catch? Two 70kg Great Danes who live inside.

Plus many, many more from around the globe, including:

Ireland: House-sitter and dog minder in Dungourney Eco-House – Dungourney, Ireland

Greece: Stavrianna Eco Natural Farm and Farmhouse in Peloponissos – Diakoptó, Greece

Portugal: Co-Living in an Off-Grid Farm in the Mountains of Central Portugal – Viseu, Portugal

About TrustedHousesitters:
TrustedHousesitters solves a common global problem, helping pet lovers (and owners) travel. Members enjoy the opportunity to travel worldwide for free, while knowing their animals are in the hands of someone trusted. Sitters can travel to unique corners of the world free of charge (after a single yearly membership fee of $119).

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