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How Long Can Dogs Go Without Eating?

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If your dog feels sick and loses his appetite, how long can he go without food? The most frequent symptom of many medical issues for dogs is loss of appetite. This is one of the reasons it’s so crucial to watch out for additional symptoms and take your dog to the vet if he isn’t eating.

With the exception of small-breed puppies, who are vulnerable to hypoglycemia, the majority of healthy dogs can go three days without eating and still be well. Many even have a five-day span. But this is assuming that during this period they are still consuming water. If your dog is unhealthy, he probably only has the capacity to go three days without meals. However, if your dog isn’t eating, you shouldn’t wait that long.

Even though it is a general idea, keep in mind that each dog is different. Your dog might not be able to go as long without food if he isn’t as healthy or if his metabolism is different.

If your dog goes 48 hours without food, you should call your veterinarian at the latest. But if he is showing worrying symptoms even before the 48 hours are over, immediately take him to the doctor. One of the things the vet will do right away after examining your dog is to try to determine why he isn’t eating. As soon as you see your dog refusing food, you can also investigate some of these potential problems at home.

If your dog is a picky eater and refuses to eat, try adding meat to the food or making mealtimes enjoyable for the dog. If your dog is obese, missing a few meals could be better for your pet. Dog obesity has become a serious issue in the US, largely as a result of overfeeding and insufficient exercise. Consider what the dog has eaten in the previous 24 hours before feeling guilty over skipping dinner.

But when it comes to not drinking water, this is more concerning than going without food. Considering how rapidly they can become dehydrated, dogs can last longer without food than they can without water. You should call your veterinarian if your pet doesn’t drink anything for an entire day because it could cause dehydration. Lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, wheezing, weakness, gagging, and weight loss are all indications that your dog may be dehydrated if they aren’t drinking.

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