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Staying Healthy

How to Beat the Summer Heat

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Do you know what high summer temperatures can mean for your pooch? A range of health concerns from heat exhaustion to burnt paw pads happen to dogs each summer. Below are some great tips for beating the heat!

Combating the Roasting Heat of Summer

One of the best ways to fight heat-related risks on Fido’s health is for both of you to go outdoors during early morning or evening hours, or to have fun water-based excursions from time to time. Because these activities are not for all breeds, you and your pooch can also opt for indoor play sessions and vigorous training. Below are the other ways you can help your dog survive the summertime.

1. Lots of water and some shady areas. Whether you are just staying at home or you are traveling, ensure that Fido has easy access to clean water all the time. Remember that it takes little time for dogs to become critically dehydrated during summer. When spending time outside, ensure that your pooch also has a pleasant shady place to escape the sun.

2. Reschedule Fido’s exercise. Because your daily routines with Fido can be rough for both of you when carried out during the fieriest times of the day, try taking your walk or jog later in the evening or early in the morning, during the coolest parts of the day. By continuing on giving Fido enough exercise, you can keep him happy even at the peak of the summer months.

3. Always keep him company. Never leave your pooch alone in the car. Even just a couple of minutes in a hot vehicle can be dangerous for him. Just as critically, ensure Fido’s never left alone in any other area that could easily overheat such as a garage or a shed without ample ventilation.

4. Let him cool down. Dogs sweat through their paws and cool themselves through panting. Never do anything that will keep your pooch from using his normal cooling techniques. If you must have your dog in a muzzle, ensure that it will allow him to still have his mouth open to pant and drink without difficulty. Also, although pets look really cute in fancy clothes, summer is surely not the right time to dress them up. Giving him a well-groomed coat would be a better option.

5. Apply some doggie sunscreen. Dogs can get sunburns too! Try putting some dog sunscreen on his ears, nose, belly and other parts of his body with the least fur. Because human sunblock contain substances that are sometimes toxic to animals, ensure that you pick one that is safe for him. Don’t forget to protect his paws as well.

6. Others. Give your pooch cool treats to keep him refreshed all the time, and keep yourself informed. Learn the warning signs of dehydration, overheating, and heat stroke. Know the vet clinic hours and contact number in the event of an emergency.

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    You wouldn’t leave a child in a hot car. I’d break the window if saw a dog or child in a hot car. Abuse is abuse. Period.

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