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How To Clean Dog Poop From Various Surfaces

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How To Clean Dog Poop From Various Surfaces

Dogs are amazing companions, but they’re also poop machines. Potty training your dog is the best thing you can do for your and your fur baby, but sometimes accidents still do happen. Regardless of where they poop, poop is poop, and poop has germs. This is why it’s important to be thorough with your cleaning to have a safe and clean environment.

Here, we’ll give you some quick tips to clean your dog’s poop from just about any surface.

Cleaning Dog Poop From Carpet Rugs

Cleaning Dog Poop From Carpet & Rugs

There are several ways to clean dog poop from carpets & rugs. One way is by using an enzymatic product on the spot. Start by scooping as much poop as you can and then applying the cleaner according to the product’s instructions. From there, dab the spot with a dry towel. Avoid scrubbing as you don’t want to ruin the carpet’s fibers.

If you don’t have an enzymatic product on hand, another option is to use undiluted soda water directly on the stain. From there, dab a dry towel on the spot and rinse until the stain is gone. Then place a new dry towel on the spot with a heavy object on top of the towel to let it soak up the remaining moisture. 

Cleaning Dog Poop From Tile Wood Flooring

Cleaning Dog Poop From Tile & Wood Flooring

Tiles are much easier to clean than carpets. Simply clean the surface of any remaining bits of poop then use a pet odor and stain remover to scrub the floor. You’ll want to them remove the odor through a product like Angry Orange Enzyme Cleaner & Pet Stain Remover so that your dog won’t keep coming back to the same spot.

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Cleaning Dog Poop From Vinyl Flooring

Cleaning Dog Poop From Vinyl Flooring

For vinyl floors, after cleaning all the poop, you can use a homemade solution from one cup vinegar with two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent and one gallon of hot water in a bucket. From there, dip a brush into the solution and wipe the stained area. If the stain still persists, try mixing equal parts water and baking soda to make a paste which you’ll apply to the area for 15 minutes. From there, clean the paste and let it dry. 

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Cleaning Dog Poop From Upholstery

Cleaning Dog Poop From Upholstery

If poop for some reason ends up on your couches or chairs, try blotting the area with some soda water or using a pet odor and stain eliminator specifically made for upholstery to remove the stain and odor like this one:

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Cleaning Dog Poop From Leather

Cleaning Dog Poop From Leather

If your dog poops on leather surfaces such as on your car’s seat (yikes!), a few household items can do the trick of fixing the problem. Combine one tablespoon of lemon juice with one tablespoon of cream of tartar. Apply the solution to the area for 15 minutes before using a damp sponge to wipe the area clean. Rinse the sponge and continue until the paste and the stain are gone.

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Cleaning Dog Poop From Fabric

Cleaning Dog Poop From Fabric

For areas such as blankets or towels, pre-treatment is recommended before laundering the item. This simply involves mixing 10 parts water to one part laundry detergent. Then apply that solution to the area and blot with a brush, let it sit before blotting with a dry towel. Once that’s done, rinse, launder and dry depending on the item’s instructions. 

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Cleaning Dog Poop From Concrete

Cleaning Dog Poop From Concrete

For outdoor mishaps such as pooping on concrete, soak the area with boiling water and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Scrub the baking soda around the area and let it sit overnight. After soaking, pour a cup of hot water over the baking soda and scrub again. Clean the area with hot water afterwards.

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