How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Dog

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You love dogs but can’t convince your parents to get you one. Is this familiar? Well, you can’t really blame your parents. Having a dog is a fun experience, but there are a lot of responsibilities. Dogs demand a significant amount of effort, time, and occasionally even money. This is typically the reason parents decide against getting a dog.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you! Here are some things you can do to convince your parents!

Show Them Your Soon To Be Routine

Show Them Your Soon To Be Routine

You will have to give up some of your favorite activities in order to spend enough time with your dog. It’s a big responsibility. You should inform your parents that you are prepared to devote time to dog-related activities and that you are aware of that part of dog ownership. Regardless of whether you choose an older dog or a young puppy, both will require food, walks, exercise, grooming, and training. You can explain to your parents that you are aware of the time and effort required to raise a happy, healthy, well-adjusted pet by making a list of your daily responsibilities.

Promise And Show You Ll Be Responsible

Promise (And Show!) You’ll Be Responsible

Start with the household tasks. Without being asked, finish all of your household chores. Do the dishes, take out the garbage, make your bed, and tidy up your space. If you take on more tasks, you can even receive extra credit. They will be far more likely to say yes if you assist with household tasks, finish all of your schoolwork, and even have time for a part-time job. Avoid actions that will encourage them to refuse.

Show Your Research

Show Your Research

Your parents will get impressed when you show your research about the breed of dog that you want. Show them fun facts and research. Explain to them why you want that certain breed. Tell them why a dog could be a perfect addition to your family. 

Help With The Expenses

Help With The Expenses

First of all, adopting is cheaper than buying. And not only did you save money, but you also helped the poor animals waiting to be adopted in the shelter. So, you probably want to start saying that to your parents. But keep in mind that this is not the only time when you’ll spend money. Insurance, a collar or harness and leash, a bed, a kennel, a puppy playpen, food bowls and healthy foods are all essentials for your dog and you need to buy them. Strategize on how to help your parents with the expenses that come with having a dog. Take some part-time jobs delivering newspapers or mowing the lawn. With that, you’ll probably convince your parents to get you a dog!

Explain The Pros Of Having A Dog

Explain The Pros Of Having A Dog

There are many reasons having a dog will be good for your house. You might probably be able to convince your parents by telling them those. For example, having a well-trained dog can help those who are concerned about house breakings feel more at ease in their minds. When they observe the unusual activity around the house, the majority of dogs will bark. Make use of these observations to persuade your parents. Inform them that acquiring a dog will improve your home’s security overall and make everyone feel safer. Another reason is fitness and health. Everyone’s fitness levels will increase if a dog lives in the household because someone in the house will always be tasked with taking the dog out for a walk. That’s a win-win situation for everybody, isn’t it?

And there you have it! Highlighting the best parts of having a dog might help. And remember, keep your promises and words. Walk that talk!

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