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How to Cure Dog and Puppy Hiccups

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Has your dog or pup ever had hiccups? If it continues for more than a minute or two, here are some tips on how to cure dog and puppy hiccups. Every mammal that has a diaphragm can experience hiccups. While some animals like birds and reptiles don’t have diaphragms, they can still do some kind of involuntary action similar to hiccupping, such as when amphibians perform a gulping action.

Like human hiccups, there is really nothing much to worry about your dog or puppy getting hiccups, because they usually go away after a minute or two.

But if your dog or pup gets them frequently, or they linger for more than 30 minutes, or the dog is experiencing slight coughing, then it is time to go see the vet.

Do NOT give dogs human medicines for curing hiccups without proper guidance from a vet. Such medications can harm your dog.

How to Cure Dog and Puppy Hiccups

Here are some proper ways of getting rid of hiccups in dogs.

Both puppies and dogs get hiccups, and the reasons why are almost identical to why we get them. It is usually from eating too quickly, being too excited or energetic, and high-grain food. Puppies are more hyperactive and tend to be more playful and excited, whether during playtime or eating, and this makes them more prone to hiccups. Barking too much can also cause hiccups, because too much excitement can induce quick breathing. And, of course, eating or drinking too quickly can cause air to be trapped in the stomach.

Identifying if your dog really has hiccups can be a bit hard, because some involuntary actions are similar to hiccups. One good example is the so-called ‘reverse sneezing’ in which a dog breathes very quickly and without control, as if the opposite of sneezing. You should also watch out for when a dog hiccups for a long period of time, and especially with coughing. The following are some simple methods of getting rid of your dog’s hiccups:

  1. Make sure you feed your dog low-grain food. High-grain foods often cause hiccups in dogs. You can also watch your dog’s eating habits and figure out what other types of food may trigger hiccups.
  2. Water helps hiccups go away, much like in humans. Give water to your dog when he experiences hiccups.
  3. Exercise him some. Whether it is a good walk in the park, a game of fetch or Frisbee, or just about any outdoor activity, it will surely stimulate your dog, change his breathing and heart-rate and cure the hiccups.
  4. Try feeding your dog, as it can also change your dog’s pattern of breathing and drive away hiccups.

The above tips for how to cure dog and puppy hiccups work in most instances, fortunately. As mentioned, your first action is to just observe and see if they continue more than a couple of minutes. Usually they don’t.

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  1. Avatar Of Cat Hiccups Cat Hiccups says:

    Awesome article. I didnt even know dog hiccups were a thing until my cat had them.

  2. Avatar Of Lori Lori says:

    PLEASE HELP ME… I had my dog seen at the vet about 4 weeks ago and he said he had to hiccups he has what seems to be hiccups followed by pain discomfort runny nose and drooling, and seems tired while this is going on but when he’s not hiccuping type thing he’s a very active pup.. and this is been going on since he was 8 weeks old he’s now 13 weeks old and he gets it several times a day and it last for an hour to multiple hours a time!! if anyone has any suggestions please let me know???

  3. Avatar Of Lori



    our puppy is about 12 weeks old.. he gets what seems to be the hiccups you can tell he’s in pain he gets up moves around constantly, his nose gets to running, he gets to drooling and just wants to lay around and this happens several times a day and has went on for weeks!!! We had him seen last month by the vet when he had his 8-week shots and he said they were just the hiccups.. I’m beginning to think they are not the hiccups can anybody help me PLEASE???

  4. Avatar Of Ace



    Uhm hiccups are simply when your diaphragm is out of synchronization with your breathing. I’m sorry but eating too quickly doesn’t trap a bunch of air in your stomach. It just throws off your breathing and swallowing which diaphragm muscles help with both.

  5. Avatar Of Cortney S Fox

    Cortney S Fox


    I just calmed mine down then scared him. I didnt think it would work but it did. I was so excited!!

  6. I have seen a few dogs with hiccups and its generally nothing to be worried about. One of our dogs needed to get the slow eat bowls as it ate so quickly and then got the hiccups and threw up. Made a big mess and wasn’t healthy for the dog. The slow eat bowls are great and do really work. It can be a pretty funny site to see a puppy with hiccups and I recommend people video it and put it on youtube. Do a search for hiccupping dogs on youtube and you will have a good laugh.

  7. Avatar Of Ashlie Robillard

    Ashlie Robillard


    I’ve always heard from my family that babies and puppies get hiccups because they’re cold. So when my 15 week old Chi-weenie gets hiccups we just wrap her up in her blankie and viola hiccups gone!

  8. Avatar Of Christine Higgs

    Christine HIGGS


    My 8 month old pup has been getting severe hiccups lasting all night, she gets no sleep nor do I it’s heartbreaking to watch her discomfort . The vet has given her two X-rays on her stomach which were clear and doesn’t seem to know herself what’s wrong with her.

  9. Avatar Of Chris Advocate Of Useful Comments

    Chris advocate of useful comments


    The ignorance…… If you do a quick google or any basic research on this subject be it people or animal. Holding your breath is an effective treatment for numerous medical conditions related to the diaphragm/ lungs and esophagus(asthma medication, etc). You are incorrect to think that lack of oxygen for 5-8 sec is causing any cell death, it takes over 3 min for such effects to begin. Second The fact that you think that there is any Cure all solution to any medical condition is also wrong… People and animals are not identical and may require unique individual treatment for similar conditions. As far as the abusing your animals trust……. In my experience an animal or person that “trusts” will allow you to do nearly anything necessary including minor discomfort like holding the breath for a few moments. Misinformation is more prevalent on the Internet then ever before. A well known fact is that Hiccups can not be pr oven to be directly linked to any one source or trigger. Educated guesses have been made but because of the number of variables, there may be more then one solution, it just depends on what is causing your specific case. The most frustrating thing is when you get on the Internet and tell a bunch of people they don’t “love” there pets just because you disagree with what they have said without offering any sort of counter argument or information to help them educate themselves. After all Every person reading this page or any other forum is here to share or learn information. Like anything else proper Forum/web etiquette must be taught. FYI comments like “Don’t do that, its just not right… there is better ways to get rid of the hiccups” The statement may in fact be true, but you list no alternatives for a reader to try. Leaving us only with your “useless” opinion. Without any supporting facts opinions are useless. When was the last time that you changed your point of view based solely on a one line opinion from a stranger on the Internet.

    • Avatar Of Sharon Hill

      Sharon Hill


      Chris, before you do very much more writing publicly, Possibly you should learn the difference in usage for “there” and “their” and also, “is’ and “are” and “then” and “than”. I have always thought, just an opinion, that a person wishing to correct others should start with them selves!!

      • Avatar Of Jo



        Not everyone is an English major and sometimes the smartest people make grammatical errors. However, if that type of criticism is all you have to offer, you should retire your keyboard because you don’t know how to address the big issue, but are small minded instead.

    • Avatar Of Richard



      What a tosser

    • Avatar Of Donna Lenz

      Donna Lenz


      Short answer.. I don’t know how to tell my 13 week old puppy to hold his breath. Please advise ASAP 🙂

  10. Avatar Of Dottie



    To the person who said hold there nose and mouth closed….you do not have to stop their breathing..put your hand over their snout but not over there nose..hold there mouth closed approx. 5 to 7 seconds…they still breath but it definitely stops the hiccups…I have been raising small dogs for over 40 years….The last 2 which were chihuahua passed away last year one at 23 years old and one at 22….Never went to the vet….I gave them there 7 in one shots for less than $10.00 each..bought them from the feed store.. My 3rd chihauhua is 17 years…I have 2 blue pits and one hybrid wolf and 2 cats…the blues are 3 years old and the hybrid is 14…My yorkie poo is 12 weeks..All of them as pups got the hiccups and they outgrew it by the time they were 3 or 4 months old and I treated them for hiccups as described… And for the those that were nasty to this person a true lover of animals would give advise not criticize or accuse them of not loving there pet… If they didn’t love their pet they would ask for advise… How about some love for people as well or do you hate humans…

  11. I discovered this technique while trying to fall asleep next to a hiccuping Dog; Sadie. Cup your hands around their muzzle and blow gently into their nose. They do get use to it and it does work the first time everytime!!!! It works on humans also, just take a gentle yet deep breath through your nose and the hiccups stop 99% of the time!!! Donna Stile

  12. Avatar Of Vee



    “Water helps hiccups go away, much like in humans. Give water to your dog when he experiences hiccups.
    Exercise him some. Whether it is a good walk in the park, a game of fetch or Frisbee, or just about any outdoor activity, it will surely stimulate your dog, change his breathing and heart-rate and cure the hiccups.”

    Only warm water helps hiccups go away in humans, because warm water relaxes the muscles, cold water does the opposite. Dogs do not drink warm water unless they are very thirsty and warm water is the only thing available.

    Do not exercise your dogs right before or after a meal. This can cause bloat, and death took place very quickly. Deep chested dogs can get bloat easily, here is a link to educate us what bloat is: m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/gastric-volvulus-bloat-dogs-life-threatening-emergency

    Our shepherd cross died from bloat, he passed away when we were rushing him to the veterinarian emergency hospital. I do not wish this happen to any dog. Proper exercise is good for dogs, but if a dog gets hiccups after a meal, exercise is not a solution, it can kill the dog.

  13. Avatar Of Vee



    Do not exercise your dogs right before or after feeding time. This can cause bloat, and the death took place within a matter of a second. m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/gastric-volvulus-bloat-dogs-life-threatening-emergency
    So please do not excercise your dog if he is having hickups right before it after meals! My dog died from bloat, it took his life so quick.

  14. Avatar Of Maggie



    My son’s puppy will sometimes get the hipcups when he is lying down after playing and / or coming in from the yard. I change his lying down position and warm him up with a blanket. He relaxes, hipcups go away and he falls asleep.

  15. Avatar Of Tyler



    “Make sure you feed your dog low-grain food. High-grain foods often cause hiccups in dogs. You can also watch your dog’s eating habits and figure out what other types of food may trigger hiccups.”

    Do you have a source for this claim?

  16. Avatar Of Megan



    To get rid of my dog’s hiccups, I ask them “who’s here!?” They get up, bark for a few seconds, and hiccups are gone! Works every time. I think it is almost like when you “scare the hiccups out of people.”

  17. Avatar Of Faith faith says:

    love puppy’s what should i do if my Puppy has Hiccups

  18. Avatar Of Alley



    My 13 week old pom just had hiccups. I massaged his belly until they went away.

  19. Avatar Of Nora



    My two month old puppy just had hiccups and I almost panicked cause no one is home but me and her, (and I wasn’t sure were they hiccups). I ran and go her some water, before I could pull it up on the internet they were gone.

  20. Avatar Of Shiloh



    haha, its not judgement! depriving a dog of air is wrong and there are better ways to stop hiccups.

  21. Avatar Of Steve



    Lots of judging go on around here.

  22. Avatar Of Priscilla



    I usually help my 8 years old dog to stop his hiccup by stopping his breathing for around 5 secs, kind of suffocating by closing his nostril and mouth. And then let go when he needs to catch a breathe badly. Normally this will adjust back the heart beat and breathing rate.

    • Avatar Of Lilly



      Don’t do that, its just not right… there is better ways to get rid of the hiccups…
      How would you like being suffocated until you stopped having hiccups??

      • Avatar Of Brenna



        Well, it’s kind of like holding your breath when you get hiccups. 5 seconds isn’t going to do any damage

    • Avatar Of Dude



      You should not own a dog if you’re going to “help” him like that. Not good dog parenting…

    • Avatar Of Monique



      I’m sorry, but that is the worst suggestion I’ve read. Good way to instill fear in your pooch as well as lose his trust 🙁

    • Avatar Of Jt



      Lizzie from The Walking Dead, is that you?

    • Avatar Of Ladybug



      i don’t think that is right doing that to your dog what if you held it too long and it hurt them..how would you feel then?? there are better ways to help your dog with hiccups!!

    • Avatar Of Yo



      You’re the kind of person who shouldn’t have pets kids!!!!! Would you that to a baby you psycho??! Hiccups are NORMAL and would never require causing a lack of air to a living being!!!!!

    • Avatar Of Yo



      Pets or* kids, I meant to write.

    • Avatar Of Bobbi



      Omg are you serious!!!? You don’t ever stop the breathing for any reason. You and people like you who think this is a good idea, should never be responsible for anything much less a dog. Shame on you

    • Avatar Of Bts_Min_Yoongi



      Why would you even do that? You seriously must have a problem if you think that it is ok to hold a dogs breath, do you want to kill it?
      All I do is give him a little scare and he is better

  23. Avatar Of George



    Thanks. It was the feeding habit of my dog I had to check

  24. Avatar Of Dorry



    my dog is 10 and I had my first experience with hiccups. I had her lie on her side and massaged her until they stopped. Scary

    • Avatar Of Mary



      It is very scary and also annoying lol

    • Avatar Of Sandra



      Thank you Dorry that worked a treat 🙂

      • Avatar Of Alex



        umm… you all are wrong you just wait for a min. or 2 and then the hiccups are gone so yall need to stop panicking and just wait for a min or 2! so like i said don’t panic like for real everyone and every animal get hiccups like really why are you gonna panic when you get them to???

    • Avatar Of Sandra



      Sorry folks don’t quite know what’s happening here. I replied to wrong message, tried to correct and send to Dorry but it still went to Mary, crazy. But anyway lieing my dog on his side and rubbing his tum stopped the hiccups so thank yiu 🙂

  25. Avatar Of Judi Judi says:

    thank you .

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